Wholesale: Operation Support Systems

Job Aid Description/Purpose

This job aid provides training on how to effectively use the automated PIC and LPIC verification process. This product will allow you to submit and receive batch files containing requests for PIC/LPIC data on CLEC owned end-user accounts. These batch files will be sent and received in a format called Customer Account Record Exchange (CARE) which is an industry standard for transmission and receipt of data files. In this instance the files will communicate information about the end-user customer to the CLEC.

When you request PIC/LPIC validation from CenturyLink™, the validation takes place electronically and the data requested is returned to you in the CARE format.

Please visit the Electronic Access web page to download the forms required to request batch file processing for PIC/LPIC data access. Please read the instruction before completing the form.


While using this job aid you should be able to:

  • Explain what the PIC LPIC process will accomplish for the user
  • Describe the basic elements of CARE file processing
  • Describe file submission and output options
  • Describe the key format elements of CLEC to CenturyLink input files
  • Describe the key elements of CenturyLink to CLEC output files
  • Explain file acceptance and rejection codes and their use (TCSI Codes)
  • Explain your options in getting assistance with batch processing files


  • Basic Telephony course and/or equivalent industry experience
  • Local CenturyLink 101 "Doing Business with CenturyLink"


The target audience for the job aid is primarily CLECs and External Customers.

How to Obtain

It is not necessary to register to obtain and use this job aid. The training course catalog is available to External Customers and CLECs on the CenturyLink Wholesale Markets Customer Training Web site.

To obtain this job aid, scroll through the Course Catalog until you find the listing "PIC and LPIC Verification Job Aid". Click the link "Click Here to Download".

If you have any questions or comments regarding these training materials, please email Wholesale Markets Training and Development at cptrain@centurylink.com.

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