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CenturyLink SIMPLE™ Digital Phone support

CenturyLink SIMPLE Digital Phone customers are moving to Connected Voice. See FAQs here.

With your SIMPLE Digital Phone service, users and administrators can manage calls and other tools. Most users will have end user access. One person in your company will have administrator access to manage users and global settings.

SIMPLE™ User portal

You'll see these tabs in the SIMPLE user portal:

  • Voicemail — After you log in, this is the first page you see. You can manage the many features of your voicemail such as setting it up, recording greetings, listening to, organizing, deleting, and forwarding messages, plus lots more.

  • Call History — View the call history of all your calls or just the missed ones.

  • Call Settings — Select from a variety of features such as Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and many more.

  • Directory — View or export a list of phone numbers for your colleague and groups.

  • My Apps — Download a shortcut to the portal to your computer and mobile device.

Get an overview of SIMPLE Digital Phone and learn how to set up your phone - Download the SIMPLE Welcome Guide.

User guides for basic functions

Cisco 6800-series IP phone
How-to guide for using your phone.


Using My Account
General tips for using the portal to manage all the customer’s sites.


Voice Portal
Manage your voice mailbox and record Auto Attendant greetings from any telephone.


Voice Portal Menu Tree
Quick reference for voice commands.


Push to Talk
Find out how to turn your phone into an intercom.


Call Forwarding
Route calls to a desired location depending on certain criteria.


Call Waiting
Put your current call on hold to answer a different incoming call.

SIMPLE™ Administrator portal

As a SIMPLE Administrator, you can use these tabs to manage the service for your organization:

  • Dashboard — After you log in, this is the page you see; it has links to the tasks you do most frequently. In addition, it shows the number of open orders, stations  available and used, services, and numbers available and used.

  • Numbers — See a list of your phone numbers and important information associated with each one such as station, extension, device, MAC address, name the number is assigned to, site, country, PSTN provider, and location code.

  • Devices — See a list of your devices and important information associated with them such as MAC address, username, available lines, site, and country.

  • Users — See a list of users and the name, number, extension, station, device, and site for each one. You can edit user information, reset passwords and voicemail PINs, and remove users from the list.

  • Advanced Services — Manage Auto Attendants and hunt groups from here.

  • Analytics — See details about the activities associated with specific numbers and types of calls; use the data to generate reports. 

  • Reports — Run reports on Auto Attendant and queue statistics from this tab.

  • Profile — Keep your contact information up to date here. In addition, you can see a list of numbers and write notes that your team can check.

Using My Site
General use tips for using the portal to manage a specific site.


Auto Attendant
Create a professional first impression with auto attendant.


Find out how to route calls based on day of week and/or time of day.


Feature Access Codes
Control the configuration of certain calling features.


Music on Hold
Customize the music your callers listen to when on hold.


Alternate Numbers
Make multiple numbers ring into the same phone.


Monitoring (Busy Lamp)
Check the line status (e.g., active or inactive) of other phones through the additional line keys on their phone.


Phone and User Assignments
Review the foundation for all other service setup components of the BroadCloud PBX service.


Call Center
Create sharing resources across a team of people to achieve a common goal, or perform a common task.


Call Queue
Temporarily hold calls in the cloud.


Group Paging
Set up a one-way call to a group of up to 75 target users by dialing a number or extension.


Inbound/Outbound Calling Plans
Manage your inbound and outbound calling plans for each site and user.


Lead Numbers
Make immediate changes to lead numbers that access various calling features.

Learn how to allow users to receive, place and see status of calls from another user’s line.


Simultaneous Ring
A mobility solution that lets you designate a single phone number for all incoming calls.


Unified Messaging
Access your voicemails and faxes via multiple options beyond direct phone access.


Feature Access Codes Table Guide
See a handy table to help you to create “star codes” to control certain calling features.

Frequently asked questions about SIMPLE™

How many SIMPLE Digital Phone lines can I order?

SIMPLE Digital Phone uses voice over IP (VoIP) technology so the quantity of lines you can order depends on the internet speeds available at your location:

  • 50–74Mbps = 2 lines
  • 75–99Mbps = 5 lines
  • >100Mbps = 10 lines

What information is required to order a SIMPLE Digital Phone?

You will need the following information to complete your order:

  • Number of lines
  • Number of IP phones or analog terminal adapters
  • Phone numbers you wish to port
  • Letter of agency (permission to port)
  • Directory listing information
  • Credit card number

Will I get an invoice each month?

No. SIMPLE Digital Phone is pre-paid, so you will not receive a bill. Instead, your monthly charges will be listed on the credit card statement used to place the order.

How is the tax calculated on each order?

Your taxes are calculated based on the service address and the full purchase price of any equipment ordered regardless of whether the equipment is paid in full or on installments.

How do I update the credit card on my account?

To avoid interruption to your service, remember to update your credit card prior to its expiration date. You can update your credit card information by logging in to your MySimple account at, click the Manage Payment tab, then click Update My Payment Method.

What features are included with SIMPLE Digital Phone?

SIMPLE Digital Phone orders include a line package with a phone number, unlimited local and domestic long-distance calls, advanced calling features such as Remote Office, Call Forwarding, simultaneous ring, unified messaging, and access to the UC-One Carrier soft client. It also includes an Auto Attendant, hunt group, and access to the voicemail portal.

What features are available with the UC-One Carrier soft client?

UC-One Carrier soft client can be used with desktop or mobile phones and can be used in place of or in addition to a desktop IP phone. Call settings such as forwarding, simultaneous ring, mobility, and unified messaging can be accessed and controlled with the client. UC-One Carrier soft client also includes instant messaging, presence, file sharing, and click to call capabilities. Audio and web meeting capabilities are included using the MyRoom feature.

Can I add or remove SIMPLE Digital Phone lines and equipment?

You can add between two and 10 digital phone lines. The maximum number of lines depends on the amount of bandwidth you have. You can remove digital phone lines after you add them, but you cannot get a refund on previously purchased equipment.

You can order additional equipment with new lines as needed. Make changes online at or by calling a CenturyLink sales agent at 877-908-0258 or 877-261-1229.

Can I make international calls with my SIMPLE Digital Phone?

International, operator assisted, or directory assistance calls are not available at this time.

Can I have a toll-free number with my SIMPLE Digital Phone?

Toll-free calling is not available at this time.

How do I manage my phones and unified messaging?

You can manage your  service by logging into the MySimple portal, then click the Manage My Digital Voice link. You will need to use Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari web browsers. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported.

What features can I manage through the MySimple portal?

As an administrator, you can assign users to phones, activate soft client access, reset user passwords, and modify calling features available to users. You can also set up Auto Attendant, hunt group, and Call Forwarding.

Where can I find directions on how to use the MySimple portal and my phone’s features?

You can search help articles or browse topics on this site.

What phones can I use with the SIMPLE Digital Phone service?

The Cisco 6841 multi-protocol IP phone.

Do I always have to buy the IP phone or is a lease available?

You must purchase the phone; however, you can set up a payment plan to pay for it over a 12-month period.

Can I use my own IP phone?

Yes, as long as it’s the Cisco 6841 multi-protocol IP phone. If you do use your own phone, you will need to maintain it and troubleshoot issues that arise. We are unable to assist with phones not provided by CenturyLink.

What are analog termination adapters (ATA)?

An ATA is used if you have an analog phone or fax machine.

ATAs don’t support digital handsets or PBXs such as AVAYA, Nortel, or Siemens.

How do I change the date my number is scheduled to port?

If you need to change your porting date, call us at 855-344-0134.

How do I return equipment for repair or when I cancel my service?

For instructions on how to return equipment or to service it, call us at 855-344-0134.

Where do I find the mobile version of the UC-One Carrier soft client?

You can download the UC-One Carrier soft client app from the Apple App or Google Play store.

Where can I get help configuring SIMPLE Digital Phone service features or devices?

Get support from Broadsoft:

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