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800 Database Access Service V5.0

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Product Description

CenturyLink™ 800 Database Access Service enables access customers to provide 8XX toll-free service to originating end users-and to give full number portability to 8XX subscribers.

This originating service uses trunk-side switched access and relies on 10-digit screening to identify and deliver traffic to the appropriate access customer. CenturyLink performs the carrier identification function based on dialed digits to determine the location to which the call is to be routed. 800 Access Service is provisioned from the Service Switching Point (SSP) as CST3 or Feature Group D. The service is provisioned to all access tandems, stand-alone operator switches equipped as SSPs within a LATA, and SSP-equipped end offices. Traffic can be direct end office or access tandem routed.*

*800 Access Services are available where facilities permit and where they are not prohibited by technical limitations.

There are two vertical features of this service:

  1. Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Translation-- Delivers the 10-digit NPA-NXX-XXXX to the access customer. This feature is provided if the toll-free service provider enters the POTS number on the customer record housed in the national 800/SMS database.
  2. Call Handling and Destination-- Allows variable routing options by specifying a single carrier, multiple carriers, single termination, or multiple terminations. Variable options include routing by:
    • Originating NPA-NXX-XXXX
    • Time of Day
    • Day of Week
    • Specific Date
    • Allocation by Percentages

Routing options are determined by routing information specified by the toll-free service provider in the SMS/800 database.

8XX Complementary Service

Users of the 800 Database Access Service may also take advantage of 8XX Complementary Service. This service enables access customers to transport interLATA calls to CenturyLink 800 Service Line customers. Service Line is an intraLATA exchange product. An 8XX Complementary Service Provider must have its own Feature Group D trunks, at a minimum, to all access tandems and stand-alone operator switches in the LATA(s) in which it will receive 8XX traffic. If the carrier uses transport arrangements, it must provide CenturyLink with a form that depicts routing instructions by LATA and Carrier Identification Code.

When 800 Service Line customers choose a participating carrier(s) to transport their interLATA 8XX traffic, CenturyLink will notify the affected carrier(s) within 24 hours.

How the Service is Offered

800 Access Service is offered as follows:
  • To Interexchange Carriers-according to the terms and conditions of FCC Tariff #1, Section 6, and applicable state tariffs.
  • To Independent Telephone Companies via contract.

Customer Responsibilities

Interexchange Carriers and Independent Telephone Companies must gain access to the national SMS/800 database by becoming a Toll-Free Responsible Organization (Resp Org) or contracting with such an organization. This enables them to search for and reserve toll-free numbers and to create customer records. For assistance, call the SMS/800 Help Desk at 1-888-767-3300 or visit the SMS/800 Web site.

When an access customer orders 800 Access Service for the transmission of both voice and data traffic, the customer must order Clear Channel Capability for provisioning of its data traffic.

CenturyLink must be notified 24 hours prior to any media efforts that will stimulate usage.


The rate elements associated with this service are Switched Access Minutes of Use and Carrier Identification Charge. Current pricing for 800 Access Service, as well as for the vertical features (Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Translation and Call Handling and Destination), can be found in CenturyLink Operating Companies Tariff F.C.C. No. 11.


Features Benefits
Enables business and residential end users to place 8XX calls to over 23 million toll-free numbers Offer full range of services; generate network traffic; attract new end users
Includes choice of two vertical features-Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) Translation and Call Handling and Destination Offer customized 8XX toll-free service
Is provisioned from CenturyLink Service Control Points Offer a highly reliable service of proven and dependable performers
Ordering via the GET process is easy and fast The GET process provides a nearly retail level of individualized service and ordering.
Connections from CenturyLink's system to the national SMS/800 database have very seldom experienced congestion Modify service quickly usually within 15 minutes


ABC Carrier is initiating local service in several new markets and wants to ensure that its products and services are competitive with those of other local service providers in those markets. Realizing that use of toll-free calling is huge-and growing-the company adds 8XX service to its product line so that its end users can place calls to over 23 million toll-free numbers across the country.



Please contact your Account Representative for information.


CenturyLink 800 Access Service is ordered by completing an Access Service Request (ASR) form.


800 Access Service is provisioned from the SSP switch. An access customer must order service to all end offices within a LATA, and provision, at a minimum, to all access tandems and stand-alone operator switches equipped as SSPs within the LATA(s) in which it desires to have 8XX traffic routed to its Feature Group D or CST3 facilities.

Unless prohibited by technical limitations, 8XX voice or data traffic may, at the option of the customer, be combined in the same trunk group arrangement with the customer's non-8XX Access Service voice or data traffic, or be provisioned on a separate trunk group. When required by technical limitations, or by customer request, a separate trunk group will be established for the service.

Maintenance and Repair

Please contact your Account Representative for information.


The customer's bill reflects all applicable rates and charges for 800 Access Service. The 800 Carrier Identification Charge, POTS Translation, and Call Handling and Destination Feature charges appear under the "Miscellaneous" rate category of the usage bill. There is a breakdown by:

  • Quantity
  • Rate
  • Amount

These rates will appear on the appropriate Feature Group BAN account, depending on the status of the originating end office.

The 800 Carrier Identification Charge and POTS Translations charges are billed on a per call basis. A call is considered passed once the 10-digit translation is completed in the Service Control Point and the call is passed to the access customer.

The POTS Translation charge is billed in addition to the 800 Carrier Identification Charge if CenturyLink is instructed to deliver a POTS number to the access customer.

Call Handling and Destination Feature charges are billed on a per-query basis and applied in addition to the 800 Carrier Identification Charge and POTS Translation charges whether or not the actual 8XX call is delivered to the service provider.

8XX originating traffic is identified as 800 Access Minutes under the Local Transport Facility rate category of the usage bill.

The Percent Interstate Usage (PIU) applied is the PIU the access customer has reported to CenturyLink on the ASR for 800 Access Service. It is updated quarterly.

Meet Point Billing

When more than one access provider is involved in the provision of switched access, the service is Meet Point Billed. The Multiple Exchange Carriers Access Billing Guideline (MECAB) and the Multiple Exchange Carriers Ordering and Design Guidelines (MECOD) are the industry standards all access providers must follow in jointly-provided switched access. Meet Point Billing is on a multiple bill basis.

Each option offers alternative methods of implementation. The 800 Carrier Identification Charge, POTS Translation, and Call Handling and Destination Feature charges are billed by the originating end office access provider to the access customer.


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For questions or additional information, please contact your CenturyLink Account Manager. If you do not know who your CenturyLink Account Manager is, click here for additional information.

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