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Open Product/Process CR PC122801-1 Detail

Title: Qwest to document, distribute and train an adhered to process to unlock numbers for 911.
CR Number Current Status
Area Impacted Products Impacted

PC122801-1 Completed
Ordering 911, LNP
Originator: Stichter, Kathy
Originator Company Name: Eschelon
Owner: Dubose, Lorna

Description Of Change

When a number moves from Qwest to Eschelon, Eschelon sends a migration notice to Qwest's 911 data base administrator, Intrado. Intrado migrates the number from Qwest to Eschelon and then applies the new record. However, before Intrado can apply Eschelon's new record, Qwest must first unlock the number in the Intrado 911 data base. When Qwest fails to unlock the number, Intrado sends an error message 755, to Eschelon stating that Qwest has not unlocked the number and they can not apply the new record. Intrado will attempt to apply the new record each day for 14 days and will send the error message 755, to Eschelon each day unless Qwest unlocks the number. At the end of the 14 days, Intrado stops its attempts to apply the new record and sends an error message 760. This is time consumming for Eschelon to continually check the error messages. It is also time consumming if Eschelon has to resend the migration notice, which occurs if Qwest fails to unlock the number within the first 14 days from when Eschelon sent the first notice to Intrado. Another potentially dangerous problem could occur if Qwest fails to unlock the number and the new record is not applied. If the customer moves during the conversion, the 911 data base will have the incorrect information, which could cause an emergency vehicle dispatched to the incorrect location.

Eschelon asks Qwest to document, distribute and train an adhered to process to unlock numbers from the 911 data base so Intrado can apply the new records sent to them by Eschelon. If a current process exists, Eschelon asks to see the process and asks Qwest to improve the process or ensure adherence to the process.

Date Action Description
12/28/2001 CR Submitted by Eschelon. 
12/28/2001 CR acknowledged by P/P CMP Manager. 
1/3/2002 Eschelon contacted to coordinate available times for clarification call. 
1/9/2002 Clarification Meeting conducted with Eschelon. 
1/11/2002 Issued Clarification Meeting Minutes to Eschelon. 
2/20/2002 CMP Meeting - CLEC Community Clarification held. It was agreed that the CR would move to Evaluation. Meeting discussions will be set forth in the Product/Process Draft Meeting Minutes contained in the Product/Process CMP Meeting Distribution Package 03/20/02. 
3/6/2002 Issued Qwest's Draft Response dated March 6, 2002 to Eschelon. 
3/20/2002 CMP Meeting - Qwest presented its Draft Response dated March 6, 2002. It was agreed that the CR could move to CLEC Test. 
3/29/2002 Formal response dated March 6, 2002 issued to CLECs. Notification CMPR.03.29.02.F.01246.Final_CR_Response. 
4/17/2002 CMP Meeting - It was agreed that the CR could be closed. 

Project Meetings

CLEC Change Request Clarification Meeting

Date: January 9, 2002, 12:00 (MT) Place: Conference Call Location: 877-564-8688 Subject: PC122801-1, Qwest to document, distribute and train an adhered to process to unlock numbers for 911

Attendees: Ric Martin, Qwest Lorna Dubose, Qwest Joan Wells, Qwest Kathy Stichter, Eschelon Amanda Owens, Eschelon

Introduction of Attendees Introduction of the participants on the Conference Call were made and the purpose of the call discussed

Review Requested (Description of) Change Eschelon reviewed the requirements of their CR. Lorna asked if Eschelon had any performance measurements on the percentage of 755 Errors and 760 Cancellations they were getting. Eschelon advised that they didnít have any measurements. Amanda indicated that they would only receive one 755 Error message and it would remain until the number was unlocked or it went to 760. They do not get continuous 755 Error messages for the same number. Amanda indicated that they started with many error messages from 2 years ago. They have reduced that number. She has been working with Qwest'í 911 database manager and that has worked a little. She indicated that she had a recent e-mail from Intrado including a new 760 report. Amanda will send report to Lorna Dubose. The report indicated that there were other carriers on the report other than Qwest. The group was unsure who was responsible for the other carriers. Qwest will look into this. Joan indicated that Qwest had a recent clarification call on the process and indicated that it was working for the other CLECs. She explained that per commission ruling, Qwest is required to hold the order until 11:59 the next business day. Amanda indicated that they send their records to Intrado 2 days before the Due Date. This would explain why Eschelon would receive 755 Error notices, which would remain for 4 days. Eschelon stated that they understood that Intrado issued the database, but they thought Qwest owned the database. Qwest will advise if they own the 911 database and what the control is. Joan advised that there is a current 911 process on the PCAT. There is a 911 LNP link in the process. Amanda indicated that she had the process. Kathy will review the process and advise whether they understand the requirements. Qwest will look into their action items and check with their 911 database manager on the process of the 911 database management. Eschelon will review the process.

Confirm Areas & Products Impacted The products listed on the CR referenced 911. Qwest advised that this was primarily LNP. Qwest will update the CMP database. . Confirm Right Personnel Involved Qwest had the appropriate SMEs involved. It was confirmed that Lorna Dubose would be the owner with Joanís support.

Identify/Confirm CLECís Expectation Qwest confirmed that there was a process. Eschelon is to review and comment Qwest and Eschelon are to collectively review why the 760 numbers are not getting unlocked.

Identify any Dependent Systems Change Requests There is no corresponding System CR

Establish Action Plan (Resolution Time Frame) Qwest and Eschelon to review their action items and get back to discuss findings.

CenturyLink Response

March 6, 2002

Eschelon Communications Kathleen Stichler ILEC Relations Manager

SUBJECT: Qwestís Change Request Response - CR # PC122801-1 Qwest Process to Unlock E911 Records

This letter is in response to your Change Request PC122801-1 requesting that Qwest document, distribute and train an adhered to process to unlock numbers for E911.

Eschelon and Qwest conducted a clarification meeting to review Qwestís current process for unlocking E911 records. During this meeting, Qwest shared with Eschelon that the migrate unlock record should be issued to Intrado, on the customer due date, once the migrate as been completed at NPAC. If the migrate record is issued prior to the customer due date, a 755 or 760 error will be generated.

In addition to Qwestís existing process, effective, February 25, 2002, Qwest moved forward with implementing the new NENA recommendations. These recommendations require the old provider to unlock the E911 record once a validation has been completed with the NPAC. Therefore, when the CLEC sends the migration record to Intrado, on the customer due date, the NPAC activation should be complete also. Qwest will perform a validation to the NPAC and unlock the customer record once the CLEC migration record is received at Intrado. Intrado will distribute a report to the CLEC identifying any discrepancies.

The E911 Product Catalog has been updated to reflect this enhancement, as well as the appropriate personnel trained.

Again, thank you for partnering with Qwest.


Lorna Dubose LNP Product Manager Qwest

Information Current as of 5/4/2020