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Archived System CR SCR062702-01 Detail

Title: Allow CLEC migrations from one product to another when local service freeze is on the account
CR Number Current Status
Level of
Release No.

SCR062702-01 Completed
900 - 1500   3/12 Ordering & Provisioing Resale, Loop, UNE-P
Originator: Johnson, Bonnie
Originator Company Name: Eschelon
Owner: Winston, Connie
CR PM: Esquibel-Reed, Peggy
Description Of Change
Currently when a CLEC does a migration from one product to another, the CLEC is required to remove the local service freeze on one LSR and send a second LSR for the conversion adding the freeze back on. Though the LSR flows through IMA, the Qwest Service Center rejects the request because they are restricted from typing an order in the SOP to remove the FID and SOP edits will not allow the conversion order to be typed with the FID. Since the Local Service Provider is not changing relax the SOP edits to allow the Qwest Service Center the ability to process the CLEC's request without sending an additional LSR.

Expected Deliverable:

Updates SOP edits to allow an order to be typed changing the class of service without removing the local service freeze. Develop an interim process that will allow the CLEC to send one LSR for the migration of a customer that is not changing local service providers.

Status History

Date Action Description
6/27/2002 CR Submitted  
6/27/2002 CR Acknowledged  
6/28/2002 Record Update Interface Impacted changed from 'Other' to 'IMA Common' 
7/1/2002 Clarification Meeting Scheduled Meeting scheduled for July 8, 2002. 
7/8/2002 Clarification Meeting Held See Project Meetings Section for details. 
7/9/2002 LOE Issued  
7/9/2002 Additional Information MCC Issued for interim process. Topic: Local Service Freeze Workaround 
7/18/2002 Record Update Title changed at the request from the July Systems CMP Meeting 
7/18/2002 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting SCR062702-01 discussed at July Systems CMP Monthly meeting; please see Systems CMP Distribution Package July CMP -- Attachment B 
7/18/2002 Status Changed Discussed at July CMP Meeting, CR updated to Pending Prioritization. 
7/26/2002 Release Ranking Ranking for Release 12.0 following the July 2002 Systems CMP Meeting. SCR062702-01 ranked number 16 
9/3/2002 Info Requested from CLEC Received Email from Bonnie Johnson/Eschelon. See Project Meetings Section for details. 
9/6/2002 Info Sent to CLEC Sent email to Bonnie Johnson/Eschelon with MCC Date & Topic. 
10/30/2002 Status Changed SCR062702-01 status updated to 'Packaged' based upon outcome of release 12.0 packaging effort 
12/19/2002 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting SCR062702-01 discussed at December Systems CMP Monthly meeting; please see Systems CMP Distribution Package December CMP -- Attachment N 
1/16/2003 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting SCR062702-01 discussed at January Systems CMP Monthly meeting; please see Systems CMP Distribution Package January CMP - Attachment O. 
4/7/2003 Status Changed Status changed to CLEC Test due to IMA 12.0 deployment 
4/17/2003 Discussed at Monthly CMP Meeting SCR062702-01 discussed at April Systems CMP Monthly meeting; please see April Systems CMP Distribution Package, Attachment G. 

Project Meetings

April 17, 2003 Systems CMP Meeting Discussion: John Gallegos/Qwest stated that this item was included in the IMA 12.0 Release. John noted that the post deployment call was held and that there is no open issue regarding this CR. No comments. CR changed to 'completed' status.

January 16, 2003 Systems CMP Meeting Discussion: Connie Winston/Qwest stated that this CR has been discussed in the past. The repository update checks will be performed sooner. IMA, upfront, will check the repository for updates. The repository updates very quickly and IMA checking upfront will result in LSRs not erroring due to the repository not being updated. There were no questions or comments.

September 6, 2002 Email from Bonnie Johnson to Peggy Esquibel-Reed and Jean Novak: Thanks so much Peggy. Jean, Could someone check the MCC and see if it indicates only one LSR is required for all products? Thanks! Bonnie

September 6, 2002 Email sent to Bonnie Johnson: Hi Bonnie, I'm sorry it took me so long to get this info for you. There was an MCC issued for the interim process. Issue Date: July 9, 2002, Effective Date: July 9, 2002, Topic: Local Service Freeze Workaround Peggy

September 3, 2002 Email from Bonnie Johnson/Eschelon: Hi Peggy, In the expected deliverables for this CR, I requested an interim process to send one LSR to migrate a customer from one product to another. Has that been documented yet. Eschelon is still sending two LSR's for the orders that are not provisioned in the Mpls Center. Thanks, Bonnie

July 18, 2002 CMP Meeting Discussion: Bonnie Johnson/Eschelon reviewed this change request. Eschelon is requesting that the SOP edits be relaxed to allow CLEC migrations from one product to another when Local Service Freeze is on the account. Connie Winston/Qwest stated that Qwest is suggesting that we change the title slightly. Bonnie Johnson/Eschelon said that would be fine. Michael Buck/Qwest said that the ballot will reflect the change in title. The status of this change request will be changed to Pending Prioritization.

Clarification Meeting - July 8, 2002 Attendees: Bonnie Johnson/Eschelon, Harriett Berry/Qwest, Bret Birkholz/Qwest, Birkley Loggie/Qwest, Peggy Esquibel-Reed/Qwest Reviewed CR description. Bonnie Johnson stated that the issue came up in the middle of converting their embedded base to UNE-P. The orders did go thru IMA but the [Minneapolis] Center is restricted from removing the FID. Eschelon is requesting that if the Local Service Provider is not changing, Qwest needs to allow the CLEC to change the product type without having to issue two LSRs. Bonnie stated that it is easiest to do in the SOP, or develop a process. Shouldn’t be forced to send 2 LSRs. Harriett Berry asked if Bonnie had any examples. Bonnie stated that the Minneapolis Center would have some. She has been working with Christine Siewert, Venessa Heilan, and Kathy Rein, in Minneapolis. Harriett asked if the problem was occurring in all regions. Bonnie stated that the Minneapolis Center would be able to tell her if it was across all regions. Bonnie stated that then the Center rejects the second order. Bonnie stated that she has a daily UNE-P status call and will ask for examples there. If she gets some she will forward to Peggy Esquibel-Reed at Qwest for distribution to the Qwest participants on the call. Harriett asked for examples with TN, PON, & LSR. Bonnie stated will check and see if has examples. Bonnie stated that this situation occurs about once per week. Bonnie stated that she would be happy to do a test order with Qwest. She can submit an order in each region so Qwest can process and see what happens. Harriett advised would let her know if test orders are needed. There were no other questions.

CenturyLink Response

DRAFT Response

July 9, 2002

RE: SCR062702-01 Relax necessary SOP edits to allow CLEC migrations from one product to another when local service freeze is on the account

Qwest has reviewed the information submitted as part of Change Request (SCR062702-01). Based upon the scope of this CR as agreed to in the Clarification Meeting (held July 8,, 2002) Qwest is able to provide an estimated Level of Effort (LOE) of 900 to 1500 hours for this IMA Change Request.

At the next Monthly Systems CMP Meeting, CMP participants will be given the opportunity to comment on this Change Request and provide additional clarifications. Any clarifications and/or modifications identified at that time will be incorporated into Qwest's further evaluation of this Change Request.

This Change Request is an eligible candidate for the IMA 12.0 prioritization vote.

Sincerely, Qwest

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