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Archived System CR 4267810 Detail

Title: Extend IMA hours of operation
CR Number Current Status
Level of
Release No.

4267810 Completed
-   3/6
Originator: Bisgard, Jeff
Originator Company Name: AT&T
Owner: Thompson, Jeff
CR PM: Routh, Mark
Description Of Change
Extend the IMA hours of operation to 4:00AM MST to 1:00AM MST. This would allow all work centers in the country access to the IMA system for at least 12 hours.

Status History

Date Action Description
Release Information IMA Release 6.00 
11/9/1999 CR Acknowledged Received, logged, and validated CR. 
11/9/1999 Status Changed Sent email to Jeff Bisgard and CR Manager, Surwada Martinez, log #, status of“NewTo be industry evaluated” and attached CR. Copied Lynn Notarianni, U S WEST Regulatory, to forward to Arizona PUC 
11/11/1999 Record Update 9 Industry team reviewed and prioritized. Changed CR to be IMA GUI only (didn’t include EDI). 
11/18/1999 Status Changed Changed status toEvaluated To be reviewed industry priority level, industry priority number, and prioritization process category to GUI. Notice CR included CTAS as interface and removed this reference. Sent e-mail to J Bisgard 
12/3/1999 Status Changed Changed status toReviewed Under Consideration. Sent email to Jeff Bisgard on status change. 
12/15/1999 Record Update Co-Provider Industry Team changed prioritization category to Common -- Noted above. 
1/13/2000 Info Sent to CLEC Updated prioritization level and number and sent email to Jeff Bisgard. 
1/24/2000 LOE Issued U S WEST T-shirt size and option provided at industry team meeting. Option is anticipated to be implemented on 02/28/00. 
2/28/2000 Status Changed CR was completed 

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