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Wholesale SONET Service

Empower your network. Grow your business.

The world is erupting with advancing technologies, naturally drawing customers toward more advanced solutions. CenturyLink is there to meet those needs with solutions like SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) that is designed to meet customer requirements and integrate with a full range of CenturyLink™ services.

Let SONET help your business progress to those advanced solutions. Our SONET services are designed to tailor the service to meet your needs and your business plans. Whether transport of voice, data or video transport is needed, SONET meets those needs.

The following ordering procedures apply to SONET services for Legacy CenturyLink:

  • CenturyLink complies with OBF ASOG ordering guidelines.
  • CenturyLink supports ordering methodology for both SONET Point-to-Point and SONET Rings.
  • If a specific order example is needed for your company, please contact your account manager.
  • NC-NCI Codes
  • End User SONET Requirements