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CenturyLink™ Wholesale Commercial Solutions provide our Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) partners innovative and market leading business to business wholesale products and services. To review product information in detail, visit CenturyLink Commercial Solutions.

This web page provides currently available template versions of contracts, called Master Service Agreements (MSAs), for these CenturyLink Wholesale Commercial Solutions products as well as copies of customer specific, executed MSAs. CenturyLink invites you to review the MSA templates below to determine if you wish to enter into a commercial business relationship with CenturyLink.

To request preparation of an MSA, contact your CenturyLink Sales Executive. CenturyLink will create the MSA with a Customer specific tracking number. The MSA will be sent to you electronically for review and signature (either electronically or hard copy). If signed electronically, it will automatically be forwarded to CenturyLink for execution. The Customer will be sent, via email, a fully executed electronic document after CenturyLink execution. If you prefer to sign a hard copy, please print and sign two original MSAs for signature and return them to CenturyLink. CenturyLink will execute both originals. One original will be returned to Customer, one will kept by CenturyLink.

Remember to press refresh your Internet browser page to ensure you are viewing the most recent downloadable files available.

For questions unrelated to CenturyLink's Wholesale products and services, call 800 899-7780. You may also refer to Wholesale Customer Contacts for additional Wholesale Customer Contacts within CenturyLink.

Commercial Agreements

CenturyLink™ Broadband for Resale (CBR)

CenturyLink™ Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement (WBSA)

CenturyLink Commercial DS0 Loop Facility OFO

CenturyLink Commercial DS1 and DS3 Loops Transport and Combinations- See applicable Tariff

CenturyLink Commercial Line Sharing (CLS)

CenturyLink Internetwork Calling Name (ICNAM)

CenturyLink™ Local Services Platform (CLSP™)

CenturyLink Commercial Shared Distribution Loop (SDL)

CenturyLink WA PID-PAP DS1-DS3 UNE Substitute Agreement

Last Update: July 17, 2019

CenturyLink™ Local Services Platform (CLSP™) is a Trademark of CenturyLink™