Turn Push To Talk on and off for a user

With the Push To Talk feature, a phone can be used as an intercom to directly contact another extension. As a SIMPLE administrator, you turn the feature on and off for users.

To allow users to use their phone as an intercom, you'll need to turn the feature on.

To turn Push To Talk on or off:

  1. Click the Push To Talk tab.

5. Change the Push To Talk toggle to "on."

  1. Click Save.
  1. To choose the connection type, do one of the following:

    • If an extension can only receive the radio message, select the One-Way radio button.

    • If an extension can receive and reply to the radio message, select the Two-Way radio button. In our example, we selected two-way.
  1. From the Approved Users list, select whether users are approved or blocked, then click the Find and assign field to select users to add to the list of approved or blocked users. In our example, we approved users.

9. Click Save. To turn Push To Talk off, go back to the toggle button and click it to "off."

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