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Open Product/Process CR PC022703-5 Detail

Title: Subject line for PTA email notification changed.
CR Number Current Status
Area Impacted Products Impacted

PC022703-5 Completed
Provisioning UNE-L
Originator: Van Meter, Sharon
Originator Company Name: AT&T
Owner: Toye, Deni
CR PM: Harlan, Cindy

Description Of Change

The subject of the email notification for PTA only reads "PTA". AT&T would like the subject line to include the Qwest contact name, phone number and the PON. Qwest has limited each company to one (1) email mailbox. AT&T has multiple centers using this notification. Today, AT&T has to open each message and read the information contained in the body of the notification. By adding the Qwest contact name, phone number and PON in the subject line, different centers will be able to easily identify which orders are theirs.

Expected deliverable: Change the PTA email notification to include the Qwest contact name, phone number and the PON

Date Action Description
2/27/2003 CR Submitted by ATT 
2/27/2003 CR acknowledged by System CMP Manager 
3/3/2003 Changed from System to Product Process CR and reacknowledged to ATT 
3/5/2003 Scheduled Clarification call with customer for 3/10 2:30 - 3:30 mst 
3/10/2003 Held Clarification call with ATT 
3/17/2003 Emailed Clarification notes and posted to the database 
3/19/2003 March CMP Meeting Minutes will beposted to the database 
4/8/2003 Posted response to database 
4/16/2003 April CMP Meeting minutes will be posted to the database 
5/9/2003 Notification to advise of change in PTA email subject line 
5/21/2003 May CMP Meeting minutes posted to the database 
6/18/2003 June CMP Meeting minutes will be posted to the database 
7/1/2003 QCCC did another test with ATT and Deni advised the test worked. Sharon-ATT will notify me that it is okay to close. 
7/9/2003 Sharon ATT advised it is okay to close this CR as the test worked fine 

Project Meetings

06/18/03 June CMP Meeting Minutes Deni Toye-Qwest advised CR currently in CLEC Test and all seems to be working okay. Deni asked if Qwest could close the CR. Sharon-ATT advised that ATT has not received any PTA email notifications yet. Deni checked and saw that ATT is set up, so ATT has not needed to be notified of any NDT PTA emails. Sharon agreed she would verify with her ATT contacts and contact Cindy to advise it is okay to close or request another test and then close the CR. LaiLani-MCI asked Deni to clarify when the process is used. Deni advised on LX- - types of service that have signed up for the PTA NDT Notifications.

05/21/03 May CMP Meeting Minutes Cindy Macy – Qwest advised this change was made on May 12, 2003. Deni – Qwest has reviewed the change and no problems have been found. Sharon – ATT will check with her team and potentially close in June. This CR will move to CLEC Test.

04/16/03 April CMP Meeting Minutes PC022703-5 Subject Line for PTA email notification changed

Deni Toye – Qwest advised we will accommodate this Request. Deni reviewed the response and advised Qwest will make this change targeting the middle of May. The NDT PTA email subject line will be changed to include PTA, Initiator Name, Initiator Phone Number and the PON. This will be made as a Level 1 change. This CR will move to Development status.

- 03/19/03 March CMP Meeting Minutes Sharon Van Meter – ATT reviewed and clarified the CR with the CLEC Community. She explained this request will impact all CLEC PTA emails. McLeod advised they support the change and would sign up for PTA notification if the subject line contained the tester name, number and PON. This CR will move to Presented status.

Clarification Meeting PC022703-5 2:30- 3:30 March 10, 2003 1-877-572-8687 3393947#

Attendees Deni Toye Qwest Denny Graham Qwest Brett Fesler Qwest Sharon Van Meter ATT Cindy Macy Qwest

Meeting Agenda:

1.0 Introduction of Attendees Attendance notes

2.0 Review Requested (Description of) Change Sharon ATT reviewed the Change Request with the team. Sharon and Deni discussed what information was requested to be in the Subject Line. Sharon advised the Qwest tester contact name and number and the PON from the LSR. Sharon advised this information would help ATT identify who needs to work the email notification at ATT. This will allow ATT to not have to open each email and determine who to assign it to.

Deni explained that the QCCC center does not divide their testing functions between their testers. Each tester can be assigned any testing job. Deni clarified this as Qwest didn’t understand the purpose of having the Qwest tester name and number on the PTA email subject line. Sharon agreed she would verify this information with her peers. (Sharon did reply after the clarification call that ATT would like the ‘ATT Initiator of the PON and his/her phone number).

Sharon advised that Verizon and Southwestern Bell provides this information on their test verification emails.

Deni asked if ATT wanted this change on just the PTA email or also the Test Results email. Sharon advised she would check on that and let us know. (Sharon replied this applies to just the PTA email)

Deni also asked if the words ‘PTA’ could remain on the email subject line. Sharon advised yes, PTA should remain on the subject line. The request would be to add to the PTA email subject line the ATT Initiator name and number and PON. Example: PTA – Initiator name/number/PON.

Deni confirmed if this change is made it would impact all CLECs.

3.0 Confirm Areas & Products Impacted Provisioning area impacted Unbundled Loop 2/4 wire is the product line that is impacted by this request

4.0 Confirm Right Personnel Involved Attendees are the correct personnel

5.0 Identify/Confirm CLEC’s Expectation PTA should remain on the subject line. The request would be to add to the PTA email subject line the ATT Initiator name and number and PON. Example: PTA – Initiator name/number/PON.

6.0 Identify any Dependent Systems Change Requests None

7.0 Establish Action Plan (Resolution Time Frame) Sharon will present this CR at the March CMP Meeting to the CLEC Community Qwest will investigate the request and reply at the April CMP Meeting

CenturyLink Response

For Review by CLEC Community and Discussion at April 16, 2003 CMP Meeting

April 8, 2003

Sharon Van Meter ATT

SUBJECT: Qwest’s Change Request Response – CR # PC022703-5 AT&T Subject Line Change PTA

This is in response to AT&T’s Change Request CR PC022703-5. This CR requests that Qwest change the subject line of the NDT PTA email notification to include the Initiator Name, Initiator Phone Number and the PON.

Qwest accepts this CR. Qwest will have the subject line contain PTA, Initiator Name, Initiator Phone Number and the PON, in that order. Qwest anticipates this change will be made in the early part of May.


Deni Toye Process Specialist Qwest

Information Current as of 5/4/2020