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Open Product/Process CR PC061302-1 Detail

Title: Process for ordering Megabit DSL service to connect to Mega Central hubs now installed.
CR Number Current Status
Area Impacted Products Impacted

PC061302-1 Denied
Pre-Ordering, Ordering, Provisioning Private Line (Megabit DSL Lines)
Originator: Worden, Doug
Originator Company Name:
Owner: Van Dusen, Janean

Description Of Change

Need to be able to order a new line and megabit service on the same order (LSR) and know that the circuit will be conditioned to provide the DSL service. Without having to do line sharing. Especially when the CO offers MegaBit DSL and the customer has existing lines that already qualify for DSL.

Date Action Description
6/12/2002 CR Submitted by Vanion. 
6/13/2002 CR acknowledged by P/P CMP Manager. 
6/13/2002 Contacted Vanion to coordinate available times for clarification meeting. 
6/18/2002 Conducted Clarification Meeting with Vanion, Inc. 
6/25/2002 Issued Clarification Meeting minutes to Vanion. Inc. 
7/17/2002 CMP Meeting - Meeting minutes posted to this CR's Project Meetings section. CR status "Clarification" was not changed. 
8/14/2002 Issued Qwest's Draft Response dated August 12, 2002 to Vanion. 
8/21/2002 CMP Meeting - Qwest presented its Draft Response dated August 12, 2002. Vanion was not present. Qwest will confirm deny response with Vanion. Minutes on this CR to be posted to the Project Meetings section. 
8/22/2002 Confirmed with Doug Worden that Qwest's response was a deny. He expressed concern that he was really looking for line conditioning on a POTS line before ordering. Ric Martin advised that the response referenced a previous CR for that request, which was denied. He understood Qwest's response. 

Project Meetings

08/21/02 August CMP Monthly Meeting Minutes

Qwest advised that since Vanion was not on the call, Qwest would get with Vanion independently to go over the response. Qwest reviewed its draft response with the CLEC participants. Eschelon asked how many calls does the retail customer have to make to get DSL. Qwest advised that one call is made and Qwest follows up with the customer after POTS is in service. Eschelon stated that CLECs do not get a follow-up call and the retail customer doesnít have to call back to get DSL. Qwest confirmed that comment. Eschelon asked if this was a deny and Qwest confirmed that it was.

07/17/02 - July CMP Meeting Minutes: Vanion had to leave the CMP meeting early and asked that their CR be rolled over to the August CMP meeting for presentation. CR status is clarification.

CLEC Change Request Clarification Meeting

June 18, 2002, 11:30 a.m. (MT) Conference Call 877-564-8688 PC061302-1, Process for ordering Megabit DSL service to connect to Mega Central Hubs now installed.

Attendees: Ric Martin, Qwest Cindy Buckmaster, Qwest Jeff Cook, Qwest Steve Kast, Qwest Doug Worden, Vanion, Inc. Becky Watson, Vanion, Inc.

Introduction of Attendees Introductions of the participants on the Conference Call were made and the purpose of the call discussed

Review Requested (Description of) Change Doug reviewed Vanionís CR. He indicated that they wanted to put in one order (LSR) for Megabit DSL service and POTS. Becky clarified that Vanion was not collocated in Qwest facilities and was not interested in the Line Sharing product. They wanted to order on the customerís behalf. They would like to order a 1FB with DSL. They want to be able to take the customer out of dealing with Qwest. Becky indicated they currently canít offer the DSL product because itís a moving target on whether facilities would be available. Cindy indicated that data would not be available only if the facility canít support it. Becky confirmed they were only interested carrying data and having Qwest as the voice provider. Cindy clarified that Vanion is looking to be able to provision the POTS circuit on copper cable versus pair gain capable to allow data service.

Confirm Areas & Products impacted It was confirmed that the area impacted was Pre-Ordering, Ordering and Provisioning. The product impacted are Resale POTS and Megabit DSL.

Confirm Right Personnel Involved Qwest indicated that they would need to include their Resale SMEs, Janean Van Dusen and Stacy Hartman.

Identify/Confirm CLECís Expectation Vanionís expectation is to be able to place one LSR and be able to provision DSL on the POTS line ordered.

Identify any Dependent Systems Change Requests There are no related Systems CRs. Qwest advised that there was a similar CR issued by Eschelon, PC122701-2. Qwest requested Vanion to review the Archive Interactive Report for the CR and Qwestís response.

Establish Action Plan (Resolution Time Frame) The CR will have the collective CLEC clarification and SME input at the July CMP meeting.

CenturyLink Response

August 12, 2002

Doug Worden Provisioning Manager Vanion, Inc.

SUBJECT: Qwestís Change Request Response - CR #PC061302-1 Process for ordering Megabit DSL service to connect to Mega Central hubs now installed

This letter is in response to Vanionís Change Request PC061302-1 requesting that they be allowed to place one LSR and be able to provision DSL on the POTS line ordered.

Vanionís Change Request is similar to two (2) previously submitted Change Requests, PC122701-1, Qwest to offer line conditioning to qualify a loop for Qwest resale DSL service, and PC122701-2, Qwest to allow 1FB POTS and DSL on one LSR.

Qwestís response to the two previous Change Requests was that basically the service was not offered to Qwest Retail customers and, therefore, was not going to be offered to Resale customers. Qwestís responses to each CR can be reviewed in Qwestís Product/Process CR Archive Report located at URL http://www.qwest.com/wholesale/cmp/archive.html. After additional review, Qwestís position remains the same. It is not technically and economically feasible for Qwest Retail to offer this service at this time. Qwest does not offer pre-qualification of facilities for DSL prior to the end userís line being in place. Current process for Retail and Resale is that two (2) orders must be issued. One (1) for the POTs and one (1) for the DSL once the POTS line is loop qualified.

At last month's CMP meeting, there was a question on the Retail process for ordering POTS and DSL. The Retail process does require 2 orders, whether it is an N (new) order or a T (transfer) order. If the end user is interested in DSL, then after the N or T order is installed, a Loop qualification is done on the N (telephone number) or the T (telephone number) and the end user is contacted to place the 2nd order, which would be a C (change) order to add the DSL service.


Janean Van Dusen (801) 239-4305


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