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Open Product/Process CR PC012703-4 Detail

Title: Coordinated Hot Cuts for Data Migrations
CR Number Current Status
Area Impacted Products Impacted

PC012703-4 Denied
Provisioning UNE - Loop, Line Share and XDSL
Originator: Berard, John
Originator Company Name: Covad
Owner: Fesler, Bret
CR PM: Sanchez-Steinke, Linda

Description Of Change

Covad is requesting that Qwest develop a process similar to the UNE-P Hot Cut process that can be applied to DATA Migrations.

Expected Deliverable: As soon as possible.

Date Action Description
1/27/2003 CR Submitted by Covad 
1/27/2003 CR acknowledged by P/P CMP Manager 
1/30/2003 Scheduled Clarification Meeting 2/3/03 
2/3/2003 Held Clarification Meeting 
2/19/2003 February CMP Meeting - Covad presented this CR. Meeting minutes will be posted to this CR's Project Meetings section. 
3/12/2003 Issued Qwest draft response to John Berard at Covad 
3/19/2003 March CMP Meeting - Meeting minutes will be posted to this CR's Project Meetings section. 

Project Meetings

03/19/03 March CMP Meeting Brett Fesler with Qwest presented the Qwest draft response and explained that this CR would require a change that would take all non-design orders and put them into the design flow. Deb Smith said there is a coordinated option for unbundled loops that is available with designated cut time. In the PCAT for Unbundled Loops, new and existing are available with cooperative testing at a designated appointment time. Mike Zulevic said he would take this back to Covad and determine if they will escalate. The CR status was changed to Denied.

02/19/03 February CMP Meeting Mike Zulevic with Covad presented this CR. Mike said that Covad is looking for a specific time to cut service for data migration and provide the customer with very little interruption in service. Mike said that Line Sharing, Line Splitting, Loop Splitting are the products Covad would like to be able to specify cut time. Brett Fesler with Qwest asked if the end user would have the same data provider. Mike said the end user may want to change data providers; an example would be that a Qwest end user may want to go to a different voice provider and have Covad as their data provider. The CR status was changed to Presented.

CLEC Change Request Clarification Meeting

2:00 p.m. (MT) / February 3, 2003

1-877-572-8687 PIN 3393947 # PC012703-4 Coordinated Hot Cuts for DATA Migrations

Name/Company: John Berard, Covad Director Operations Support Crystal Soderlund, Qwest Sr. Process Analyst Heidi Moreland, Qwest Network Technical / Regulatory Neil Houston, Qwest Network Technical / Regulatory Laurel Neher, Qwest Network Technical / Regulatory Russ Urevig, Qwest Sr. Process Analyst Brett Fesler, Qwest Product Management Rosemarie Ferris, Qwest Lead Process Analyst Linda Sanchez-Steinke, Qwest Change Request Project Manager

Introduction of Attendees Introduction of participants on the conference call was made and the purpose of the call discussed.

Review Requested (Description of) Change The change request asks that Qwest develop a process similar to the UNE-P Hot Cut process that can be applied to DATA Migrations. Laurel Neher said that Qwest has a Hot Cut Process for Unbundled Loop and does not have a Hot Cut Process for UNE-P. John Berard said that Covad is asking for a coordinated cut in the center that will minimize downtime for the customer. Neil Houston stated that the Unbundled Loop hot cut process takes a matter of minutes. Laurel asked what product Covad would be ordering. John responded that it would be a Line Shared Loop, a Qwest Voice Grade that has linesharing and Covad is migrating to another carrier. Crystal Soderlund asked what the difference was between change request PC012703-2, DATA Migration Process and this change request, PC012703-4 Coordinated Hot Cuts for DATA Migration. John explained that the difference is that PC012703-2 is asking for a process and PC012703-4 is asking for a Coordinated Hot Cut process. Rosemarie Ferris asked if we have a Qwest voice grade linesharing with Covad, the linesharing is going to another carrier, or another carrier is loosing it, or it is moving over to a line shared loop.

Crystal Soderlund asked if the request is for DLEC to DLEC changes, then it appears the two change requests are asking for the same thing, when changing from DLEC to DLEC data portion doesn’t go down. John said Covad would like a coordinated process for moving from one DLEC to another DLEC, with the new connect and disconnect happening at the same time, someone assigned to take responsibility for both orders and a minimal period of down time. Crystal said that with Line sharing to Line splitting the end user doesn’t experience data going down and there is a coordinated installation option. Crystal said that Linesharing has only a basic option and wanted to clarify which products are involved: Linesharing, UNE-P Linesplitting, Loop splitting. All of them per John. Crystal asked if this would be on line share to loop split orders and Johns replied yes. Laurel asked if when changing voice provider, but data provider is the same, there is a period where that is open. When changing DLECs Line Sharing to splitting voice provider changing and keeping the DLEC or changing the DLEC. Per John that is accurate. John said that this CR is for a coordinated hot cut process as a premium service which will ensure that it makes it through the process without downtime. Heidi asked if this is just a basic offering or if there would be a selected time. Crystal said yes coordinating of orders when changing DLEC or changing sharing to splitting. Would be ok if systems would be coordinated and orders worked at the same time. John will go back to Covad folks and determine if it is enough to offer with minimum down time to make sure the data portion stayed up or if the CR should be asking for a specific point in time for a coordinated cut. John will e-mail to Linda Sanchez-Steinke.

During the Clarification Meeting for PC012703-2, John said the difference between CR’s is that PC012703-4 is asking for a Hot Cut process with a specific time for the Hot Cut to take place.

Confirm Areas & Products Impacted Products impacted are Linesharing, UNE-P Linesplitting, Loop splitting, when changing DLECS line sharing to splitting voice provider changing and keeping DLEC or changing DLEC.

Confirm Right Personnel Involved Qwest confirmed that Heidi Moreland, Crystal Soderlund, are the correct personnel to resolve the CR.

Identify/Confirm CLEC’s Expectation Covad is requesting that Qwest develop a coordinated Hot Cut process for DATA Migrations

Identify any Dependent Systems Change Requests No dependent change requests were identified. Change Request PC012703-2 is similar and Covad will confirm that PC012703-4 is not the same request.

Establish Action Plan (Resolution Time Frame) John Berard will present this CR at the February CMP Meeting.

CenturyLink Response

March 5, 2003

DRAFT RESPONSE For Review by CLEC Community and Discussion at the March CMP Meeting

John Berard Director Operations Support Covad Communications

SUBJECT: Qwest’s Change Request Response - CR #PC012703-4 This letter is in response to CLEC Change Request PC012703-4. This CR is a request by Covad to do Coordinated Hot Cuts on Data Migrations for Line Sharing, Line Splitting, and Loop Splitting.

Qwest has investigated the creation of a new installation option that would allow coordinated hot cuts to take place at a particular time to be specified by the CLEC.

This request would require an additional installation option that would take all Line Sharing and Line Splitting products out of their non-design flow. As a result of the change in flow, Qwest internal system changes would be required to allow orders to go to the designed services flow. Additionally, order intervention would be required, with significant resources in the QCCC to handle the increased volume.

As a result of this investigation, Qwest respectfully denies this change request due to it being economically not feasible because the economic magnitude of adding additional resources is too large for the number of orders.


Brett Fesler Associate Product Manager

Information Current as of 5/4/2020