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Open Product/Process CR PC103003-1CM Detail

Title: Language Changes to Qwest Wholesale Change Management Process Document re: Notification of Planned Outages
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PC103003-1CM Withdrawn
Originator: Osborne-Miller, Donna
Originator Company Name: AT&T
Owner: Maher, Jim
CR PM: Harlan, Cindy

Description Of Change

AT&T seeks to change the language of the last sentence in section 12.1 It states: Planned Outage Notification will be sent to CLECs and appropriate Qwest personnel no later than two (2) calendar days after the scheduling of the OSS Interface maintenance activity.

AT&T Proposed language: At the beginning of each month Qwest posts the forecast of the current month and two (2)months of system availability. The three (3) months system availability forecast notes planned changes to standard system availability. This forecast will be posted electronically in a calendar format.

Date Action Description
10/30/2003 CR Submitted 
11/3/2003 CR Acknowledged 
11/4/2003 Contacted ATT to schedule clarification call - offered 3 times for call. ATT will call me back to advise. 
11/6/2003 ATT called back and confirmed clarification meeting for 11/11 12-1:00 
11/11/2003 Held clarification call 
11/20/2003 Nov CMP meeting minutes will be posted to the database 
12/5/2003 Contact ATT to schedule ad hoc meeting to discuss process and language 
12/10/2003 Held ad hoc meeting with ATT to discuss CR in more detail and to ensure Qwest understands ATT issues 
12/17/2003 Dec CMP notes will be posted to the database 
1/21/2003 Jan CMP meeting minutes will be posted to the database 
2/17/2004 Held ad hoc meeting with ATT 
3/5/2004 CMPR.03.05.04.F.01460.CalPostPlannedOutageFore 

Project Meetings

February 18, 2004 CMP Meeting Jim Maher-Qwest advised we held several CLEC meetings to discuss this CR. In those meetings, Qwest had agreed to monitor the Planned Outage process during January and February. During this time the three Planned Outage notices had a 19-day advance time frame. Qwest has developed a forecast document ‘Potential Planned Outages’. This was modeled after the example that ATT provided from Verizon. The intent of this document is that Qwest would post the outage dates that they believe are potentially going to occur. The final communication would occur as defined in the current CMP Process. There was a language change requested by ATT, but ATT agreed that was not necessary. Qwest will meet a 15-day advance notification for most of the potential planned outages identified in the CMP document. There may be some emergency outages that will meet the minimum requirements identified in the CMP process. Additionally Qwest will update and post the Planned Outage Forecast calendar to the web site quarterly. Qwest requested for ATT to withdraw the CR. ATT advised they are happy with the document / calendar. Carla Pardee – ATT said she didn’t get a chance to share the final document with other CLECs due to schedule issues. ATT stated they would withdraw the CR and that they believed the other CLECs will be happy with the forecast calendar.

February 17, 2004 Ad hoc meeting PC103003-1CM Planned Outage Notification

In attendance: Pat Moran - ATT Jim Maher- Qwest Carla Pardee – ATT Cindy Macy – Qwest

Cindy Macy – Qwest advised that we wanted to meet again to see how the process is working, to review the draft ‘Potential Planned Outage’ document, and determine if we should withdraw the CR as there would not be a language change, if the Potential Planned Outage calendar is acceptable.

Pat Moran – ATT reviewed the calendar and clarified her expectations. Pat reviewed the March 19, 20 and 21 date scenario. Jim explained that the Friday March 19 outage is less likely to occur, than the Saturday March 20 and Sunday March 21 outage. Pat suggested that we identify this on the calendar.

Jim reviewed that the January notices all provided 19 days of advance notification. IT is working on being more proactive with this process. Pat thanked Qwest for their efforts.

Pat advised that she would like Qwest to provide notification on the items identified on this calendar 15 days in advance. Pat explained that Qwest should be able to do this, as we are already aware of the potential and we should know if the release would impact system availability within 15 days. Jim agreed that this should be possible for items identified on the ‘Potential Planned Outage calendar’. Jim advised that there would not be a change to the language in the CMP, and this was agreed to by ATT. Jim clarified that there could be situations when Planned Outages required a shorter notification interval, and that these would be the exception based on the work Qwest had done. Pat stated she understood those exceptions could take place, but wanted as much advance notification as possible.

The group discussed whether we could withdraw the CR at the February CMP meeting. Carla and Pat Moran – ATT discussed the proposed solution and agreed that if Qwest published this calendar and updates it quarterly, and we provide 15 days advance notification for outages identified on this calendar, than they would agree to withdraw the CR.

Carla and Pat – ATT asked when we would identify 2005 dates. Jim advised this would be a rolling calendar so by the end of the 3rd quarter 2004 we should have a start on 2005 dates.

The team agreed to discuss at the February CMP meeting and withdraw the CR.

January 21, 2004 CMP Meeting Carla Pardee- ATT advised the last Planned Outage Notifications were sent out with much more advance notice and ATT is glad about this. Carla would like to have another meeting scheduled so we can discuss this with her internal representatives that are impacted by this process. Jim Maher – Qwest advised we have had 3 planned outages in January and all three notifications provided 19 days advance notice. Cindy Macy – Qwest will schedule another review meeting to discuss the CR and determine next steps.

December 17, 2003 CMP Meeting Cindy Macy – Qwest reported that we held a CLEC meeting on December 10 to discuss the Planned Outage Notification process. Qwest has met internally and we are reviewing the reasons why Planned Outage Notifications are occurring. Planned Outage Notification are at times related to issues that are uncovered during system releases. Qwest is reviewing the possibility of whether we could provide a quarterly notification that identifies when we think possible Planned Outages would be needed. We could publish that notification and then if the Planned Outage is truly needed we could use the existing Planned Outage Notification process to notify again. Qwest and the CLECs in attendance agreed to meet again in January. This CR will move to Development Status.

November 19, 2003 CMP Meeting Carla Pardee – ATT presented this CR. Pat Moran – ATT recapped the issues ATT has experienced due to short notice of planned outages. Carla advised that ATT would like Qwest to forecast out 90 days and publish their planned outages. This will give ATT advance notice and time to respond to system availability. ATT is looking for a list of scheduled down time 90 days in advance, and 60 days advance notice if there is any changes to that schedule. In mid-October ATT was given 2 days notice on additional downtime.

Clarification Meeting November11, 2003 1-877-552-8688 7146042#

PC103003-1CM Notification of Planned Outage Attendees Par Moran – ATT Liz Balvin – MCI Kim Isaacs – Eschelon Kyle Kirves – Qwest Carla Pardee – ATT Jim Maher – Qwest Randy Owen – Qwest Bonnie Johnson – Eschelon Cindy Macy – Qwest

Meeting Agenda: Action 1.0 Introduction of Attendees Attendees introduced 2.0 Review Requested (Description of) Change Cindy Macy – Qwest explained this CR is a request to change the Change Management Process document. This CR will require a vote at a monthly CMP meeting. Carla Pardee – ATT reviewed the change request. Carla explained she will be representing all Product Proces CRs. Donna will represent all System CRs. Carla explained they need to have the notification time increased when ever Qwest does planned outage notfications. Carla advised other ILECs provide 30-90 days notice. Qwest provides 2 days notice and this is not enough time to respond and prepare out centers. This causes problems. Jim Maher – Qwest attempted to explain the difference between what Qwest calls Scheduled Maintenance/Scheduled Outages, the OSS Release Calendar, Event Notifications and Planned Outage Notifications. Scheduled Maintenance is what takes place during regular scheduled downtime (night time down time). System Availability time is published on the OSS Hours of Availability document. System Release information is available on the Release Calendar and Release Notification documents. Planned outages are used for correcting system behaviors that are not causing immediate impacts to CLECs but they do need to be corrected quickly. Event Notification are used to notify the CLECs of system issues that impact the CLECs. The CLECs advised they believe Qwest has to know about scheduled downtime more than 2 days in advance. Jim explained part of the confusion is terminology as our scheduled downtime is down in the hours the system is not available. We do not notify about scheduled downtime as that is identified in the OSS Hours of Availability document. Planned Notifications are used to extend regular system downtime. Qwest uses the Planned Notifications to fix system issues that need to be addresses and cannot be accommodated in the regular system downtime. Pat Moran – ATT explained they receive hourly notifications from other ILECs on scheduled downtime. Carla – ATT advised she gets pre-notifications from Qwest and filters them to her people. Carla and Pat can review these notification to see if Pat needs to get additional ones.

ATT advised 2 days is not enough time to react to an extended downtime schedule. More detail on the functions impacted would be helpful as that would save us time in determining the impacts. Carla – ATT advised she would send the schedule that Verizon publishes as they publish downtime several months in advance. Bonnie Johnson – Eschelon asked if Qwest should really be using Event Notifications for these outages. Jim Maher – Qwest explained that these are not CLEC impacting so they are not really Event Notifications. They are correcting system behavior issues that are not currently visible to the CLECs. Qwest agreed we would meet internally to discuss and review data. Qwest would schedule an additional CLEC ad hoc meeting after we do some preliminary investigation. ATT will present this CR at the November CMP meeting. 3.0 Confirm Areas & Products Impacted Planned System Outage Notifications 4.0 Confirm Right Personnel Involved Correct people involved 5.0 Identify/Confirm CLEC’s Expectation For Qwest to provide additional time on Planned Outage Notifcations 6.0 Identify any Dependent Systems Change Requests none 7.0 Establish Action Plan (Resolution Time Frame) ATT will present the CR at the November CMP Meeting Qwest will schedule another ad hoc meeting after we complete our investigation.

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