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Collocation - Joint Inventory Visit Process Overview - V4.0

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Collocation Joint Inventory Visit allows a CLEC to request a comprehensive visit with CenturyLink™ at an existing central office collocation site. The purpose of this joint inventory visit is to review space, power, terminations, synchronization, administrative lines, virtual equipment, common area splitter, AC outlets, and to verify billable rate elements versus actual billing.

There will be no time allocated during the visit for testing or repairing items identified. The Joint Inventory Visit Process excludes physical review of the entrance facility POI location. Inventory will be documented and any deviations identified on a "Collocation-Joint Inventory Visit Form." This form will become the basis for a follow-up corrective action plan based on mutual agreement. A copy will be provided prior to the wrap-up conference call.

Terms and Conditions

This process will require an amendment to your Interconnect Agreement prior to placing an order.

The Joint Inventory Visit is available for any central office premise type of collocation.

The Joint Inventory Visit quote will be communicated from the CenturyLink Service Delivery Coordinator via email to the CLEC and followed by an invoice requiring 100% payment. Quotes are sustainable upon receipt since the shortened timeframe requires immediate processing by CenturyLink.

The visits will be conducted during normal business hours defined as: Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm local time excluding CenturyLink recognized holidays.

The CenturyLink employee conducting the visit will be a knowledgeable management employee. The CenturyLink representative will be identified by the Network Project Manager whose name is contained in your acceptance letter.

The overall process for a Joint Inventory Visit-Collocation will be 60 calendar days from receipt of a valid and complete application to completion of the Joint Inventory Visit, subject to scheduling availability of both CenturyLink and the CLEC.

A maximum of two scheduling visits will be planned subject to a minimum 48-hour cancellation policy. Any cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled Joint Inventory Visit time or failure to conduct the visit by the CLEC will result in you being billed and no deliverables received.

Rate Elements

The pricing for this process is a standard nonrecurring charge as identified in the amendment based on the applicable State's rate.


You must submit a "Joint Inventory Visit Application" to order a Collocation - Joint Inventory Visit. The Joint Inventory Visit Application is available in the Collocation - General Information PCAT, Applications and Alternate Point of Termination (APOT) forms section.

Each site requested will require a separate application form. This is defined as each eleven- digit CLLI code location.

You will receive an email acknowledgment of your application receipt and validation or feedback on any information requiring clarification within one business day.


The CLEC will initiate a Joint Inventory Visit request by submission of an application titled "Joint Inventory Visit Application" located in the Collocation - General Information PCAT, Applications and Alternate Point of Termination (APOT) forms section.

The collocation application must be complete and accurate before it will be accepted as a valid application. A quote will be issued by CenturyLink within two business days of receipt of the application. The Quote will need to be accepted by CLEC and payment of the invoice made before the visit is scheduled. The application will be forwarded for processing to the collocation engineering team and appropriate documentation will be prepared to complete an initial inventory package consisting of APOT, Collocation Joint Inventory Form and floor plans. This package will be forwarded to the Network Project Manager, for the purpose of scheduling the joint inventory visit. A Network Project Manager will contact the CLEC and jointly schedule the joint inventory visit within two weeks of receipt of the package. The joint inventory visit will then be conducted. The APOT information, and the Collocation-Joint Inventory Visit Form will be reviewed and all discrepancies noted during the visit. A copy of this information will be reviewed with the CLEC during the visit. This entire process including the CenturyLink initiated Collocation results conference call should take approximately 60 calendar days depending upon the timely availability of the CLEC.

The final review conference call will be conducted between the CLEC and CenturyLink representatives to discuss the findings. Prior to this call, the completed Joint Inventory Visit Form will be furnished to the CLEC along with any other billing information and/or APOT as required. Subsequent timeframes will be determined based on the action plan, if required.

Your Service Manager will resolve any identified billing discrepancies subsequent to the conference call. All records will be updated and a current APOT will be reissued.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Last Update: February 27, 2017