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Interconnect Mediated Access
Graphical User Interface (IMA GUI)

Listed below, find a variety of documentation designed to make your IMA GUI implementation and use easier and more efficient. CenturyLink is also pleased to provide IMA users a number of instructor led and web based training options. Please see the CenturyLink Training Course Catalog for class listings and registration.


View the latest versions of the IMA GUI user documents below. Click here to view IMA archived documentation.

CLEC System Administrator's Guide

Learn about CLEC system administrator's tasks, such as creating and managing CLEC users' accounts.
Download and view the CLEC System Administrator's Guide.

Connection Guide

This guide details how to connect to IMA using a digital certificate.
Download and view the Connection Guide.

Facility Based Directory Listings Corrective Procedures and Confirmation/Error Codes

This guide assists CLECs and ILECs in confirming and correcting submitted directory listings. This guide is located on the IMA XML Wholesale page.
Access the IMA XML Wholesale Page.

Facility Based Directory Listings Guide

This guide provides instructions for facility based CLECs using IMA to send listing orders to the Listings Operation Center or to reestablish listings in the listing system.
Download and view the Facility Based Directory Listings Guide.

User's Guide

CLECs learn how to prepare, submit, and follow up on local service requests (LSRs).
Download and view the User's Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding IMA GUI

Click on the link below to download and view questions and answers frequently asked by IMA users. Please also see the IMA XML FAQs for additional information.

Last Update: September 11, 2023