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White Pages Directory Listings - V62.0

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Product Description

White Pages Directory Listings service consists of CenturyLink™ placing the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of your end-users in CenturyLink's listing database and providing such listings to Dex and to other white pages directory publishers for the purpose of publishing the listings in the white page directories. These listings are based upon information you provide to CenturyLink.

Wholesale White Pages Directory Listings service is available to the following:

  • Reseller Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs)
  • Facility-Based CLECs

You will receive one Primary listing for each main telephone number belonging to your end-users at no charge. A courtesy yellow page appearance in the Dex® Yellow Pages (Dex® is the trademark of the R. H. Donnelly Company) is included with each primary business listing. NOTE: The courtesy appearance is included in the Dex on-line directory and may be included in a printed directory at the discretion of Dex. Premium and Privacy Listings (e.g., additional, foreign, cross-reference, non-published, etc.) will be provided at rates identified in applicable state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists less the applicable wholesale discount. For Centrex Plus/Centron accounts, each end-user's Primary or Main station line receives one free Listing (Universal Service Order Codes (USOCs) = JUL, JUF, or LBS). The Directory Listing Section of the various state tariff documents provide detailed descriptions of the listing service.

Your end-user listing information supplied by you to CenturyLink will be included in CenturyLink's Directory Assistance (DA) databases and will be provided to other DA providers with the exception of Non Published telephone numbers.

End-user listings will also be made available to directory publishers and other third parties based upon the terms identified in your written authorization for the use and dissemination of such listings.

CenturyLink will take steps to ensure that your end-user listings information is non-discriminatory in appearance and is integrated into the appropriate white page directories.  Dex establishes and maintains white page directories.  Directory publication decisions (e.g. how directories are scoped, which communities to include in each directory and whether to interfile or sectionalize listings) is the responsibility of Dex.

Dex will provide your end-users with directories upon receipt of an order establishing new local exchange telephone service

Dex no longer provides annual mass distribution of White Page directories in all states. The following table lists the CenturyLink states that only provide a White Page directory upon request. It also identifies the remaining states and the planned effective date where this delivery process is to be implemented:

State Effective Date of Printed White Page Directory Delivery Change
Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming 2016
Arizona and Minnesota February 2017
Iowa June 2017
Montana January 2018
Nebraska October 2017

NOTE: Customers may still obtain a print copy of their local directory at no charge by calling Dex.

Dex contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts.

In order that you may ensure your end-users' listings are included accurately in CenturyLink's listings database, CenturyLink provides access to your listings information as it appears in CenturyLink's listings database. Providing your listing information to you gives you an opportunity to ensure your end-user listings were completed as ordered. Listing Order confirmation services include:


White Pages Directory Listings service is available throughout the CenturyLink QC. Occasionally, business rules may be slightly different for a state. Differences, where applicable, are identified in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists and listings Training documents.

Not all CenturyLink products include White Pages Directory Listings. For information regarding whether the product you ordered includes White Pages Directory Listings, refer to CenturyLink Wholesale Products and Services. If the product you ordered does not include White Pages Directory Listings, you may order them on a stand alone basis as described in this document as Facility-Based Directory Listings (FBDL).

Terms and Conditions

For details and descriptions of listings options and types see the applicable CenturyLink retail Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists. All listings options and types available to CenturyLink retail end-users are available to CLECs.

FBDL is a product for Facility-Based CLECs who want their end-user listings on the CenturyLink Directory Assistance database and available to other 3rd Party DA providers and directory publishers. Specific ordering guidelines are provided in the "Ordering" Section of this document.

Dex provides white pages directory publishing schedules and deadlines upon request.

It may be necessary for CenturyLink to ask for a copy of your end-user's business license to validate that their name is listed correctly. The business license must be valid in the state(s) in which the end-user's listing will appear or we will not be able to accept the listing.

Listings Types Include:

  • Primary or Main Listing includes the name(s), address (listed and premises address where service is located), and the telephone number of the exchange access line service for each end-user.
  • Premium Listings examples include:

    Premium Listings Description
    Additional Listing A listing that is in addition to the primary listing provided for exchange access line service. It is provided in the same directory as the primary listing. Additional Listing – Wireless/Cellular Services: The listing format must be Straight-line Under/Indent (SLU) or caption (see listing formats below).
    Alpha Telephone Number Listing An additional listing provided with an alphabetic translation of the end-user's telephone number in the Dex® White Pages directory. The alpha characters must translate to the numeric equivalents on the telephone key/dial pad. A numeric listing must be associated with the alpha display and must immediately follow the alpha line.
    Alternate Call Listing Listing that refers callers to an alternate number during certain hours or on certain days, or "if no answer" is received at the main number. The alternate number may be that of a different service of the same subscriber or of a service furnished by a different subscriber. In the latter case, the subscriber desiring the Alternate Call Listing must have the consent of the other party.
    Answering Service Listing Listing for patrons of Telephone Answering Service Bureaus or Enhanced Service Voice MailBox providers. One Answering Service Listing can be established for each patron telephone number.
    Cross Reference Listing An additional listing by which the subscriber is commonly known or a reference to a complete or new name made obsolete by a change in a firm's name.
    Email/Uniform Resource Locator (URL) Listing Package A listing package containing both the email and URL listings. Email and URL listings are grandparented for business subscribers only.
    Enterprise Listing An additional listing that provides a coded number that callers use to place an automatic collect call to the listed party.
    Email Listing Identifies the subscriber's email address on the World Wide Web. Email addresses must contain an @ sign, e.g., remekan@msn.com. Addresses will appear in the Dex® White Pages directory and on DA. Email Listings are grandparented for business subscribers only.
    Foreign Listing An additional listing in the Dex® White Pages directory or on DA for a service area other than the one in which the primary listing appears.
    Informational Listing Listing that provides additional material/information, that is non-promotional in nature, included with a primary, additional, or foreign listing and is beneficial to the directory user for the proper routing of calls.
    Joint User Listing (Also known as Alternate User (AU)) Listing used when a separate business (person, firm, or corporation) shares the telephone service of another subscriber. The primary subscriber is responsible for the ordering and payment of charges.
    Special Non-Published Listing for services that are not entitled to a primary listing or not charged for a non-published primary listing. These listings do not reside in the listing databases for Dex® White Pages and Directory Assistance. They satisfy CenturyLink system needs for various entries and name creation.
    URL Listing Identifies the subscriber's URL address on the Internet's World Wide Web. An example of a standard URL is: http://www.centurylink.com. URL listings cannot contain an @ sign. Addresses will appear in the Dex® White Pages directory and on DA. A courtesy yellow page listing is not provided. URL Listings are only available to Residential end-users. Business end-users should contact Dex.
  • Privacy Listing includes non-published and non-listed listings. Non-published listings are not included in white page directories and are not available to DA users. Non-listed listings are not included in white page directories but are included on DA service. Additional Privacy Listing options are available, (e.g., omit address, no solicitation, etc.).

Listings Formats include:

  • Straight-line Listings include a name and may include a nickname, title, designation, address, and telephone number and is considered a simple listing.
  • SLU Listings have more than one listing.  It is used to prevent repetition of a name.  The SLU listing is always indented under a straight-line listing and is considered a simple listing.
  • Caption listings consist of a single appearance of a name, known as a caption header, under which listings of branches, departments, etc. are indented.  A caption header does not include a telephone number.  There is no restriction on the maximum number of indented listings allowed in a caption set and is considered a complex listing.


Rate Structure

Product Recurring and Nonrecurring Charge Information
All Products Monthly recurring and nonrecurring charges are the retail tariffed rate minus the wholesale discount specified in your Interconnection Agreement or amended rate sheet.
Resale Nonrecurring Subsequent Order Charges are the retail tariffed Listings Changes rate minus the wholesale discount specified in your Interconnection Agreement or amended rate sheet. The 1W1 USOC will be used to assess this charge in all states except North Dakota and Iowa. In these states CenturyLink will assess the Subsequent Order Charge by using a nonrecurring service charge order entry. Monthly recurring charges and nonrecurring charges for Listings are the retail tariffed rates minus the wholesale discount specified in you Interconnection Agreement or amended rate sheet. Retail Listings rates are located in state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.
Commercial Local Exchange Services Specific monthly recurring charges and nonrecurring charges for Listings are located in the Ancillary Services, White Pages Directory Listings Facilities-Based Providers section of your Interconnection Agreement or amended rate sheet.
FBDL Monthly recurring charges are the retail tariffed rate minus the wholesale discount specified in your Interconnection Agreement or amended rate sheet.


Premium and Privacy Listing prices can be found in the applicable CenturyLink retail Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists. Rates and/or applicable discounts are available in Exhibit A or the specific rate sheet in your Interconnection or Resale Agreement.

Tariffs, Regulations and Policy

When two or more local exchange access lines are served as a hunt group, only one Primary Listing is provided.

Primary Listings are provided for Joint User Service and PBX Systems. State specific exceptions can be found in the state Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Optional Features

Options regarding the use and dissemination of your listings to white pages directory publishers are identified in your Interconnection Agreement with CenturyLink. Changes to your current choice for CenturyLink's use and dissemination of your end-users' listings for purposes of white pages directory publishing must be in writing and delivered to your CenturyLink Service Manager.


Features Benefits
CenturyLink automatically provides DA appearance for your end-user listings. Ensures your end-user listings will be made available to users of CenturyLink DA services and the DA services of other providers who purchase the CenturyLink DA database for their service offerings.
Timely and accurate listings update process. Processes have been established to ensure that your end-user listings are updated to DA on a daily basis. These processes are designed to update DA and publisher systems on a flow-through basis.
White Page (WP) and Yellow Page (YP) directory appearances are provided to end-users based upon your directives. Allows you the flexibility of automatically selecting WP and YP services for your end-users from CenturyLink or negotiating your own separate agreement(s) with directory publishers and other third parties.


Integration of your end-user listings into CenturyLink's DA service provides universal access to your end-user listing information.

Integration of your end-user listings into telephone directories, published on behalf of CenturyLink, provides universal access to your end-user listing information.


Product Prerequisites

If you are a new Facility-Based CLEC or Reseller CLEC and are ready to enter the interconnection business with CenturyLink, view Getting Started for Facility-Based CLECs or Getting Started for Resellers. If you are an existing CLEC wishing to amend your Interconnection Agreement or your New Product Questionnaire, you can find additional information in the Interconnection Agreement.

CenturyLink offers an Opportunity For Earlier Ordering (See step 7 of the Getting Started as a Facility-Based CLEC document) that may be applicable to your request. Once the CenturyLink Sales Executive has received the completed New Customer Questionnaire and conveyed the listing instructions to the assigned CenturyLink Listing Account Manager, you may begin submitting listing order activity.


General pre-ordering information is located in the Pre Ordering Overview.

Directory Listing Inquiry (DLI) is primarily used for FBDL and is available via CSR for specific conditions.  DLI will allow you to view your end-user listings to prepare for the Ordering process.

To view end-user listing information as it appears in the listings database, access the Directory Listing Inquiry System.

Contact your CenturyLink Sales Executive with questions. If you do not know your CenturyLink Sales Executive, click here for additional information.


FBDL is an ordering option available to Facility-Based CLECs that do not require any other products or services from CenturyLink. FBDL may be ordered via Interconnect Mediated Access (IMA) Graphical User Interface (GUI) Extensible Markup Language (XML) or manually by facsimile. Facility-Based CLEC's ordering via any of these methods should view the CenturyLink Local Service Ordering Guidelines (LSOG).

"Listings Only" is an ordering method used to make additions, deletions, or changes to directory listings after a resold or Commercial Local Exchange Services line is established. This product is ordered with a unique Purchase Order Number (PON) with the Request Type (REQTYP) = HB on the Local Service Request (LSR) Form. It is not used for Facility-Based CLECs' listings requests.

The non-billable Privacy Listings USOCs (NLE, NP3) are applied upon request if permitted by state tariff. For non-billable Privacy Listing criteria, see the applicable CenturyLink Retail Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists. If the service being provided is a Market Expansion Line (MEL) service and your end-user requests a non-published main listing, CenturyLink will apply the NPE USOC. Refer to Resale - Market Expansion Line® (MEL) for specifics on ordering non-published MEL services.

To request a non-billable Privacy Listing on your end-user’s Resale or CenturyLink™ Local Services Platform (CLSP™) account, populate the End-user’s Other Service (EOS) field on the Directory Listing (DL) LSOG (Local Service Ordering Guideline) form.

To request a non-billable Privacy Listing on your end-user’s data line, the Manual Indicator (MI) field on the Local Service Request (LSR) LSOG form must = Y and the REMARKS field must contain the following statement: "This loop will be used for data only." Note: Data only is defined as not having the capacity to be used for dual purpose service that includes voice. A dedicated printer is supported by a data only loop and it is an example of a single purpose service. FAX machines, Computer Systems, and Alarm Systems are supported by loops that capable of dual purpose service that includes voice and they are no longer included in the definition of "data only."

Non-billable Privacy Listings (USOC=NP3) apply to Standalone CenturyLink Broadband service.

You may choose to order a Business Listing on your residential account. The Business Listing must be non-published.

All Privacy Listings submitted as Facility Based Directory Listings (FBDL) are billed the applicable monthly recurring rates.

If you submit a LSR with ACT = V (Conversion as Specified) to perform a complete end-user migration, the CenturyLink Flow Through System (FTS) will process your request and provide the end-state identified on your LSR.  FTS will retain or create all the listings on your LSR and remove any listing that is on the end-user Customer Service Record (CSR) but not identified on the LSR.  This type of processing is applicable to requests involving Resale POTS, Line Splitting, Commercial Local Exchange Services POTS, and Centrex 21 products.

Additional information for Listings related to Local Number Portability (LNP), including Simple Port Requests (SPR) is provided in the Ordering Section of the LNP PCAT

General ordering activities are described in the Ordering Overview.

White Pages Directory Listings service requests are submitted using the following LSOG forms:

  • LSR
  • End User (EU)
  • Directory Listing (DL)

Field entry requirements are described in the LSOG.

Service requests should be placed using IMA XML, IMA GUI, or faxed:

CenturyLink contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts.

Note: IMA FBDL is a batch update process

For manual directory listing order forms:

  • Click on View Forms to select the LSR, EU, and DL forms from the view forms window.

For specific ordering information refer to the Directory Listing Providers Business Procedures.. Directory listings user information is available for Reseller CLECs and Facility-Based CLECs on the CenturyLink Course Catalog Web page.

Service interval guidelines are found in the Service Interval Guide (SIG).

For additional information related to USOCs and Field Identifiers (FID) refer to USOC / FID Finder.

Provisioning and Installation

CenturyLink does not accept future service completion dates for FBDL orders. Directory listings orders submitted by Facility-Based CLECs for FBDL should always have a designated service completion date that matches the date the order was sent to CenturyLink. FBDL orders are updated directly to the CenturyLink listing database at the close of each business day. All daily updates from the CenturyLink listing database are fed directly to DA and directory publishers.

Directory listings orders for Resale and Commercial Local Exchange Services products may be submitted to CenturyLink with a future service completion date whether the order is for listings only or includes other services.  These listings orders can be submitted to CenturyLink with future service completion dates because they flow through a service order processor that manages date driven activity.

A jeopardy occurs on a service request if a condition exists that threatens timely completion. Directory listings that are part of a service request jeopardy will not be established until the jeopardy is cleared. Jeopardy codes are described in the Provisioning and Installation Overview.

FBDL Listing and Order confirmation services include:

Manual Listings Inquiry:

FOC intervals are available in the SIG.

Maintenance and Repair

If a listing appears incorrectly on DA or in a published telephone directory, you should validate the listing against your own records to determine whether the end-user information is listed as requested. Once you notify CenturyLink of a discrepancy, the following steps will be taken to correct listing errors:

  • Non-complex Listings - Reseller/Unbundled Network CLECs:
    • If the listing appears exactly as it was ordered, you should submit a DL request to CenturyLink to correct it.
    • If the listing does not appear on DA or in a published directory as it was requested, you should contact Customer Service Inquiry and Education (CSIE) Center:
      • A CenturyLink Service Delivery Coordinator (SDC) will compare the request forms (e.g., LSR, EU, and DL) you submitted to CenturyLink to the listing data in the listing database.
      • If the request forms and the listing information in the listing database match, you will be advised to submit a DL request to correct the discrepancy.
      • If the information in the listing database or on the service order does not match what was submitted, CenturyLink will issue a correcting order.
      • If CenturyLink cannot retrieve the request forms, you will be contacted to obtain additional information.
    • If the listing inquiry requires further investigation, a trouble ticket will be issued and a SDC will keep you apprised of the status of the ticket until it is closed.
  • Complex Listings - Reseller/Unbundled Network CLECs:

    If there is a discrepancy with your end-user listings, contact the Offline Listing Center.

    • CenturyLink contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts or you can contact your CenturyLink LRS Manager by referring to Wholesale Customer Contacts.
  • Non-Complex or Complex Listings - Facility-Based CLECs:
    • If the FBDL appears exactly as it was ordered, you should submit a DL request to CenturyLink to correct it.

      If the FBDL does not appear as you requested, contact the CenturyLink Offline Listing Center for assistance CenturyLink contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts.

      CenturyLink will compare the information in the listing database with the request forms (e.g., LSR, EU, and DL).

    • If the listing data on the request forms does not match what is currently in the listing database, CenturyLink will update the listing database by correcting the listing information to match the information shown on the request forms.
    • If the listing data on the request forms matches what currently exists in the listing database, you should issue a DL request to correct the discrepancy.
  • If you contact the Offline Listing Center, a FBDL Listing Help Ticket will be created by an Order Specialist and you will be provided with a ticket number for each call. For additional information regarding the FBDL Listing Help Ticket Process refer to the Directory Listing Providers Business Procedures.
  • Maintenance of Foreign Listings
    • Directory publication decisions (e.g. which communities to include in each directory or whether to interfile or sectionalize community listings) are the responsibility of Dex .
    • The Dex® White Pages section of a directory may be interfiled to include multiple communities and exchanges or it may include separate sections based on the publisher's criteria (e.g. by discrete community or other relevant geographic division).
    • If Dex notifies CenturyLink that it intends to change the configuration or scoping of a directory, CenturyLink may provide you with a courtesy notification if changes affect your Foreign Listings.

While CenturyLink makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of end-users' listing(s), it is possible that inaccurate listing(s) or listing(s) that do not meet CenturyLink's business rules exist prior to your conversion order. You can determine this by checking Directory Listing Inquiry System (DLIS) or the CSR and requesting changes prior to submitting a conversion order. If, however, the Offline Listing Center identifies such listing(s) after your conversion order has processed, they will query you and request a correcting order. If a correcting order is not received within ten (10) business days for the erred listing(s), the Offline Listing Center may update/delete the listing(s) following the initial query and will notify you of the change via e-mail (unless other wise specified).


Premium and Privacy Listings for all services, excluding FBDL, are billed on a Customer Records and Information System (CRIS) end-user or your summary bill.

Billing for Premium and Privacy FBDL will reflect charges for listings retained in the CenturyLink listing database at the beginning of the current billing month. You will receive credit for the entire month for listings deleted from the listing database after the first business day of the previous billing month. Premium and Privacy FBDL are billed on a CenturyLink Local Exchange Invoicing System (LEXCIS) invoice. Billing contact information will be provided on the invoice in the event you have questions.

CRIS billing is described in Billing Information - Customer Records and Information System (CRIS).

LEXCIS billing is described in Billing Information - Local Exchange Carrier Invoice System (LEXCIS).


View CenturyLink courses by clicking on Course Catalog.


CenturyLink contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts.

Your initial point of contact is your CenturyLink Sales Executive. If you do not know your CenturyLink Sales Executive, click here for additional information. Once CenturyLink has received your completed New Customer Questionnaire, a CenturyLink Listing Account Manager will be assigned to you.  If you have a question, concern, or issue regarding your FBDL LRs or listings order(s), you may call the Offline Center for assistance.  CenturyLink contact information is available in the Wholesale Customer Contacts.

Issues outside the provision of basic white page directory listings, such as yellow pages advertising, yellow pages listings, directory coverage, courtesy contact information in the call guide pages or access to premium customer guide pages (phone service pages), applicable listings criteria, white page enhancements, and publication schedules will be the subject of negotiations between you and directory publishers, including Dex or any other contracted publishers. If necessary, a CenturyLink representative will facilitate discussion between you and Dex.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do I submit my listings to CenturyLink?
CenturyLink offers an IMA XML file transmission update process and IMA GUI ordering solutions.  Manual order submission (by facsimile) is also available and should be negotiated with your Listing Account Manager.

2. If I have negotiated to use the manual ordering process, what forms do I use?
You must use CenturyLink LSOG forms. CenturyLink does not accept any other version of a manual order form.

3. Which order forms do I use?
Depending on the service, you will always be required to submit a LSR, EU, and DL Form. The LSOG will aid you in identifying when to use each specific form and the rules for completing it.

4. Will I receive a Firm Order Confirmation for my listing order?
Yes, if the listing is received via an electronic format, an electronic FOC will be returned..   FBDL orders submitted via IMA GUI or IMA XML will always receive the initial and subsequent LRs electronically.  Orders submitted manually will receive a manual LR via fax or email.

5. Will I have an opportunity to check the listings for accuracy before directory closes?
Yes, you will receive monthly Verification Proofs containing the appearance of the listings on which there was activity during the previous month. Complete snapshots of all of your listings as they appear in the CenturyLink listings database are also available "On-Demand."

6. Can I list "Mr" and/or "Mrs" as part of a listed name?
No, all name(s) must have a proper first name or initial. However, Mr and Mrs can be added as Title of Address attributes.

7. Can I list a postal address as a listed address?
Yes, however, the service address is still required.

8. Where can I obtain information regarding white page directory "close" dates?
You should contact Dex or the other independent directory publisher in which you desire to have end-user listings appear.

9. Does CenturyLink allow listing migration on Number Portability orders?
Yes, CenturyLink supports migration "as is" with no changes to the listing, however, the listing must reside in the CenturyLink listing database.

Last Update: July 21, 2017

CenturyLink™ Local Services Platform (CLSP™) is a trademark of CenturyLink™.