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CenturyLink™ Wholesale Broadband (CWB) - V14.0

Note: This product is also known as Qwest® Wholesale Broadband (QWB) and is no longer available.

History Log

Product Description

CenturyLink™ Wholesale Broadband (CWB) is a commercial solution for all wholesale customers that allows purchase of CenturyLink's stand-alone (data only, no voice) High Speed Internet transport and Internet Service Provider (ISP) solutions at compelling, volume-based wholesale rates for resale to your business and residential end-users.

CenturyLink has changed the name of its Standalone Office Basic service to Pure Broadband Office Basic (no voice line required). The use of the term “standalone” or “pure” denotes a service with no underlying voice line.

CenturyLink has changed the name of its Residential services to CenturyLink High Speed Internet – No Email Included. The service is then designated by speed, for example 7Mbps downstream/ up to 896Kbps upstream. The use of the older version naming convention my still be used in some documentation. For purposes of this service “CenturyLink High-Speed Internet 7Mbps downstream /up to 896Kbps upstream and “CenturyLink Platinum with Internet Basic 7Mbps downstream and 896Kbps upstream are still the same service.

CWB for Business End-Users
Standalone Office Basic
(No voice line required/available)
Connection Speeds up to
  • 1.5 Mbps downstream/896Kbps upstream
  • 3 Mbps downstream/640 Kbps upstream
  • 5 Mbps downstream/896 Kbps upstream
  • 7 Mbps downstream/896 Kbps upstream
  • 7 Mbps downstream/5 Mbps upstream
  • 12 Mbps downstream/896Kbps upstream
  • 12 Mbps downstream/5 Mbps upstream
  • 20Mbps downstream/896Kbps upstream
  • 20Mbps downstream/5Mbps upstream
  • 40 Mbps downstream/5 Mbps upstream
CWB for Residential End-Users
CenturyLink Silver with Internet Basic
(No voice line required/available)
Connection Speeds up to
  • 1.5 Mbps downstream/896Kbps upstream
CenturyLink Platinum with Internet Basic
(No voice line required/available)
Connection Speeds up to
  • 3 Mbps downstream/640 Kbps upstream
  • 5 Mbps downstream/896 Kbps upstream
  • 7 Mbps downstream/896 Kbps upstream
  • 7 Mbps downstream/5 Mbps upstream
CenturyLink Titanium with Internet Basic
(No voice line required/available)
Connection Speeds up to
  • 12 Mbps downstream/896Kbps upstream
  • 12 Mbps downstream/5 Mbps upstream
CenturyLink Quantum
with Internet Basic
(No voice line required/available)
Connection Speeds up to
  • 20 Mbps downstream/896Kbps upstream
  • 20 Mbps downstream/5 Mbps upstream
  • 40 Mbps downstream/5 Mbps upstream

Notes on Speeds

  • Downstream speeds refer to data rates from the network to the end-user.
  • Upstream speeds refer to data rates from the end-user to the network.
  • Service speeds are "up to" and CenturyLink will provision your line at the maximum speed it qualifies for within the speed range of the service you selected.
  • Actual speed varies depending on various factors. CenturyLink may limit speeds at its discretion
  • Speed(s) available at the specific end-user premises/location will be identified during the preordering process.
  • Note that subsequent to service installation, the location may become eligible for additional speed options.

Ethernet/"Internet Protocol (IP)" & Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) based Broadband Technology

In certain areas, CenturyLink is upgrading our network to support lightning fast broadband services by deploying Fiber to the Node (FTTN) and Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) facilities.

All CenturyLink FTTN/FTTP served broadband lines use Ethernet based protocol for the backbone portion of the network. Sometimes referred to as 'IP Broadband', these services use either VDSL2 or ADSL2+ access technology. Most of CenturyLink's current DSL Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs) (exchange-based network devices which connect via multiplexing CenturyLink DSLs to the Internet backbone) are ADSL2+. See Modems for modem requirements.

The FTTN/FTTP deployment generally overlays CenturyLink"s ATM-based Broadband infrastructure. CWB services at and below 7 Mbps may use IP Broadband depending on the network technology at that end-user premise. All CWB services at 12 Mbps and above use IP Broadband.


CWB is purchased via CenturyLink's General Exchange Tariff (GET) Process. Available to all CenturyLink wholesale customers, the GET Process is the channel which allows purchase of all telecommunications products and services provided in CenturyLink's retail general exchange tariffs, catalogs, and price lists as well as certain other information/enhanced services commercial offerings, including CWB. For information regarding product availability in the former Qwest markets, please use the following link: https://www.centurylink.com/wholesale/pcat/wbsaresale.html.

CWB Services are available where facilities exist throughout CenturyLink QC on loops that meet specific network conditions, e.g., distance from the CO, as determined by the Loop Qualification process. .

CWB may not be available in all areas at all speeds marketed. Availability of service depends on availability and limits of CenturyLink wire centers and facilities. Some lines may not qualify for the service even if initial tests qualified such lines. Speed and availability of service are not guaranteed and may be limited by a variety of factors including but not limited to the physical condition of the line and wiring at the location of service, phone line qualifications, computer performance/configuration, and network/Internet congestion. Service is provided on a per-line basis, and the actual throughput and connection speed of service depends on a number of factors such as Internet traffic and congestion or bandwidth, distance of the premises from a CenturyLink central office, viruses or spy ware, server speed of the Web sites to which the end-user connects, traffic and congestion on the premises network or corporate LAN, and Windows PC settings, in addition to the factors listed above. Uninterrupted or error-free service is not guaranteed.

If the end-user moves to another location (including a move within the same building) broadband service is not guaranteed at the new location. The line must be re-qualified for service and nonrecurring charges (NRCs) applicable to new service will apply along with monthly recurring charges (MRCs) at the rate for existing customers.

CenturyLink Retail Broadband Service Promotions are not available.

Installation at end-user premises by CenturyLink technicians is available at the rates provided in the CenturyLink High Speed Internet Rate Card.

Static IP addresses are available with CWB and may be ordered using the Account Management Tool after the CWB service installation order has been fully completed. You are responsible for all Static IP activity on your CWB accounts, whether initiated by you or the end-user.

Terms and Conditions

CWB services are available on a Month-to-Month basis only.

Upon request, you must provide to CenturyLink a quarterly order volumes estimate for resource planning and allocation purposes.

CenturyLink will accept CWB Service orders only from the customer of record, however, note that an end-user with credentials may be able to process requests for certain service changes, e.g., Static IP requests, via the internet. Any changes made by a credentialed customer or end-users will be processed and you will be responsible for the corresponding MRCs and NRCs, as provided in the CenturyLink High Speed Internet Rate Card.

ISP Service and Installation Kits

CenturyLink will provide ISP services with CWB.

CenturyLink branded "Installation Kits", which include a CenturyLink Quick Connect CD and internet access credentials, will be distributed to either you or the end-user as you designate on your order. If you designate your end-user as the recipient of the Installation Kit and subsequently need to obtain the assigned credentials, call the Tech Support Center at 888-777-9569.

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and Modems

Your CWB end-user customer must be equipped with certain CPE, including computers, software, and modems, that meet minimum System Requirements. See Modems to review qualified modems and equipment.

Installing or using CWB with CPE that does not meet minimum system requirements limits functionality, availability, and support and may damage CPE, software, peripherals or data. CenturyLink reserves the right to revise minimum requirements.

As explained in Product Description, IP Broadband services in some DSLAMs will use VDSL2 access technology. This technology requires specific modems/CPE. CenturyLink will advise you if your service will be provisioned using this technology at the time of FOC. If you choose to order a modem from CenturyLink in these instances, the appropriate Advanced Networking modem will be provided.

CenturyLink modems and optional equipment such as wireless modules are available for individual purchase with CWB. No bulk modem or equipment purchase is available. Wireless capable Advanced Network Modems are available for both Residential and Business end-users. Standard Modems are no longer available for Business or Residential end-user services. See Modems.

  • The specified modem
  • Cables (Yellow Ethernet cable, Grey telephone cable)
  • Power supply
  • Quick Connect CD
  • Microfilter pack (includes four single jack filters)

Note that Installation Kits and their content may be CenturyLink branded and may include information that you may not want your end-user to heed such as instructions on modem return to CenturyLink. To avoid any end-user confusion, be sure to provide your end-user specific, detailed and relevant instructions such as where to call for installation help, how to process modem returns, etc.

To review warranty information for CenturyLink modems, see Section 15 of the High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement posted at www.centurylink.com/legal.

Service Conditions

The CenturyLink Broadband Subscriber Agreement®, Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and Excessive Use Policy (EUP) apply to all CWB customers and end-users. They include certain service restrictions and requirements including but not limited to:
  • A prohibition on sending "Spam" and other excessive usage information
  • Liability
  • Information on service termination/suspension
  • Potential damage
  • Information gathering and monitoring

CenturyLink may disclose information in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Subscriber Agreement.

CenturyLink High Speed Internet Service Management Tools

CenturyLink utilizes various walled gardens to help manage security and usage abuse on its network. The offender will receive notice of the enforcement and instructions to resume normal operation. Repeated abuse may result in disconnection of the high speed portion of the end user’s service. For additional supporting documentation on the walled garden and enforcement, see Wholesale Walled Garden Support Documentation.


Rate Structure

Basic (retail) MRCs and NRCs for CenturyLink High Speed Internet services are published in the CenturyLink High Speed Internet Rate Card.

  • The Rate Cards include all HSI services available from CenturyLink. See the Product Section of this PCAT to review available CWB services and speeds.
  • Reference the Consumer Rate Card for your residential end-users and the Business Rate Card for your business end-users
  • Reference the '(no voice line required)' service description and the correct speed for the service you are pricing
  • For CenturyLink modem orders, note that there is one NRC for the modem plus one NRC for shipping.

CWB MRC discounts are as provided in your Agreement.

3, 5, and 7 Mbps downstream speeds are all billed at the Connection speeds up to 7 Mbps downstream rate. The connection speed that you may request is determined by your Loop Qualification response.

All CenturyLink billing will be to you on assigned Summary Bills. Only CWB Services included on these Bills will be eligible for the CWB discount.

All services at the 'line item' (on the individual and summary bills) will be billed at the CenturyLink retail rate. On or about the final day of each month, CenturyLink will review your total in-service volumes and calculate the appropriate discount. The CWB discount will be applied as a credit to the following month's summary bill.

Partial month service will not be contemplated for discount calculation. Only lines in service and billing on or about the final day of each month will be contemplated in the monthly credit amount which will be reflected on the following month's invoice.


The discounted Broadband Activation Fee NRC is provided in your CWB Agreement. Except for the Activation Fee, all NRCs provided in the CenturyLink High Speed Internet Rate Card apply to CWB service.

All Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) for the service are published in the CenturyLink High Speed Internet Rate Card. MRC Discounts are provided in your CWB Agreement.

Regulations and Policies

CWB is offered only under terms and conditions and rates of a commercial CenturyLink Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement.


Features Benefits
Incredibly competitive, volume-driven discounts CWB requires no volume commitment and discounts improve immediately based on your tier growth
Available to all CenturyLink wholesale customers Whether you operate as a CLEC, Reseller, ISP, system integrator, enhanced service provider, service management company, or all of the above, CWB is available to you for administrative use or for use as elements or components your end-user offerings.
Available throughout CenturyLink QC. Our network offers fast speeds at compelling rates in rapidly growing, geographically diverse market areas without the cost of buying or building field facilities.
Ordering via the GET process is easy and fast The GET process provides a nearly retail level of individualized service and ordering.
Stand Alone Broadband service delivers a data line only option CWB is the solution for users looking to reduce their monthly telecom spend while maintaining broadband access on dedicated facilities.


CWB Services are appropriate for many of the high-speed connectivity needs of today's residential and business end-users, including:

  • Internet access
  • Corporate LAN access
  • Telecommuting
  • Desktop videoconferencing
  • Computer-Telephony integration
  • Distance learning
  • Always-on applications


Product Prerequisites

If you are a new wholesale customer interested in doing business with CenturyLink wholesale, please visit our New Customer Web page.

If you are an existing customer and need some assistance, contact your CenturyLink Sales or Service Manager. To identify your CenturyLink Account or Sales contact, visit the CenturyLink - Wholesale Team Tool (CWTT).

Following CWB contract execution, a team of CenturyLink experts will work with you to:

  • Discuss ordering options and processes, including CPE, billing address etc.
  • Establish unique Billing Account Numbers (BANs) for your CWB billing
  • Develop a unique ordering form for you to use when submitting orders
  • Submit your several first orders to ensure a successful broader launch


Loop Qualification: You must perform Loop Qualification before ordering new CWB service to determine if, and at what speeds, broadband service is available at the end-user's location. The highest speed available for that location will be provided.

  • Follow the simple and fast on-line internet address qualification tool here. Note that for CWB, you may use this page for both business and residential end-users. Depending on your internet browser and other system limitations, it may be necessary for you to re-launch your browser for each loop qualification. If you experience any systems issues, call the Customer Service Inquiry and Education Center (CSIE) and a CenturyLink Representative will perform the Loop Qualification for you.
  • Submitting a request for Bulk Loop Qualification (20 or more addresses), as described below
  • Calling the CSIE at 866-434-2555

Bulk Loop Qualification Process: To request Loop Qualification on more than 20 addresses, create and submit to CenturyLink spreadsheets as described below. Each spreadsheet may include up to 2000 standard or rural addresses and should be e-mailed to arcview@centurylink.com.

  • For standard addresses, create and complete a 7-columned spreadsheet that contains the following columns, in the following order: House #; Street Name; Unit; Floor; Building; City; State. Unit, Floor, and Building cells may be blank dependent upon the end-user's service address.
  • For rural addresses, create and complete a 9-columned spreadsheet that contains the following columns, in the following order: Assigned House #; Description Location; Rural Route; P.O. Box; Unit; Floor; Building; City; and State. At a minimum, the Assigned House #, Description Location, City, and State columns must be populated for each end-user.

CenturyLink will e-mail results to you within three business days. For each valid address, you will receive the following information:

  • Wire center CLLI code (WC CLLI);
  • Qualification status code (QS Code-including why the loop doesn't qualify, if applicable);
  • Estimated dB loss (Actual dB loss depends on the physical characteristics of the loop.)
  • Pain gain type (PG Type)
  • Whether CO equipped and turned up for CenturyLink broadband service


CWB installation and repair intervals will be provided to you upon CenturyLink's receipt and processing of your order or repair ticket. For information regarding how to submit your complete CWB order, the Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) processes, and other Ordering information, see General Exchange Tariff (GET).

Deny/Restore: When Temporary Disconnection for Non-Payment is requested, your end-user's broadband Service will be interrupted and will not allow any Internet activity. There is no NRC to deny the broadband service. An NRC will be applied when service is restored. NRCs are published in the CenturyLink High Speed Internet Rate Card. To request temporary disconnection or restoral of Broadband Service, follow your normal CWB ordering process and indicate either Deny or Restoral on your Order Form.

Seasonal Service: Also referred to as Vacation Service, allows you to interrupt the broadband service functionality while reserving the account and network faciltiies in CenturyLink's systems for later reactivation. This option:

  • Is available in all states except Idaho-North, Oregon and Washington
  • Is available for Residential end-users only
  • Is available on all speeds
  • Is available on ATM and IP broadband service
  • Has a minimum 30-day suspension period
  • Will result in reduced MRCs and certain NRCs provided in the CenturyLink High Speed Internet Rate Card.
  • Is available 90 days after any previous reactivation, if any.

To request Seasonal Service, follow the normal CWB ordering process and indicate either seasonal suspension or restoral on your Order Form.

Provisioning and Installation

Visit the CenturyLink Wholesale GET Process for additional information.

Maintenance and Repair

With CWB, you'll provide "Tier .5" installation, maintenance, and repair support to all end-users before submitting a repair ticket to CenturyLink.

Tier 5 support includes:

  • Verification of end-user modem training and correct use
  • Troubleshooting steps for connectivity as follows:
    1. Power cycle the modem by pulling out the power cable (either from the modem or the power outlet), keeping the modem unplugged for a full two minutes and then plug the power cable back in. Give the modem two minutes to train.
    2. Verify that all telephony devices are filtered (phones, fax machines, satellite receivers, digital video recorders, alarms, etc).
    3. Verify that the modem is plugged directly into the phone jack; there should be no splitters, filters or extensions.
    4. Verify the customer is using a 10 ft. or shorter phone cord to the modem.
    5. Verify the phone cord is plugged into the 'line' port of the modem.
    6. Verify that the DSL is plugged into the correct and working jack.
    7. If the modem still won't train, contact CenturyLink to continue troubleshooting.

Additional product support is available at http://www.CenturyLink.com/internethelp, or for easy reference type 'qwhelp.com' in your browser address field.

To submit a repair report for Tier 1+ support, call 888-777-9569

Note that charges will apply for certain maintenance, trouble isolation, and support services and if a technician is dispatched. Charges may be per technician, may vary depending on when services are performed (e.g., time of day and weekday, holiday or weekend), and may include a minimum charge regardless of the actual number of hours worked. If you report trouble, you must pay a maintenance service charge if the trouble is not found in CenturyLink facilities or CenturyLink equipment or is found in customer equipment or systems. A dispatch charge also applies if: (A) Customer requests a service date change but fails to notify CenturyLink before the service date and a CenturyLink technician is dispatched on the service date (will have to pay dispatch charge and CenturyLink will change the service date) or (B) a CenturyLink technician is dispatched for maintenance of service and no trouble is found in CenturyLink facilities (applies each time this happens). See the CenturyLink High Speed Internet Rate Card for rates and additional information.

Service Interference: Certain CenturyLink network upgrades or changes, including deployment of FTTN/P technology, may impact end-user's existing broadband functionality. Upon receipt of a trouble report, CenturyLink will endeavor to address or correct the reported broadband service interference issues.

In certain instances, CenturyLink may determine that the existing network configuration providing the broadband service to the end-user location is no longer compatible with the new network configuration. Resulting service interference cannot be corrected without a service change.

If CenturyLink determines that a broadband service change can correct the interference issue for speeds of 1.5Mbps or greater, if you choose, CenturyLink will change the existing broadband service to the equivalent IP-based product.


On a monthly basis, CenturyLink will provide you billing information that will provide summary account detail as well as end-user sub-account information. Billing information is available in several different formats, including paper or electronic options, which you will specify during initial CWB setup. To discuss alternative formats or to change your specified format after initial CWB setup, please contact your CenturyLink Service Manager.

MRCs and NRCs billed in advance and usage and applicable governmental charges are billed in arrears. You will pay all billed charges by the due date set forth in your billing statement, as well as any Late Charge. You will be charged for each additional copy of your bill.


View all CenturyLink courses in the Course Catalog.


CenturyLink contact information is located in Wholesale Customer Contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will the CWB end-user receive a bill from CenturyLink?
Only the customer of record for all CWB services will receive a bill from CenturyLink.

2. Why aren't broadband Services in the tariff?
Effective November 16, 2005 companies providing high-speed Internet/Broadband access have the choice of continuing to provide terms and conditions that govern the service under FCC Tariff or may use a Commercial Agreement. CenturyLink has made the decision to move, effective January 28, 2006 to a Commercial Agreement to govern CenturyLink High-Speed Internet/Broadband service.

Last Update: May 22, 2017

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