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Archived System CR 30208 Detail

Title: SASN Edit for Flow Through
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Release No.

30208 Withdrawn
200 - 750   3/ All products
Originator: Higer, Shon
Originator Company Name: Qwest Corporation
Owner: Winston, Connie
CR PM: Routh, Mark
Description Of Change
The address validation routine requires that if the AHN (assigned house number) is populated then the SASN (street name) must begin with the @ symbol. A new edit in IMA should require that the @ symbol be entered as the first character in SASN when AHN.

An address validation failure will cause a LSR to drop out for manual handling. The requested IMA edits improve Qwest’s ability to validate the end user address, locate the correct CSR, and process the request via flow through.

This enhancment was identified during review of LSR fall-out.

The following approximate monthly volume of address validation failures will be corrected by the requested validation improvements. This same volume of conversion LSRs will be eligible for flow through and a more timely FOC:

POTS Resale: 150

LNP: 120

UNE-P: 10

Unbundled Loop: 15

A new edit in IMA will require a "@" symbol as the first character in the SASN (Street Name) field followed by a valid street name any time AHN (Assigned House Number) is populated. If AHN is populated and SASN does not contain "@" as the first character along with a valid street name the LSR will be rejected

Another edit will stipulate that a "@" symbol should never be allowed as the only entry in SASN. If "@" is entered in SASN and a valid street name does not follow it the LSR will be rejected.

Two relational edits will enforce the following new rules in IMA:

1. Route cannot be populated if SANO is populated. If both Route and SANO are populated, the LSR will be rejected.

2. Route is required when BOX is populated. If BOX is populated and Route is not, the LSR will be rejected.

An existing condition for the AHN field will be enforced as an edit in IMA. The existing condition is: AHN required for unnumbered addresses (SANO (Field11) is not populated for unnumbered addresses), otherwise not applicable.

An existing condition for the SANO field will be enforced as an edit in IMA. The existing condition is: SANO required for numbered addresses, otherwise, not applicable.

Status History

Date Action Description
Release Information IMA Release 
9/26/2001 CR Submitted CR submitted 
10/18/2001 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting CR Presented at October Monthly Systems CMP Meeting 
11/15/2001 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting CR discussed at monthly systems CMP Meeting 
1/31/2002 Record Update Change Request updated to improve the description of desired change 
2/13/2002 Record Update LOE updated from Medium to Small 
2/21/2002 Status Changed CR was withdrawn by Qwest at the Feb CMP meeting 
2/21/2002 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting 30208 discussed during 'CRs to consider for Closure' portion of February Systems CMP Monthly meeting; please see Attachment E of February Systems CMP Distribution Package 

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