Wholesale: Operation Support Systems

This web page includes information about Event and Systems Notifications, the latest Events that may be occurring, and other Wholesale Systems Help Desk related information.

Event Notifications

Learn about System Events that have been identified, their business impacts, known workarounds and resolutions.

View Event Notifications

NOTE: This web page is temporarily unavailable. For a list of open event notifications and their current status, please contact cmppma@centurylink.com.

System Notifications

Learn about current or future OSS functional changes that may affect CLECs.

View System Notifications Information

NOTE: This web page is temporarily unavailable. To view the notifications that your company has subscribed to, please utilize the Accessible Notification Repository (ANR) at: https://notices.centurylink.com/. If you need further assistance, please contact your Service Specialist or cmppma@CenturyLink.com..

Information Technologies Wholesale Systems Help Desk (IT-WSHD)

The IT-WSHD supports CLECs that are in production who have questions regarding connectivity issues, outputs, and system outages. They do not support functional ("how to") questions concerning systems or applications. The IT-WSHD serves as your single and first point of contact. If the IT-WSHD is unable to assist you with a question, they will refer the information to the proper subject matter expert (SME) who will contact you directly or pass the resolution information to the IT-WSHD. The Help Desk professional will then call you to provide the information and confirm resolution.

IT-WSHD Telephone Number
(888) 796-9102

IT-WSHD Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 6:00 AM-5:30 PM Mountain (Pager assistance provided 5:30 PM - 7:00 PM)
Saturday 7:00 AM-2:00 PM Mountain

IT-WSHD CenturyLink System Event Notification
Download Instructions for subscribing to CenturyLink System Event Notification.

Download CMP approved Notification Intervals and Severity Levels

Electronic Interface Services Team

The Electronic Interface Services (EIS) Information Technologies Team can be contacted directly for specific questions and issues related to:

  • IMA-XML testing via IMA-SATE
  • IMA XML Release Migration coordination
  • ASOG Release coordination and test files
  • New CLEC implementation to IMA-XML, IMA-SATE, MTG.
  • CLEC questions regarding Unified Order Model (UOM) connectivity for ASOG
The mailbox, EIS.TEAM@centurylink.com, is to be used for only the specific CLEC Coordination responsibilities (as stated above) and should not be used for questions and issues that would normally go to your Service Manager or the Wholesale Helpdesk. This mailbox will be monitored during normal CenturyLink business hours, Monday through Friday.

Last Update: May 7, 2018