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CenturyLink SIMPLE™ Digital Phone support

With your SIMPLE Digital Phone service, administrators can manage calls from your customers and much more. From the administrator portal, you can set up messages for callers to hear, route calls so they get answered as quickly as possible, assign phone numbers to your employees, manage their calling features, view analytics data, and run reports. Use the notes feature to keep your team up to date.

Exploring the SIMPLE Digital Phone portal

Use these tabs to manage your service:
  • Dashboard—after you log in, this is the page you see; it has links to the tasks you do most frequently. In addition, it shows the number of open orders, stations  available and used, services, and numbers available and used.
  • Numbers—shows a list of your phone numbers and important information associated with each one such as station, extension, device, MAC address, name the number is assigned to, site, country, PSTN provider, and location code.
  • Devices—shows a list of your devices and important information associated with them such as MAC address, username, available lines, site, and country.
  • Users—shows a list of users and the name, number, extension, station, device, and site for each one. You can edit user information, reset passwords and voicemail PINs, and remove users from the list.
  • Advanced Services—you can manage Auto Attendants and hunt groups from here.
  • Analytics—see details about the activities associated with specific numbers and types of calls; use the data to generate reports. 
  • Reports—you can run reports on Auto Attendant and  queue statistics from this tab.
  • Profile—keep your contact information up to date here. In addition, you can see a list of numbers and write notes that your team can check.

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