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CenturyLink™ Wholesale Performance Information

PID/PAP - Request to Modify

The Performance Indicator Definitions (PIDs) provide an objective method to judge CenturyLink's ability to provide wholesale services. The goal is to provide services to CLECs in a manner that is either substantially the same as the level of service offered by CenturyLink's retail operations, or that provides you with a meaningful opportunity to compete.

The Performance Assurance Plan (PAP) self-executing remedy plan that represents CenturyLink's voluntary offer to provide performance assurance.

If you would like to submit a request to add a new Performance Indicator Definition (PID), or to modify or delete an existing PID, CenturyLink has in place the Request to Modify a PID/PAP process to assist you.

Accepted & Disputed Updates

As updates become available, CenturyLink will post that information below.

Performance Reports

CenturyLink produces monthly performance reports based on a diverse set of criteria and requirements. Following is a link to a brief explanation of the sections of those reports.

271 Performance Reports

CenturyLink provides state specific 271 performance reports on a monthly basis in PID format. CenturyLink Wholesale Performance Results Reports are provided in support of meeting the terms of Section 271 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

Click here to access the Reports in PID Format, or if you need additional information, please feel free to contact you service manager.

CenturyLink Performance Assurance Plan Reports

If you would like information on how CenturyLink reports performance data, please see the information on the CenturyLink PAP.

CLEC Specific Performance Results and User Guide

CenturyLink provides an easy to use guide to help you use and understand the data in the 271 Performance Results ECR Report.

Accessing the Reports

To request access to the ECR reports, refer to the CenturyLink Interconnect OSS Electronic Access business procedure. Once you have gained access, your reports can be viewed by going to the following url: https://qpid01.CenturyLink.com

Arizona CLEC Customers - Satisfaction Survey Feedback Form

CenturyLink Wholesale conducts a periodic Customer Satisfaction Survey that measures CenturyLink performance in the areas of Provisioning, Repair and Billing. In compliance with Arizona Corporation Commission Decision No. 66242, dated September 16, 2003, CenturyLink provided AZ CLECs the opportunity to offer feedback. Click here to view the results.

Washington CLEC Customers - Alternative Form of Regulation (AFOR)

Effective December 2007, pursuant to an order of the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission in Docket No. UT-061625;

    The QPAP terms must apply to all wholesale services provided by CenturyLink as a substitute for unbundled network elements that are included in the PAP during the term of the AFOR, unless the affected parties agree otherwise.

CenturyLink's service offerings in compliance with this requirement are described in the Commercial Agreements for the affected products.

Last Update: May 9, 2014