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Change Management Process (CMP)

The Change Management Process (CMP) is intended to facilitate a discussion between CLECs* and CenturyLink about Product, Process or OSS Interface release changes, release life cycles, release notifications, communication intervals, and regularly scheduled CMP meetings. Team Members include CLEC and CenturyLink representatives who gather to review CLEC and CenturyLink Change Requests (CRs) and to discuss CenturyLink Notifications.

*Current CLEC Product, Process, or OSS Interface users, or those who have an agreed upon project work plan for implementing a Product, Process or OSS Interface, may submit change requests and participate in the CLEC Industry Team.

For additional CMP information, please download the following documents:

CMP Points of Contact (POCs)

Name POC Type Email
Michele Marbach

Notification Subscription Tool

CenturyLink CMP Email Address

CMP Comments Submit comments or questions regarding CMP Product, Process, or System notifications, Change Requests (CRs) or other general CMP concerns. Comments submitted through the link on items listed on the CMP Document Review site are automatically directed to this inbox.

CMP CRs Submit new CMP Change Requests or for questions regarding CMP change requests. This address is also used to communicate other information such as CMP monthly meeting minutes.

CMP Disputes Submit disputes regarding CMP issues as defined under Section 15.0 of the Change Management Process.

CMP Escalations Submit escalation requests under the scope of CMP or other issues as defined under Section 14.0 of the Change Management Process.