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Service Maintenance Guarantee


CenturyLink is so confident in the reliability of its high-performance, fiber-optic network, you receive one of the most powerful guarantees in the industry. In the unlikely event of an outage, service interruption credits are applied to your monthly recurring charges (MRCs).

The Service Maintenance Guarantee from CenturyLink provides coverage on the access services most requested by CenturyLink.

With the Service Maintenance Guarantee, you may:

  • Enjoy guaranteed network performance.
  • Take confidence in your service - and the services you provide.
  • Protect your investment in your infrastructure and customer base by delivering highly reliable service.
  • Receive service interruption credits, in the unlikely event of network downtime.

Features & Benefits

  • CenturyLink high-performance, fiber-optic network - delivers highly reliable service you and your customers need.
  • A guarantee - gives you peace of mind that comes with guaranteed performance . . . confidence you can extend to your customers.
  • Service interruption credits - reduce your monthly recurring charges in the unlikely event of an outage.
  • Coverage for a wide range of access services - lets you choose from the access services most requested by CenturyLink.

Product Details

Service interruption credits are applied from the time you report the interruption to CenturyLink through the time the service becomes operational. For specific service credit information, please refer to CenturyLink FCC #9 Tariff (legacy Embarq only).

The Service Maintenance Guarantee applies to the following access services:

Access Period Outage Period (minutes) Applicable Credit
SONET OC RingSM Service 1 or more 100% of MRCs
Switched Access DS1 Transport
Switched Access DS3 Transport
Switched Access STS1 Transport
Special Access DS1 High Capacity Services
Special Access DS3 High Capacity Services
Special Access STS1 High Capacity Services
Frame Relay DS1 level and above UNI Port Connections
Frame Relay DS1 level and above NNI Port Connections
ATM UNI and NNI Port Connections
ATM Access Terminations
ATM Interoffice Mileage
480 or more
10% of MRCs
25% of MRCs
50% of MRCs
Switched Access Voice Grade Services
Switched Access CenturyLink OptiPointSM Services
Special Access Voice Grade Services
Special Access Digital Data Services
Special Access Fractional DS1 Services
Special Access Monthly Program Audio Services
Special Access Monthly Video Services
Special Access CenturyLink OptiPointSM Services
Frame Relay 56/64 kbps UNI Port Connection
30 or more 1/1440 of MRCs for each period of 30 minutes

Business Applications

  • Protects your investment in your network services.
  • Improves the responsiveness you can offer to your customers.
  • Reduces the time and expenses associated with network downtime, should an outage occur, letting you focus your energies on your business opportunities.
  • Builds additional confidence in your network reliability, thanks to the stability of the CenturyLink backbone.

Last Update: July 21, 2017