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Interconnection Agreement - V79.0

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A Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) or Reseller may elect the Negotiations Template Agreement "as is" by submitting an Agreement Request Form. The request should identify the state(s) in which an Agreement is required. Contact CenturyLink's Manager Interconnection Agreements by email at intagree@lumen.com to identify needed information regarding contractual requirements.

A CLEC or Reseller may use the Negotiations Template Agreement to serve as the starting point for negotiations for an Interconnection Agreement. A CLEC or Reseller may propose modifications by using red line format to identify and track any requested changes. A CLEC or Reseller should submit the proposed modifications to CenturyLink when beginning the negotiation process. Contact the Manager - Interconnection Agreements to begin negotiations.

CenturyLink will create the Interconnection Agreement with a Customer specific tracking number. The Agreement will be sent electronically for your review and signature. If you choose to sign electronically, upon completion, the document will then automatically be forwarded to CenturyLink for electronic execution. You will be sent, via email, a fully executed electronic document upon CenturyLink's execution. The fully executed electronic Agreement will be filed at the appropriate state commission. If you prefer to sign a hard copy, please print and sign and date three (3) original signature pages and return them to CenturyLink. CenturyLink will execute all three (3) originals. One original will be returned to you via the mail, one will be kept by CenturyLink, and the third original will be filed with the appropriate state commission.

You can access the "SGAT Reference Documents" via the Quick Links.

If you are a current CLEC or Reseller and would like to amend your existing agreement and the item you wish to amend your contract with is in the Negotiations Template Agreement, contact your CenturyLink Carrier Account Manager (CAM) with this request and also complete the appropriate new product questionnaire. There are also additional products and services with generic amendments on the Amendments page.

Triennial Review Order (TRO) and Triennial Review Remand Order (TRRO) Amendment is a requirement to enter into any Wholesale Commercial Agreement with CenturyLink. Find the Amendments link on the "Quick Links" at the top right of the page for review.

All document requests must be provided to:

E-mail intagree@lumen.com

For questions unrelated to CenturyLink's Wholesale Interconnection products and services, call 800-899-7780. You may also refer to Wholesale Customer Contact for additional Wholesale Customer Contacts within CenturyLink.

Last Update: January 18, 2023