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Completing the Document Review

Documents in Review are posted so that CenturyLink's CLEC customers may provide comment to any proposed changes to CenturyLink's Wholesale products or processes.

How to Comment

  1. Find the document you are interested in within the "Documents In Review" section at http://www.CenturyLink.com/wholesale/cmp/review.html

    Click on the Document to open or save the document.

  2. Once you have reviewed the proposed changes and are ready to comment and submit, select the "Submit Comments" option within the Comment/Response area.

    You may access the comment site directly at

  3. Complete all of the required sections including your specific comments and click the submit button. If the submit button does not work please email your comments directly to cmpcomm@CenturyLink.com.

  4. Your comments will be collected and reviewed by CenturyLink.

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Last Updated: April 11, 2002