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Getting Started as a Commercial Reseller - V1.0

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Reselling with CenturyLink™ is accomplished by following the steps listed below and using our Reseller checklists as your guide.

Step 1

Start here to begin the process by downloading our Getting Started as a Commercial Reseller Checklist. You'll find a list of requirements and activities to start the process of becoming a Reseller.

Step 2

Contact the State Public Utility Commission or agency in the state(s) in which you will Resell CenturyLink Products and Services to obtain certification as a telecommunications provider as required.

Step 3

You may review the Commercial Resale MSA and Service Schedule at https://www.centurylink.com/wholesale/clecs/commercialagreements.html.

Contact the Manager - Commercial Agreements by telephone at 303-992-5906 or email at intagree@centurylink.com to receive a copy for signature.

Step 4

As a new customer, you will need to submit our Customer Resale Questionnaire so we know about your unique needs. Refer to our Customer Resale Questionnaire. Contact your Regulatory Support Manager if you need assistance.

Last Update:October 6, 2020