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These documents were once posted for review on the Document Review Site and were moved to this archive at the close of the review period.

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Category Process
Notification Number PROS.PROV.06.22.17.F.15699.Prov_and_Install_V168
Announcement Date 06/22/17
Subject Level 1 - Provisioning and Installation Overview - V168.0
Document Provisioning and Installation Overview - V168.0
Category Product
Notification Number PROD.RESL.06.08.17.F.15645.Resale_OWS_V10_GeoMax_V20
Announcement Date 06/08/17
Subject Level 1 - Resale Optical Wavelength Service - V10.0 and Resale Private Line Transport (PLT) - GeoMax
Category Product
Notification Number PROD.RESL.06.05.17.F.15620.Grandfather_Centrex_Prods
Announcement Date 06/05/17
Subject Level 4 - Grandfather Centrex Products
Customer Feedback Due 06/20/17
Category Process
Notification Number PROS.MISC.06.01.17.F.15638.Expedites_Escalations_V66
Announcement Date 06/01/17
Subject Level 1 - Expedites and Escalations Overview - V66.0
Document Expedites and Escalations Overview - V66.0