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Open Product/Process CR PC051903-1 Detail

Title: Real Time API Connection to Raw Loop Data
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PC051903-1 Crossover
Pre Ordering, Ordering UNE - Line Sharing, Line splitting, Loop Splitting
Originator: Berard, John
Originator Company Name: Covad

Description Of Change

Covad is requesting the implementation of a new Real Time Interface connection to Pre-Qual Raw Loop Data. Currently BellSouth has this type of interface, which has greatly increased Covad’s ability to determine the loop characteristics early on in the ordering process (pre-order).

The major advantage of this system is that it allows a DLEC/CLEC real time access to LFACS data. This information is critical to the ability of a DLEC to determine early on if the high frequency portion of the loop can handle DSL service. Here is a description of BellSouth’s system:

The information contained in LQS (Loop Qual System) is derived from the Loop Engineering Assignment Data(LEAD) Database and provides a “best effort” response regarding a loop’s ability to support BellSouth’s ADSL service.

The LEAD Database is a once-per-month-per-wire-center “snapshot” of the information

contained in the Loop Facilities Assignment and Control System (LFACS) Database.

1/30th of all wire centers are updated every day. Currently there is a 98% accuracy rate

on returned responses within LQS.

Here's a public link to the LQS (Loop Qualification System, aka SuperLoopy)



This document is mainly LQS Application focused. The Java API is briefly mentioned,

referencing the following, more technical link (however, it is not public):


All the data accessible from the application and more is available via the API.

Eric Fogle is the appropriate BellSouth contact for additional information on this system. The effort via OBF, for which he was the CLEC workshop chair, was very much along these lines.

Eric Fogle can be reached at 404-927-3433, Eric.Fogle@BellSouth.com

Expected Deliverable:

As soon as possible

Date Action Description
5/19/2003 CR Received 
5/20/2003 CR Acknowledged 
5/23/2003 Contacted customer to schedule Clarification call 
5/30/2003 Held Clarification Call - discussed this would potentially cross over to systems 
6/18/2003 June 18 P/P CMP meeting minutes will be posted to the database- obtained ok to cross CR over to systems SCR051903-1 
7/27/2009 Status Changed Status changed to Crossover 

Project Meetings

June CMP Product Process CMP Meeting Notes Cindy Macy - Qwest advised during the Clarification call it was determined that this CR should be a systems CR. Covad agreed that this should cross over to systems.

CLEC Change Request – PC051903-1 Clarification Meeting Friday May 30, 2003

Attendees Cindy Macy – Qwest CRPM Michelle Thacker - Qwest Communications Dave Manica - Qwest Communications Craig Suellentrop – Qwest Communications John Berard – Covad Raj – Covad Shiva Sharif – Covad Cindy Buckmaster - Qwest Communications Cliff Dinnwiddie - Qwest Communications

Introduction of Attendees Macy-Qwest welcomed all attendees and reviewed the request.

Review Requested (Description of) Change Berard-Covad reviewed the CR. Berard explained they would like access to the individual TN Loop Qualification data that is the most current via a synchronous API. This data is available in IMA currently but via EDI or GUI and Covad would like to access via an API connection.

Covad currently uses the Raw Loop Data tool to access loop qual data. They download the data to their own tool. This data is not always current or accurate. Covad wants the most current data, at an Individual TN level, via an API connection. Covad would like a Pre Qual API connection to IMA. Currently Covad also has access to Pre Qual EDI but this is not a fast enough response time due to the volume of data they download.

Qwest and Covad discussed if there were certain data elements that were needed. Covad advised they would like access to the same data that they get from Pre Qual IMA EDI today, except in a synchronous API connection. If they want additional data elements added that would be a different CR.

The team discussed that this should be a systems CR. Cindy agreed to check with the systems team and cross this CR over.

Confirm Areas and Products Impacted Macy-Qwest confirmed that the attendees were comfortable that the request appropriately identified all areas and products impacted.

Confirm Right Personnel Involved Macy-Qwest confirmed with the attendees that the appropriate Qwest personnel were involved.

Identify/Confirm CLEC’s Expectation Macy-Qwest reviewed the request to confirm Covad’s expectation.

Identify any Dependant Systems Change Requests Macy-Qwest asked the attendees if they knew of any related change requests.

Establish Action Plan Macy-Qwest asked attendees if there were any further questions. There were none. Macy-Qwest stated that the next step was to cross this CR over to systems.

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