Small Business support

Turning Barge In on and off for a user

As an administrator, you can allow users to barge in on a call in progress, creating a three-way call among the parties. Off is the default setting for this feature. 

To turn Barge In on and off:
  1. Click the Numbers tab.
  1. On the row of the number you want to edit, click Actions > Edit User Features.
  1. Click the Barge In tab.
  1. Do one of the following:

    • To turn Barge In off, deselect the Do Not Allow Users to Barge-in checkbox.

    • To turn Barge In on, select the Do Not Allow Users to Barge-in checkbox, then to hear a tone when someone barges in, select the Play warning tone to user when someone barges in checkbox.
  1. Click Save.