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Directory Assistance - V3.0

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Product Description

CenturyLink Directory Assistance (DA) 6 Call Allowance is a feature only available with CenturyLink Choice™ Home, CenturyLink Choice™ Home Plus or CenturyLink Choice™ Business packages. CenturyLink DA assists CLEC end-users in obtaining local, intra Local Access and Transport Area (intraLATA), and national listing information. DA provides this information to end-users on behalf of the CLEC, when their end-user dials 411, 1-411, or as determined by the CLEC's selected dialing pattern. CenturyLink will accept a maximum of two telephone number requests per call from the CLEC end user.


Directory Assistance is only available with CenturyLink Choice Home, CenturyLink Choice Home Plus or CenturyLink Choice Business

Directory Assistance Service is available where facilities exist throughout CenturyLink QC


General pre-ordering activities are described in the Pre-Ordering Overview.


Retail rates for this feature can be found in the CenturyLink Choice Home or CenturyLink Choice Business state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.


Ordering Rules

General ordering activities are described in the Ordering Overview.

Feature Activity Types (Action Codes)

The valid Feature Activity Types are:

  • D = Disconnect
  • N = Add

NOTE: When changing from one feature to another, use N and D Feature Activity Types. Feature Codes (USOCs)

The Directory Assistance USOC of D7V6X must be combined with one of the following package USOCs:

  • CenturyLink Choice Home: PGORA or PGORB
  • CenturyLink Choice Business: PGOBA OR PGOBD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the monthly DA call allowance?
Customers selecting this option within either the CenturyLink Choice Home or CenturyLink Choice Business package will receive 6 free DA calls per month.

The state I reside in has a monthly free-call allowance for DA, are my 6 free calls in addition to that number?
Yes, The 6 free DA calls are in addition to any state DA free-call allowance.

Are DA calls made by dialing NPA-555-1212 included?
No, eligible calls are only those made by dialing 411 or 1-411. CenturyLink, however, has local, national and 800 in its DA database so numbers can be provided for these type of requests.

When a customer selects a 2-line package, can DA calls be made from either line?
Yes, the customer may use their call allowance from either line.

Last Update: August 8, 2011