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Title: Billmate delivery option changes
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SCR051809-1 Completed
-   11/ Electronic billing ASCII and CRIS CSR
Originator: Thurnau, Wendy
Originator Company Name: Qwest Corporation
Owner: Thurnau, Wendy
CR PM: Stecklein, Lynn
Description Of Change
Billmate is the process by which Qwest provides electronic media output (ASCII and CRIS CSR) to our customers. The current delivery options for these billing types are diskette, CD-ROM and WEB. With this change Qwest will only offer the delivery option of the WEB.

The data look will NOT change, rather than being on a disc, it will be delivered via a secured WEB site from Qwest. The customer will receive an e-mail from Qwest advising that the data is ready to be retrieved. The customer will have the same down load options as they do today. This will primarily provide the electronic billing data to the customer in a more efficient manner.

Status History

Date Action Description
5/18/2009 CR Submitted CR Submitted 
5/18/2009 CR Acknowledged CR Acknowledged 
5/20/2009 Status Changed Status changed to Presented 
5/20/2009 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting Discussed in the May CMP Meeting - See Walk Ons 
6/23/2009 Communicator Issued PROS.BILL.06.23.09.F.06510.Mltpl_Elec_Meda_Otpt 
6/23/2009 Status Changed Status changed to development 
6/26/2009 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting Discussed at the June Systems CMP Meeting - See Attachment I in the Distribution Package 
7/15/2009 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting Discussed at the July Systems CMP Meeting - See Attachment K in the Distribution Package 
7/17/2009 Communicator Issued PROS.BILL.07.17.09.F.06657.FNL_Mltpl_Elec_Media_Otpt 
8/3/2009 Status Changed Status changed to CLEC Test 
8/19/2009 Status Changed Status changed to Completed 
8/21/2009 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting Discussed in the August Systems CMP Meeting - See Attachent G in the Distribution Package 

Project Meetings

8/19/09 Systems CMP Meeting

Susan Lorence-Qwest said this CR was effective on 8/3/09 and we would like to close. Bonnie Johnson-Integra said she has said several times before they feel this is a violation of their ICA and Qwest can close over their objection. Bonnie said that if they decide to use this option, they will address it at that time.

7/15/09 Systems CMP Meeting

Mark Coyne-Qwest said that we noticed on 6/23/09 and received comments that are being reviewed. He said the effective date for this change is 8/3/09.

6/17/09 E-mail received from Integra


Please include this email in the CR detail for CR SCR051809-1.

On the June CMP call earlier today, Qwest said CR SCR051809-1, which removes the CD ROM and Diskette options from bill delivery, did not conflict with any ICAs. Below is the language in Eschelon’s ICA in several states, Integra’s ICA in MN, and Eschelon ICAs that will be going into effect for Eschelon in other states. The language shows that ASCII files and ASCII files via the web are an option in the ICA. Qwest’s PCAT confirms that ASCII files (not via the web) are CD and Diskette (see http://www.qwest.com/wholesale/clecs/cris.html). The Qwest PCAT also links you to the Billmate Customer Guide which is also discussed in the ICA provisions (see below). The PCAT states: For additional information access the ASCII User Guide and, A Customer Guide is available to help explain more about EDI or ASCII. Both of these hyperlinks take you to http://www.qwest.com/largebusiness/products/downloads/BMDiskCustGuidecurrent.pdf.

Let me know if you have questions.



21.3 Bill Format Media

21.3.1 Each Connectivity Bill shall be provided on paper, if selected by CLEC, or electronically transmitted in ASCII, EDI or Carrier Access Billing System (CABS) format, the selection of which format is to be chosen by CLEC, or in other electronic media that the Parties agree upon. CLEC shall provide its Carrier Access Bills to Qwest pursuant to CLEC’s Tariff and any other bills in a spreadsheet sent by Email, or as otherwise agreed by the Parties. When an electronic format (CABS, EDI, ASCII) is available for a bill and is selected by CLEC, the electronic bill is the official bill of record. For ASCII bills, however, the electronic ASCII bills currently do not include the balance forward and total amount due. Therefore, until the electronic ASCII bills include this information, the paper bill is the official bill of record. Regardless of the bill format media selected, the Connectivity Bill shall be provided at no charge. The bill format media for Connectivity Bills is specified on the Customer Questionnaire, if it has not been previously provided, as set forth in Section 3.2.2.

21.3.2 Qwest uses the following systems to bill products and services to wholesale

Customers: Customer Records and Information System Billing: The Customer

Records and Information System (“CRIS”) summary bill represents a monthly summary of charges for most wholesale products sold by Qwest. This bill includes a total of all charges by entity plus a summary of current charges and adjustments on each subaccount. Individual sub-accounts are provided as billing detail and contain monthly, onetime charges and incremental/call detail information. The summary bill provides one bill and one payment document for CLEC. These bills are segmented by state and bill cycle. The number of bills received by CLEC is dictated by the product ordered, quantity of sub-accounts, and the Qwest region in which CLEC is operating. For CRIS output, CLEC may choose to receive bills in the following formats: paper, EDI via Network Data Mover (NDM) (dedicated circuit), EDI via Value Added Network (VAN), EDI via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) (dedicated circuit), EDI via the Web, CABS/Billing Output Specifications (CABS/BOS) format in an Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (EBCDIC) file (for unbundled Loop type products only), American Standard Code (ASCII) files, or ASCII via the Web. If CLEC selects an EDI format, Qwest will utilize the existing EDI standard for the transmission of monthly local Billing information. EDI is an established standard under the auspices of the ANSI/ASC X12 Committee. A proper subset of this specification has been adopted by the Telecommunications Industry Forum (TCIF) as the “811 Guidelines” specifically for the purposes of Telecommunications Billing. Any deviance from these standards and guidelines shall be documented and accessible to CLEC. The billed Party may request the Billing Party to eliminate differences that impair the billed Party’s processing of the bill. At CLEC’s

option, Qwest will provide an electronic version of the output from CRIS, known as BillMate®, to CLEC. BillMate® files are created in ASCII or EDI format, at the CLEC’s option. BillMate® is available, at CLEC’s option, via EDI and the Internet. Other requirements for BillMate® in the ASCII format will be set forth in a Customer guide posted on Qwest's wholesale web site and are applicable to the extent that they do not conflict with the terms of this Agreement. The functionality of BillMate® in the ASCII format will be comparable to or greater than the functionality for BillMate® in the ASCII format reflected in the Qwest BillMate® Customer Guide that is posted on Qwest's wholesale web site as of the date of execution of this Agreement. When BillMate® is used for Billing, Qwest will also provide to CLEC a paper account summary that provides the following information not provided in BillMate® (unless and until this information is provided through BillMate®): balance forward, certain adjustments, payments posted, current charges, and total amount due.

Bonnie J. Johnson | Director Carrier Relations

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6160 Golden Hills Drive

Golden Valley, MN 55416-1020


6/17/09 Systems CMP Meeting

Mark Coyne-Qwest said that this CR was presented last month and Qwest was asked by PAETEC to review the ICA language for references of the Billmate Delivery Options. Mark said that Wendy Thurnau (Qwest) did review the ICAs and could not locate any references. He said that PAETEC was going to see if she could find the reference and provide that information to Qwest. Mark Coyne-Qwest said that this CR was presented last month and Qwest was asked by PAETEC to review the ICA language for references of the Billmate Delivery Options. Mark said that Wendy Thurnau (Qwest) did review the ICAs and could not locate any references. He said that PAETEC was going to see if she could find the reference and provide that information to Qwest. Julia Redman-Carter-PAETEC said that she (6/26/09 Comments to minutes received from Integra in CAPS) QWEST REPRESENTATIVES HAD BEEN MISSING EACH OTHER AND SHE has not had an opportunity to get back to Qwest SINCE THEIR LAST CALL but will contact Lynn (Qwest) and Wendy (Qwest) BY THE END OF THE WEEK. Wendy Thurnau-Qwest said that at this point we have identified the customers.

Wendy Thurnau-Qwest said that at this point we have identified the customers.

5/20/09 Systems CMP Meeting

Wendy Thurnau-Qwest said today we offer an output of ASCII and CRIS CSR and 3 delivery options, Diskette, CD and Web and we are proposing to eliminate the Diskette and CD and provide the data on the Web. She said we are trying to get this accomplished by the end of the summer and it will benefit the customer because they will get their information quicker. Wendy said that we will be contacting the customers impacted by this output and will get them set up correct IDs etc. Bonnie Johnson-Integra said that she needed to check internally because they may be one of the customers impacted. She said it sounds like Qwest is eliminating options to get the billing. She asked if it would be acceptable if they opt not to do this if they have one of these options. Wendy Thurnau-Qwest said no. Bonnie Johnson-Integra said that Qwest needs to review the ICA to find out what the obligation is regarding delivery options. Julia Redman-Carter-PAETEC said that all of the PAETEC agreements specifically have CRIS in there and the criteria for format etc. Wendy Thurnau-Qwest asked if actual delivery options were outlined in the ICA for CD, Diskette and Web. Julie Redman-Carter-PAETEC said there were. Julia said it was covered in the billing section and other sections in the ICA. She said that they (5/28/09 Comments to minutes received from PAETEC in CAPS) FOLLOW that method and would have to make sure that THE BILLING FOLKS CAN WORK WITH QWEST PROPOSED option and to make sure their billing people are comfortable with the change. Kim Isaacs-Integra said that many CLECs receive their ASCII and CRIS CSR on multiple delivery methods because the data on each delivery method is different depending on how it is received. Kim said you have to use multiple delivery methods to get a cohesive bill. She asked if the CD ROM and the Diskette have different information that is available currently on the Web. Wendy Thurnau-Qwest said that the data they are getting is coming off of a system called ISA and that system is delivering it to one point. She said that the CD is burned and the same data on that CD is being sent to the QPID site. Wendy said that the difference would be if you are talking EDI and ASCII or ASCII vs. CSR. She said that the delivery options should not be changing with the data output. Wendy said that Qwest has not done a check of all ICAs but the ones that she looked at didn’t have the delivery options outlined. She said that she will check and modify based on the ICAs. Brenda Bloomer-Comcast said that she didn’t have a billing representative on the call and couldn’t address this. Mark Coyne-Qwest said that we will look overall to determine if this affects the ICAs and if it does we will come back with a different proposal in the CR itself. Bonnie Johnson-Integra said that some of the older ones say mutually agreeable format. She asked if it is Qwest’s preference that CLECs use the EDI option. Wendy Thurnau-Qwest said that Qwest doesn’t have a preference whether the CLECs use EDI or ASCII and the preparation of those is not an issue. She said that our focus is to streamline the actual delivery options of those services. She said that EDI is either going to be a web or NDM type of delivery. She said that ASCII has the web, CD or diskette and there is not preference of one over the other. Julia Redman-Carter-PAETEC said that to narrow down (5/28/09 Comments to minutes received from PAETEC in CAPS) THE SEARCH FOR THE ICA LANGUAGE Qwest can look at McLeod USA, Iowa and Minnesota agreements. IF I RECALL CORRECTLY, THOSE specifically say diskette. She said that THE LANGUAGE IN THE ICA doesn’t mean that PAETEC wouldn’t be amenable to QWEST’S PROPOSED option but that she didn’t know at this time. SHE SAID THAT SHE WOULD HAVE TO CHECK WITH HER BILLING FOLKS. Wendy Thurnau-Qwest said that she will review the ICAs and report back to Mark’s team.

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