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Open Product/Process CR PC090601-2 Detail

Title: Access to DSL pre qualification information (Formerly Systems Action Items 309 & 319)
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PC090601-2 Completed
Originator: Thompson, Jeff
Originator Company Name: Qwest Corporation
Owner: Raible, Julie
CR PM: Thomte, Kit

Description Of Change

AI - 309 - Get with Julie Raible on Eschelon examples for CR 5578937

AI - 319 - Call Karen Clauson at Eschelon to discuss the fix going in for MegaBit (Qwest DSL) LoopQual and make sure that it addresses Eschelons concerns.

Call Karen at Eschelon to discuss the fix going in for Megabit (Qwest DSL) Loop Qual and make sure that it addresses Eschelonís concerns. This was listed as item AI 319 but was subsequently merged with AI 309

Date Action Description
8/20/2001 Julie Raible sent an e-mail notifying Eschelon that Qwest had reviewed the data that had been provided. Analysis of the data did not provide any insight regarding the problem they were seeing and Julie verified with Brad that he is only accessing systems that are accessible by IMA The IMA release 8.0 went in on 8-18 and some of the issues might be addressed in that release. 
8/27/2001 Qwest email response submitted to Eschelon 
8/30/2001 Eschelon advised that more problems had been identified on 8-23 after the 8.0 release. She provided an e-mail late in the day I will forward to Julie. 
9/12/2001 Walk-Through on Qwest's responses held with Eschelon 
9/19/2001 CMP Meeting -Eschelon advised that they acknowledged Qwest's responses and the CR could be placed into CLEC Test. 
10/17/2001 CMP Meeting: It was agreed that the CR could be closed. 

Project Meetings

09/12/2001 11:33 AM - Email Subject: Megabit PreQual Tool Action Item 309 SCR 090601-1

Introductions were made from Qwest and Eschelon. In attendance Kathy Stichter, Ann G, Jenny D, Kit Thomte, Ric Martin, Julie Raible, Lane Jones and Russ Urevig.

We read the initial statement associated with the CR. Julie Raible explained her e-mail response to Eschelon.

Kit outlined the most recent problem that had been identified by Kathy. This outlined a scenario (Engineering Economics) where it appeared that internal systems might be providing a different response to inquiries than external sources. The information provided by Lane and Russ did not indicate inconsistencies. The group agreed it was not relevant to pursue this specific case.

Kathy indicated they were having for specific areas with problems. 1. When they install a loop, the TN is not in the system for 3days to 2 weeks after the five day requirement. Qwest requested examples of items that don't show up within the standard interval for the product.

2. They consistently get "undetermined status" with no explanation approximately 90% of the requests. Julie indicated that once the 8.0 release was installed that they should only put in the TN not TN and Address. Eschelon indicated they would track post 8.0 issues and send examples. Julie explained when LFACs data anomalies occur the capability exists to send an e-mail to Qwest for manual updates.

3. Eschelon gets a No status in Megabit and a Yes in Unbundled ADSL. Julie indicated that the Unbundled tool would advise if a lower speed DSL might be available.

4. The tools are so inaccurate that they are sending numerous examples to Brad. Qwest requested that examples be provided to allow research into the issue. Julie indicated that Brad does not use any system that is not available via IMA.

Julie reviewed some of the changes that were implemented with the 8.0 release. These changes were originally scheduled for 9.0 but were moved to 8.0.

In closing it was agreed that Eschelon accepted our previous e-mail responses. Qwest would document the discussion that took place in this working session. The CR would be left open for 2 weeks pending any other issues. Other issues would be forwarded to Kit.

Thanks Kit Thomte

08/30/2001 03:56 PM Email Kathleen Thomte To: klstichter@eschelon.com

Subject: For Action 309


I believe that the response that Julie Raible provided on August 20th addressed many of the issues that existed prior to the 8.0 IMA release. It is Quest's belief that Julie Raibels e-mail and the 8.0 release have addressed the issues associated with systems action items 309 and 319. However as we discussed today, since that release Eschelon has identified one or more specific issues that need to be addressed. I would like to use our meeting on September 11th to work through those issues. If other items are identified that can be reviewed in that session I would appreciate some information in advance so we can research the issue and make this more of a working session.

Thanks, Kit Thomte 303 896-6776

CenturyLink Response

08/27/2001 12:05:29 PM Julie Raible on To: kthomte@qwest.com Subject: For Action 309

Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=" This is a multi-part message in MIME format. Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii


Attached is the list of Addresses/TNs that you sent to Qwest. I did some analysis on the list and added a Qwest Comments Column. Also, we did some further analysis on the numbers we couldn't find and that document is also attached.

We also checked with Brad Butturff and verified that he is not using any system that IMA does not access for Loop Qualification and RLD. He is mainly using QSERV, which is the same system used for IMA Megabit Loop Qual. He sometimes uses Facility Check when the CLEC requests an Unbundled Data Loop Qualification which is the same system used for IMA Unbundled ADSL Loop Qualification.

Please call me with any questions and let me know if you would like me to set up a conference call to discuss the results. My number is 303-965-4261.

Thanks, Julie

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