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Mobile Ethernet Backhaul

CenturyLink Mobile Ethernet Backhaul solutions to support WSPs (Wireless Service Providers) at the cell site

Metro Ethernet Service Features and Benefits

  • Scalable - Service scales in 10 Mbps increments up to 100 and then 100 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps with no upgrades to hardware
  • Simple - Standard familiar interface is widely available and supported by virtually all data equipment vendors
  • Reliable - Core metro meshed network is highly survivable which means piece of mind surrounding unknown events
  • Available - Widely deployed where you want it and fully supported to expand to your needs
  • Versatile - Supports voice, data and video applications to reduce your costs associated with networking overhead
  • Protect Path and Diversity - Provides extra redundancy for your mission critical applications
  • QoS - Ensures high priority data isn't delayed during busy times on the network
  • Performance Reporting and SLAs - Peace of mind that someone dependable is watching the network for you

Metro Ethernet Service Cell Site Traffic Diagram

MOE cell site traffic diagram

EoS Features and Benefits

  • Dedicated private network with 99.999% service level availability in the core (EoS only)
  • CenturyLink to provide two fiber handoff at the cell site (EoS only)
  • Minimize costly upgrades - Standard interface is widely available to meet changing bandwidth needs
  • Simplicity - Simplifies operations and management; reduces equipment costs because you only pay for the bandwidth you need
  • Availability - Offered in most major markets
  • Versatility - Voice, data and video applications

EoS Cell Site Traffic Diagram

E0S cell site traffic diagram

How to Get Started

For more information on CenturyLink Mobile Ethernet Backhaul, please contact your CenturyLink Sales Representative.