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Digital Signal, level One (DS1) service from CenturyLink offers you and your end-user customers a dedicated channel for voice, data and video communications between the premises of your choosing, or between one of your sites and a telephone company hub.

CenturyLink has a long history as a telecommunications service provider and has experienced teams of associates who install and maintain DS1 services. We monitor the network constantly to detect any service problems or outages. DS1 service from CenturyLink includes Term Discount Plans, Revenue Volume Discount Plan, Zone Density Pricing and a wide range of optional features and functions.

With our DS1 service, you may:

  • Reduce expenditures by eliminating minute-of-use charges.
  • Increase the speed, security and reliability of communications transmissions because connections are dedicated.
  • Tailor the DS1 service to suit your needs by choosing from several features and functions.

Features & Benefits

  • CenturyLink Digital Signal, level One (DS1) service provides combined voice, video and data - simplifies pricing structure.
  • Connections between locations are dedicated - significantly increases speed, security, accuracy and reliability. Plus it eliminates minute-of-use charges.
  • Multiple DS1 circuits can be combined into Digital Signal, level Three (DS3) for high-speed applications like broadcast quality video - increases options for growth.
  • Numerous features and functions are available - provides flexibility for your end users with varied applications.

Product Details

CenturyLink Digital Signal, level One (DS1) service allows a variety of applications to be sent in a single stream of data over a dedicated line. It provides a channel for the transmission of digital signals within an approximate bandwidth of 1.544 Mbps. Voice, data and video communications can be carried over the channel. DS1 services are provided between end-user-designated premises through serving wire centers, or between your designated premises and a telephone company hub.

DS1 transmission can be provided on anything from paired copper wire, to coaxial cable, to satellite. It can also be provided over fiber-optic cable in metropolitan areas.

Many optional features are available with DS1 service such as Automatic Loop Transfer, Central Office Multiplexing, Clear Channel Capability and Enhanced Access Diversity.

Business Applications

  • CenturyLink Digital Signal, level One (DS1) service supports transaction-based systems and batch file transfers.
  • You can pass cost savings from CenturyLink DS1 Term Discount Plans on to your end-user customers.
  • You can use DS1 service to connect local area networks (LANs) or to link a variety of devices.
  • DS1 service allows your end users to connect multiple locations.
  • This is ideal for banks, stores and companies with multiple divisions or branches.

Last Update: July 17, 2017