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Archived System CR 5578937 Detail

Title: Access to DSL pre qualification information
CR Number Current Status
Level of
Release No.

5578937 Completed
-   15/ DSL pre-Qulification Resale, Unbundled Loop, Other
Originator: Powers, Lynne
Originator Company Name: Eschelon
Owner: Gallegos, John
CR PM: Routh, Mark
Description Of Change
Please improve CLEC access to the DSL pre-qualification information to reduce the number of error messages and give CLEC at least the same access to the same information as Qwest receives. Often, when Eschelon uses Qwestís IMA-GUI loop pre-qualification tool, the result is indeterminate. Instead of a yes or no response, Eschelon receives an error message. For example, the error message may indicate that the address and telephone number did not match. When Eschelon then calls Qwest, Qwest is able to run the request and receive a yes or no answer, even though Qwest is using the same address and telephone information used by Eschelon. In some cases, the customer already has DSL (and wants to upgrade speed, etc.). Even though the customer already has DSL, Eschelon cannot get pre-qualification information using IMA-GUI. But, when Eschelon calls Qwest, Qwest is able to retrieve the information using its internal systems. Eschelon has been working with Qwest to try to resolve this issue. Recently, Qwest has indicated that the issue may be addressed in Release 9.0, which will not occur until the end of the year. That is too long to wait. Also, no documentation has been provided as to what changes will be made during Release 9.0 and whether any changes will fully address the issue.

Call Karen Clausen at Eschelon to discuss the fix going I for Mega Bit (Qwest DSL) Loop Qual and make sure that it addresses Eschelonís concerns

Status History

Date Action Description
6/6/2001 Info Sent to CLEC Sent email to Lynne Powers and Stephen Sheahan with updated CR 
6/6/2001 Record Update The T-Shirt size and options will be presented at the June CICMP Meeting. 
6/6/2001 CR Submitted Received and logged. Status set to New - To be validated" 
10/25/2001 Status Changed Prioritization list sent to all CLECs for IMA 10.0 ranking, status changed to prioritization 
10/31/2001 Release Ranking Ranking for Release 10.0 occurred at October, 2001 CMP Meeting. 5578937 ranked 32 
1/2/2002 Status Changed Sent a note to Lynne Powers requesting verification that the requirements in this request have been completed and that they meet the needs of Eschelon. 
1/17/2002 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting CR # 5578937 discussed at January CMP meeting during 'CRs to Consider for Closure' (Attachment D of Distribution Package) 
1/18/2002 Status Changed Status updated to 'Completed' per discussion in January Systems CMP meeting 

Project Meetings

CenturyLink Response

Qwest (Lane Jones) presented an overview of the Loop Qualification tool in the November monthly Systems CMP meeting and updated the Loop Qualification documentation on the web to include EDI transactions.

Information Current as of 5/4/2020