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$ 34 95
a month for
12 months
12-month contract required
Speeds up to 10 Mbps
May not be available in your area
Autopay enrollment required
CenturyLink® High-Speed Internet
Included with all Internet orders
Offer Details

Find out what's available in your area:

Connection Speeds up to

1.5 Mbps


Perfect for your basic Internet needs

How fast is 1.5 Mbps?

1.5 Mbps estimated download time for 4MB music file is 8 seconds

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Connection Speeds up to

7 Mbps


The power to take control of your home Internet.

How fast is 7 Mbps?

7 Mbps estimated download time for 4MB music file is 6 seconds

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Connection Speeds up to

25 Mbps

(where available)

Fully powered for virtually any Internet task, work or play.

How fast is 25 Mbps?

25 Mbps estimated download time for 4MB music file is 2 seconds

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Connection Speeds up to

40 Mbps

(where available)

Our ultimate Internet offering

How fast is 40 Mbps?

40 Mbps estimated download time for 4MB music file is 1 seconds

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1.5 Mbps 7 Mbps 25 Mbps 40 Mbps
The Ultimate Start-up gives you the power you need for your internet basics. Ideal for email, web browsing and photo sharing. The power you need to take control. Download and upload faster, stream movies online, video chat and play your favorite online games. Put the full power of the Internet in the palm of your hands. Ideal for real-time gaming, HD video viewing and sharing large files in always-on, multi-user households and powering a home office. Our ultimate heavy duty service brings the ultimate power that can handle virtually any Internet application. Everyone can download, play, stream, create and share anything, anytime.
The perfect choice for:
  • Email
  • Shopping
  • Sharing Photos
  • Web Browsing
The perfect choice for:
  • Music and video streaming
  • Social networking
  • Casual gaming
  • Live video chatting
The perfect choice for:
  • Heavy use, multi-user households
  • Multiplayer online gaming action
  • HD movie downloading and streaming
The perfect choice for:
  • Always-on, households using advanced applications
  • Maximum online gaming and movie viewing performance
Activation Fee Applies Activation Fee Applies Activation Fee Applies Activation Fee Applies
Cost to Install
Self Install
Cost to Install
Self Install
Cost to Install
Self Install
Cost to Install
Self Install
Find out what's available in your area:

With any CenturyLink™ High-Speed Internet plan you can add:

Our Suite of backup and support services. Select from customizable levels of increased backup space, upgraded security/options, PC tune ups and discounted or free in-person support.

24x7 Technical Support

Our convenient support team can assist you any time of day, even on weekends.

Easy Installation

You can do it yourself in less than 30 minutes with our FREE self-installation kit, or if you want, we can do it for you.

Your CenturyLink™ Homepage

CenturyLink gives you the power to control the web with — a CenturyLink homepage which allows you to customize your Internet how you want, an email service that keeps all your information and accounts in one location - no more jumping around - and Power-up Packs that provide VIP access to premium content services for a great value.

Watch TV Online with Centurylink™ Internet

Watch full TV shows & clips from over 250 networks & providers without leaving the Centurylink portal, all for free. Includes shows from NBC, ABC, FOX, USA, Bravo, FX, Comedy Central, E! and many more.

Your CenturyLink Homepage and Email

Your CenturyLink Homepage

The power of the Internet contained in a single page.

  • All of your email accounts in one place, so you don't have to jump around.
  • FREE customizable home page so you can have the Internet you want, including news, weather, sports and entertainment.
  • Google search and the ability to localize information to make the Internet yours.


Powerful email service that gives you control over everything in one place.

  • Webmail that is accessible anytime and anywhere you are online.
  • Customizable features bring all of your email destinations to your page just the way you like.
  • All of the features offered in existing email programs (such as Outlook).
  • FREE Email accounts

Watch TV Online

Catch your favorite shows through the Power of CenturyLink.

  • Watch full TV shows & clips
  • Over 250 networks & providers
  • One convenient portal location
  • All for Free with subscription to CenturyLink High-Speed Internet
  • Includes shows from NBC, ABC, FOX, USA, Bravo, FX, Comedy Central, E! and many more

Power-Up Packs

Power up your entertainment with VIP access to premium content services for a great value

  • Variety Package: The best providers of sports, greetings, learning and more
    • 30-Day Free Trial
    • $9.99/mo. Variety Package retails for over $40/mo.
  • Learning Package: An incredible deal on educational sites geared at pre-K through high school
    • 30-Day Free Trial
    • $9.99/mo. Learning Package retails for over $59/mo.



We made it easy to install your CenturyLink™ High-Speed Internet yourself. Well send you a modem and you can be up and running in 30 minutes. If you need further help, we're always here to support you 24 hours a day.

How long does the self-install take?

It should take you about 20-30 minutes. Exactly how long will depend on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) you pick when you order your service, your computer's operating system, and other applications you use on your computer.

What does it take to do the self-install?

You will have to plug a few cables into your computer and modem. If you're not comfortable with connecting cables, you might want to have a CenturyLink technician do your install.

Technician Installation

When you place your order, you can choose to have a trained CenturyLink Technician install your High Speed Internet service. Having a CenturyLink technician do your install will cost extra.

Do I have to be home for a CenturyLink technician do my install?

Yes, someone at least 18 years old has to be there to let them in and give them access to your computer. This person will also have to sign the work request/invoice once the installation is finished. Before showing up, the technician will contact you to set up a time that's good for you.

Will the technician deliver my modem?

Yes, the CenturyLink technician will bring your modem (and any other equipment you ordered) with them when they show up.

What does a CenturyLink technician install include?

Installation includes:

  • Hooking up any necessary phone filters
  • Setting up your modem to work with your service*
  • Setting up your primary e-mail account*
  • Making sure you're able to surf the Internet*

*Available to new CenturyLink™ High-Speed Internet subscribers

Find out what's available in your area:

CenturyLink™ High-Speed Internet Modems

Advanced Networking Modem

info graphic of wireless

Lease options starting at $6.99/mo.

Our Advanced Wireless Networking Modem gives you:

  • Fast data speeds to virtually any room in your home.
  • Built-in, wireless router lets you share high-speed Internet access, files and printers among five computers at the same time.
  • Always-on wireless security
  • Windows and Mac compatible.

How to Order

If you currently have CenturyLink™ High-Speed Internet service, just login into your MyAccount and you can order a new modem online. If you're new to CenturyLink High-Speed Internet, you'll choose your modem when you add Internet service to your shopping cart.

Wireless Adapters for Your Computer

CenturyLink™ Wireless Adapter

info graphic of usb adaptor

Make your PC wireless

Buy them for $39.95 each

Plug in this adapter and turn on your computer it automatically shows you what networks are around, so you can wirelessly access your home network or other public wireless networks. These are only for PC users; they are not made for Macs.

broadband from CenturyLink™ pure performance pure guarantee all high-speed internet. no phone line required. 30 day satisfaction guarantee.