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Document Review

Document review is the process of highlighting changes from one version to the next. The Document Review gives CLEC customers a formal way to review proposed changes and comment on them within the appropriate comment period. It also gives Qwest a streamlined way to receive, track and respond to customer feedback.

Document Review Process

  • Posting Of Documents For Review - Documents are posted to the Document Review section (see below) for viewing prior to the beginning of the CLEC comment cycle. For specific directions on how to complete the Document Review Process, click here.

  • Archiving Documents Following Close of CLEC Comment Cycle - Once the comment cycle closes, documents are moved the either the Product/Process Document Review Archive or the Systems Document Review Archive. This activity will take place on the next business day following the comment cycle close.

  • Posting of Qwest Responses to CLEC Comments - When CLEC comments are received on a specific document that was in review, Qwest will provide a written response (per the CMP guidelines.) Those responses will be posted on either the Product/Process Document Review Archive or the Systems Document Review Archive, depending on original category of Document Review. These responses will be found in the Comment/Response bracket of the specific document review material.
Category Product
Notification Number PROD.INTE.10.31.14.F.12900.UBL_Updt_Addendum_MN_Only
Announcement Date 10/31/14
Subject Level 3 - Unbundled Loop Updates Associated with ICA Addendum-Minnesota Only
Customer Feedback Due 11/15/14
Comment/ Response Submit Comments
Category Web
Notification Number WEBS.ANNC.10.27.14.F.12896.CustQuestnaire_CallCmpltn
Announcement Date 10/27/14
Subject Level 2 - Customer Questionnaire Updates - Call Completion
Document Customer Questionnaire Call Completion Updates
Customer Feedback Due 11/03/14
Comment/ Response Submit Comments
Category Process
Notification Number PROS.CNTS.10.17.14.F.12865.Customer_Contacts_V128
Announcement Date 10/17/14
Subject Level 3 - Wholesale Customer Contacts V128.0
Customer Feedback Due 11/01/14
Comment/ Response Submit Comments