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Poles/Innerduct Licensing Process and Agreements - Local Network - V4.0

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Access to Poles and Ducts provides you with the ability to attach facilities to CenturyLink™ owned or controlled poles and ducts in order to provide telecommunications services.

Pole Attachment provides you access to available pole space to place aerial facilities that transmit telecommunications services.

Duct/conduit occupancy provides you space in innerduct for the purpose of placing underground facilities. Descriptions of duct/conduit, innerduct and microduct are as follows:

  • Duct/conduit provides a single, enclosed raceway used for conductors, cable and/or wire, including riser conduit between floors in a building. The duct/conduit may be buried in the ground, may follow streets, bridges, public or private Rights of Way (ROW), and/or may be located in a portion of a multiunit building.

  • Innerduct is a duct-like raceway smaller than the duct/conduit into which it is inserted. Innerduct is pulled into a duct/conduit so that the duct/conduit may typically carry three Innerducts. Usually, one 4 inch duct/conduit accepts three 1� inch innerducts with one fiber cable per innerduct.

  • Microduct technology is an alternative to innerduct technology. Microduct is placed inside an innerduct. Available duct capacity is increased since up to four microducts can be placed within an innerduct.

All inquiries received will be reviewed for eligibility. Permission will be granted on a first-come, first-serve basis where space or access is available and on the terms and conditions set forth in the appropriate agreement pertaining to "Poles/Innerduct".

Requests, except those for pole attachments in Utah, from entities identified in 47 U.S.C. Section 224, such as non-CLEC Telecom providers or cable companies, will use: License Agreement for Poles/Innerduct Pursuant to 47 U.S.C. Section 224.

Requests for pole attachments from entities in Utah identified in 47 U.S.C. Section 224, such as non-CLEC Telecom providers or cable companies, will use: Utah Pole Attachment Agreement.

Requests from entities such as utility companies and State and Local Governments will use Commercial License Agreement for Poles/Innerduct.

NOTE: If you are a registered CLEC in the state where you seek attachment or occupancy, you must use the following link: http://www.centurylink.com/wholesale/pcat/interconnection.html.

Below you will find the CenturyLink License Agreements and forms for Poles/Innerduct for Non-CLECs. After the license agreement has been reviewed and signed by both parties, request for access to poles and ducts shall be processed by use of the applicable form.

Form 1, Records Inquiry: This form initiates the request for availability of space in ducts or on CenturyLink poles.

  1. For Duct and Innerduct inquiries: CenturyLink will provide a drawing of the requested route, and a quote of the charges for field verification.
  2. For Poles: CenturyLink will provide the name and telephone number of the Field Engineer. LICENSEE should contact the CenturyLink Field engineer to make arrangements for field verification.

Form 2, Field Verification: The form will be used for CenturyLink to respond to the licensee's request for field verification.

Form 3, Attachment/Occupancy Order: Upon acceptance of the records inquiry and associated fees, Form 3 provides detail of make ready costs work and associated costs. By signing this form, licensee indicates their desire for CenturyLink to proceed with the make ready work.

Form 4, Pulling in Report: This form is to be completed by the licensee when fiber cable is placed into innerduct.

Form 5, Notification of Surrender or Modification of Conduit Occupancy Order by Licensee: This form provides notice that the licenses covering occupancy of ducts are surrendered or modified.

Form 6, Notification of Surrender or Modification of Pole Attachment Order by Licensee: This form provides notice that the licenses covering occupancy of poles are surrendered or modified.

To initiate the process for requesting attachment/access, please download, complete and email the license agreement to: wholesale.servicesupportteam@centurylink.com

Any questions or concerns may be emailed to wholesale.servicesupportteam@centurylink.com

Last Update: March 12, 2012