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CenturyLink | See Prism TV Features for DVR, Apps, Search & More.

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Your Shows,
Any Way You Like
  • Prism TV packages include
    Whole-Home DVR and HD channels
  • Bundle with CenturyLink High-Speed
    Internet for maximum entertainment
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Intuitive. Interactive. Incredibly Advanced.

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Prism® TV puts you in control of your TV experience.

Watch from virtually anywhere in your home.

Prism® TV Whole Home DVR

Watch and record multiple shows at once with 1 DVR.

Prism® TV’s Whole Home DVR allows you to watch and record multiple shows at once with a single DVR. You can start a recorded show in one room, pause it, and finish in another room. Plus, you can even pause live TV from any room in your home.

Learn More about Whole Home DVR »

Wireless Set-Top Box

Living room. Bedroom. Backyard.
Put your TV wherever you want.

Finally you’re free to set up your TV and watch it virtually anywhere – even in the backyard. So go ahead, design your rooms however you like.

Requires power and connection to TV; range of wireless signal is limited.

Prism on the Go

Watch TV anywhere and on any device.

Prism on the Go lets you watch what you want, when you want, on any device you want. Set your DVR remotely and access To-Go channels like HBO GO®, MAX GO®, SHOWTIME ANYTIME®, STARZ® Play, plus Prism On Demand.

Certain channel subscriptions required to view.

Discover 3 new ways to search.

Find-It-Fast Navigation®

Actor. Title. Director. Pick one and it’ll find it.

Find exactly what you want to watch three different ways – by actor, title and even director. So all you have to do is type in what you’re looking for and the shows will pop up.


4 shows. 1 screen.

Keep an eye on four different shows in a specific genre – all on one screen – at one time. Tune in to things like news, sports and children’s shows with just the click of your remote.

Warp-Speed Channel Change

Fly through channels with virtually
no lag time.

Have you ever had to wait for your TV to catch up to your remote? Well, with Warp-Speed Channel Change that’s not an issue anymore. Now, lag never gets between you and your shows.

Get interactive features you control.

App Center

Your smartphone
has competition.

With the Prism App Center, you can access all your favorite social networking sites like Yahoo! Sports and Twitter. And that's just the beginning. Check local news, sports, weather and gas prices, find recipes, read your horoscope and even play games – right from your TV!

Last 5

Flip to the last 5 channels in a click.

This feature lets you get to the last five channels you watched, fast. It makes channel surfing easier and, if you’re a sports fan, it’s great for flipping between games – all with the push of a button.

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