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Open Product/Process CR PC102601-1 Detail

Title: RSID/ZCID assignment for UNE P. (reference Systems CR # SCR012302 1)
CR Number Current Status
Area Impacted Products Impacted

PC102601-1 Completed
Billing Unbundled Loop, UNE-P
Originator: Dickinson Pardee, Carla
Originator Company Name: AT&T
Owner: Zimmerman, Alan

Description Of Change

Currently Qwest assigns only one RSID/ZCID per company. RSID/ZCID is an indicator that drives the daily usage files for all products within a CLEC. AT&T has multiple usage products within Qwests system. AT&T has a need to receive separated Meet Point/IXC usage files by product. Qwest is currently sending separate usage files to several locations by product. Due to RSID/ZCID assignment, Qwest will send duplicate files of the same data to two locations. For AT&T, this creates duplicate files and unnecessary records that AT&T is not able to eliminate. AT&T receives separate files from all other ILECs, and it appears that the RSID/ZCID is driving this concern. If Qwest will assign a new RSID/ZCID for AT&T business UNE-P Meet Point/IXC records which would be transmitted separately from the MEET Point/IXC currently going to Statton Island. Consequently, AT&T requests that Qwest assign a new RSID/ZCID specifically for AT&T UNE-P business products.

Date Action Description
10/25/2001 CR Received from Carla Dickinson Pardee AT&T 
10/26/2001 CR status changed to Submitted  
10/26/2001 Updated CR sent to Carla Dickinson Pardee of AT&T 
11/9/2001 Contacted Carla Dickinson from AT&T to schedule Clarification Meeting. She is on vacation from 11/9/01 - 11/19/01. 
11/12/2001 Went ahead and tentatively scheduled a Clarification Meeting for 11/20/01 and left voice message for Carla to confirm time is okay. 
11/14/2001 CMP Meeting - AT&T Presented its CR. 
11/20/2001 Qwest rescheduled the clarification meeting for 11/27/01. 
11/27/2001 Conducted Clarification Meeting with AT&T. 
11/30/2001 Issued Clarification Meeting Minutes to AT&T. 
12/3/2001 Issued revised Clarification Meeting Minutes to AT&T. 
12/3/2001 AT&T, Carla Dickinson-Pardee advised that the meeting minutes were correct. 
12/12/2001 CMP Meeting - CLEC clarification on the CR was made. Qwest advised that a large Systems CR would need to be developed. Qwest received input from AT&T that they would need 1 new RCID/ZCID now and more in the future. Qwest explained the difficulties with duplicating the various rates (USOCs) for each RCID/ZCID. To manually do this would create potential errors. Qwest to review options. CR status is changed to Evaluation. 
1/8/2002 Issued Qwest's Draft Response dated December 28, 2001 to AT&T and posted to dBase. 
1/9/2002 AT&T Acknowledged Qwest's response and provided preliminary requirements for the Systems Change Request. 
1/16/2002 CMP Meeting - Qwest presented its Draft Response. Qwest will work with AT&T to issue a Systems CR on their behalf. It was agreed that the CR could be closed and a Systems CR issued with the Systems CR listed in the Title Section. 
1/21/2002 Issued Qwest's Response dated December 28, 2001 to CLEC Community. 
1/22/2002 Issued Draft Systems CR to AT&T and received their concurrence. 
1/23/2002 Submitted Systems CR on behalf of AT&T. 
1/23/2002 Responded to AT&T via e-mail that the products to be covered under the Systems CR could be defined at the Systems CR Clarification meeting. 

Project Meetings

Subject: RE: Systems CR for PC102601-1 Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 16:17:16 -0500 From: "Pardee, Carla D, NCAM" To: "Richard Martin" , "Alan Zimmerman"

Ric, thanks, it looks good. My only question is which products it would impact. Although I only checked UNE-P, it seems as though this could/would impact all products across the board. Is that true? Thank you.

Carla Dickinson Pardee Manager - LSAM (303) 298-6101

Subject: RE: CR PC102601-1 Draft Response Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 09:49:06 -0500 From: "Pardee, Carla D, NCAM" To: "Richard Martin" CC: "Alan Zimmerman" , "Faber, Vicki L, BNSVC" , "Boykin, Timothy (Tim), NCAM" , "Spangler, Jonathan F, NCAM" , "Bahner, Teresa L (Terry), NCAM" , "Rea, Ervin E, NCAM" , "Smith, Troy V"

Richard and Alan:

Thank you for your response re: AT&T's change request for additional assignments of RSID/ZCID. Since Qwest would be faced with several issues if multiple RSID/ZCID values are assigned, AT&T would like to pursue a Systems CR to create another mechanism for CLECs to segment customers for loss/completion reports and DUF files, etc. As explained in the initial CR, AT&T has several business units that need separate transmission of certain files. AT&T requested RSID/ZCID values because AT&T understood that RSID/ZCID values drove transmission of these various files. AT&T is open to Qwest creating some other value for driving these various data files.

Thank you for your response. I look forward to discussing and resolving this matter further in the CMP forum.

Carla Dickinson Pardee Manager - LSAM (303) 298-6101

CLEC Change Request Clarification Meeting

November 27, 2001, 2:00 pm (MT) Conference Call

866-289-7092 PC102601-1, RCID/ZCID assignment for UNE-P

Attendees: Ric Martin, Qwest Mike Marshall, Qwest Mark Early, Qwest Joni Dokken, Qwest Carl Sear, Qwest Carla Dickinson-Pardee, AT&T

Introduction of Attendees Introduction of the participants on the Conference Call were made and the purpose of the call discussed.

Review Requested (Description of) Change Carla advised that with the growth of AT&Ts different businesses they cannot split off the associated products in their DUF Files. They would like to have a separate RSID/ZCID number assigned to their various business products. Carla indicated that other ILECs use OCNs for assignment of the business products. Qwest advised that the RSID/ZCID number was the equivalent of the ACNA. Currently the ACNAs follow Qwest guidelines for their use. Qwest explained that the usage records on the DUF come out per EMI OBF guidelines. Within the EMI OBF guidelines are different record types that identify different types of calls and features, buth these call types and features are not packed separately on the DUF. Qwest further explained that within the DUF Files the category 01 and 10 records are sent in a separate pack from category 11 records, but both packs are sent on the same file. The files are created by ACNA. AT&T indicated that they would like to see the RSID/ZCID further broken down within the CAT 10 file. Qwest indicated that there could be a review to determine hotw to separate feeds for each transmission, but this would require with the billing system capabilities. Before any changes could be initiated, the issue would have to be discussed and agreed to through CMP.

Confirm Areas & Products Impacted The products listed on the CR are the products AT&T wants to ensure is covered. . Confirm Right Personnel Involved Qwests Owner will be revised to Alan Zimmerman. Carl Sear, Joni Dokken and Mike Marshall will also support Qwests evaluation. Alan is out of the office this week and Qwest will coordinate its evaluation when he returns.

Identify/Confirm CLECs Expectation AT&T would like to have the ability to identify the various UNE-P business products to reflect the billing to their various companies.

Identify any Dependent Systems Change Requests There is no corresponding System CR

Establish Action Plan (Resolution Time Frame) Qwest will evaluate various options. This CR will be clarified with the CLEC Community at the December CMP Meeting.

CenturyLink Response

Wholesale Service Delivery

December 28, 2001

Carla Dickinson Pardee LSAM Manager AT&T

This letter is in response to the CLEC Change Request Form #PC102601-1 regarding RSID/ZCID Assignment for UNE-P. Qwest would like to close this Product/Process CR and open a new Systems CR to properly consider the best way of meeting this business need.

Today, the assignment of an RSID/ZCID value drives a lot of business processes in Qwest. USOC rates are maintained for each RSID/ZCID, Loss/Completion reports are generated for each RSID/ZCID, separate bills are generated, security and authorizations are specific per RSID/ZCID, etc. To assign multiple RSID/ZCID values per CLEC would create potential issues with contract updates, authorizations, etc. Qwest would prefer to create another mechanism for CLECs to tell Qwest how to segment customers for purposes of Loss/Completion reports, Daily Usage Feeds and any other system interfaces CLECs desire to have segmented.

This new separation mechanism would need to be accomodated on the LSR and IMA, as well as the other systems involved. A Systems CR would be required to accomplish this. Qwest will open the Systems CR on AT&Ts behalf.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me or call me. Happy New Year!


Alan Zimmerman (303)896-8346 azimmer@qwest.com

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