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This form is to be used by Vendors and End Users to request Payphone service changes.

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Note: Demarcation point must be in compliance with CenturyLink local interface location practice.
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Note: A Coin Line is a Smart line that has a higher monthly charge than B-1 and includes additional features. Please see CenturyLink local tariff for specific services included in Coin-lines where available.


Some services may not be available in all areas and others may be CenturyLink tariff required.

Note: It is standard practice on every payphone order to block ALL "Pay Per Use" services, to add a Flex Ani 70 code and to request the line be tagged and labeled. You do not need to specify this information on each request.

Yes No International Block
Yes No Operator Screening
Yes No 900/976 Block
Yes No Billed Number Screening
Yes No Incoming
Yes No Coin Control
Yes No 0+
Yes No Answer Supervision
Yes No 1+ (allows 800)
* Please list any other block requested.

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