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Lumen™ Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement (WBSA) V7.0

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Product Description

The Lumen Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement (WBSA) is the contractual name for wholesale, broadband services purchased for resale to your end user customers. It is a non-regulated product under a commercial agreement that is available to any Wholesale Customer.

With WBSA, Wholesale Customers will have access to Lumen's latest deployment of Ethernet-based ADSL2, VDSL2, and GPON transport technologies. The Customer will experience the quality of Ethernet based transport with Lumen Broadband services, providing faster data transmission over copper, bonded copper or fiber technologies. Lumen can provision (depending on the specific market) download speeds up to 940 Mbps downstream to those qualified residential and business end user locations as determined by Lumen's standard qualification process.

WBSA is only available as a standalone data service and is not sold in conjunction with any other Lumen service including voice and 911. Voice services are not part of the WBSA agreement and can only be ordered through an Interconnection Agreement (ICA).

Value Proposition

  • Available to any Wholesale Customer at download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Serves both business and consumer subscribers at all qualifying service addresses in all Lumen ILEC local markets at competitive prices
  • Flexibility to expand your market reach and enable the delivery of your SD-WAN, Wi-Fi first Mobile service, or OTT video service
  • Incremental new revenue and profit with no Cap Ex
  • Lumen certified modems and on-site technician installations
  • Self-Serve Portals for single and bulk qualification, ordering, and order status
  • Lumen upstream IP

Markets and Systems

Lumen has two ILEC markets and two distinct ordering and billing systems. The following map will help to determine which system you need to work with: Lumen Market Maps

Western State Markets

  • Billing: CRIS
  • Ordering: EASE

Central and Eastern State Markets

  • Billing: ENSEMBLE
  • Ordering: EASE

Service address loop qualification will occur in its respective ordering system.

Bulk look qualification for all markets can be performed in Control Center.

Pricing and Ordering Codes

Available WBSA Speeds Options

Available service offerings and ordering codes can be found here.
Note: select the appropriate Excel tab: "Qwest Territory" or "CTL Territory".

Rate Structure

Monthly Recurring Charges (MRCs) and Non-Recurring charges (NRCs) for WBSA services are in Attachment 3 of the Lumen Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement. Additional charges may apply for conversion activity and/or Operational Support Systems (OSS) cost recovery charges.



Lumen provides a 1-year warranty on modems ordered under this Service Agreement.

Lumen reserves the right to change available modem manufacturers and/or select the modem models.

If a replacement modem is ordered and shipped to your customer, shipping and delivery charges will apply. Lumen does not offer modem bulk purchases.

The modems that WBSA will provide vary by technology. For reference, the following link can provide additional modem specifications:

C4000 Modems

All bonded copper technologies, C4000BG or C4000BZ

All single pair copper and non-GPON technologies, C4000LG or C4000LZ

All GPON technologies, C4000XG

When converting from a Retail to Wholesale service and the Retail end-user has a Lumen lease modem, the end-user must go to Modem Returns to request a return shipping label. When the link opens select the "Return Policy and Return Instructions" link to get detailed information. If the end-user has an email address on file, they will also receive a notice from Lumen with this process specified.

Broadband Temporary Deny

A broadband temporary deny process for non-pay is available to the WBSA customer. A "Restoration Charge" for each broadband line will be made for the restoration of service after its temporary suspension.


CRIS Billing (Western States Markets)

Lumen will provide you a monthly bill that will provide summary account and end user sub-account information. Detailed information regarding the Customer Records and Information System (CRIS) Summary Bill, Inquiry and Disputes is described in Billing Information - Customer Records and Information System (CRIS)

ENSEMBLE Billing (Eastern and Central States Markets)

Lumen will provide you monthly billing that provides summary account and end user sub-account information using the ENSEMBLE billing system.


During Lumen technician installations, your customer is assured of receiving the proper modem for the technology and speed provisioned at their location. Any ongoing firmware updates or software updates will automatically upgrade the end-user modem.

Tech Installation - the Lumen technician connects single or multiple computers to a Lumen modem/gateway for Internet access only:

  • Residence (All Markets)
    • 1 computer wired or wireless.
    • Wired computers must be in the same room as the gateway
    • Download speeds are not guaranteed on wireless devices
  • Business – (All Markets)
    • 1 computer wired or wireless
    • Wired computers must be in the same room as the gateway.
    • Download speeds are not guaranteed on wireless devices


For Central and Eastern States EASE training, please download EASE Order Guide

For Western States (LQ Region) EASE training, please download EASE Order Guide updated 12/2023

For All States Change/Disconnect/Suspend/Restore. please download: WBSA MACD Order Guide

WBSA Select Topics

Contract and Questionnaire

A Lumen™ Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement (WBSA) is required.

Your Business Engagement Manager (BEM) is the starting point to become a WBSA customer. They will share Lumen Broadband product information, review your needs, and discuss timelines

The BEM will also provide you with a WBSA Questionnaire and other materials as they work with you through the entire onboarding process.

Terms and Conditions

You may order new service subject to loop qualification and availability or convert existing Lumen retail end-users to the WBSA offering.

It is your responsibility to provide your end users with computers, marketing materials, and Tier 1 Technical Support.

Tier 1 Technical support to include interfacing with our Repair organization and any other peripherals will remain your sole responsibility. Your end-users cannot contact Repair directly.


Service is offered only to location(s) qualified by Lumen Loop qualification procedures. Some lines may not qualify for the service even if initial tests qualified such lines. Speed and availability of service are not guaranteed and may be limited by a variety of factors including but not limited to the physical condition of the line and wiring at the service location, copper line qualifications, computer performance/configuration, and network/Internet congestion.

Loop Qualification

Loop Qualification by service address or Working Telephone Number (WTN) is performed during the ordering of service using the Lumen Western States EASE and Central and Eastern EASE Ordering Portals, or by using Loop Qualification tools in Control Center.

When using the Lumen Portals to qualify by WTN, the account must be posted to Lumen billing system. When submitting a Local Service Request (LSR), the TNS field must be populated with either a reserve TN or a value of N (depending on Western States or Central and Eastern States for EASE). Lumen will provide a data TN upon Firm Order Confirmation (FOC)). When the Loop Qualification response is ‘Out of Capacity’, do not submit a request for new standalone broadband service.

Loop qualification will qualify addresses and WTNs for Lumen Broadband and will return the highest speed available. The loop qualification response will reflect optional service offerings.

Loop Qualification using EASE (Western Markets)

Loop Qualification Provisional Response

A 'Provisional' response to a Loop Qualification request means that broadband may be available contingent upon certain network activity.

To authorize Lumen to attempt to provision broadband on a provisionally qualified WTN or address, populate the SCA field on your Local Service Request (LSR) with 'Y'. This action authorizes Lumen to perform a UDC removal or line move, at no additional charge, to allow installation of the broadband service. If a line move or UDC removal is not possible, Lumen will send you a jeopardy notice for the LSR.

Note that line moves and UDC removal are not available on N & T orders, C orders adding a new line simultaneously with broadband or on Standalone service.

Bulk Loop Qualification Process

Bulk Loop Qualifications are performed by you using Control Center for all legacy Lumen regions. This tool can perform loop qualification either by service address or telephone number (TN). The output files will return the serving wire center and region identifier by location to direct you to the EASE ordering portals.

For specific Bulk Loop Qualification processes within Control Center, see the following Control Center Bulk Loop Qualification link.

For general Control Center help: Control Center Overview

Internet Access

In all instances, Lumen will be the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and does not include email or premium ISP features.

Static IP

Static IP addresses are available only when ordering service for Business locations.

New WBSA service is initially set up with dynamic IPs. If the customer wants to order Static IPs, here are the steps:

Note: Static IP addresses are provisioned differently depending on the underlying network configuration. Please see the review the information found in this link to explain the provisioning process, Static IP Processes

Use Policies

You and your end users are subject to the Lumen™ Broadband agreements and policies. Please review the links below for specific details.

Provisioning and Installation

If Lumen determines the request cannot be provisioned after a FOC has been issued, Lumen will send you a jeopardy notice. The jeopardy notification will provide you with information on how to proceed. The jeopardy process is described in the Provisioning and Installation Overview.

Upon receipt of an accurate and complete LSR including authorization of a line move or UDC removal or grooming, you will receive a Firm Order Confirmation (FOC) based on the standard interval found in the SIG. If at any time after you receive the FOC, and prior to the scheduled due date, Lumen determines that a line move or UDC removal is required, Lumen will apply the line move or UDC removal interval and will re-FOC your LSR reflecting the new scheduled due date. The interval will begin on the date Lumen determines that a line move or UDC removal is necessary and a SUP is not required.

Maintenance and Repair

General maintenance and repair activities are described in the Maintenance and Repair Overview.

Charges apply for certain maintenance, trouble isolation, and support services and if a technician is dispatched. Charges may be per technician, may vary depending on when services are performed (e.g., time of day and weekday, holiday or weekend), and may include a minimum charge regardless of the actual number of hours worked. Lumen will notify you of any applicable charges in advance of you incurring such charges. If you report trouble, you must pay maintenance of service charge if the trouble is not found in Lumen facilities or Lumen equipment or is found in customer equipment/systems or Equipment. A dispatch charge also applies if: (A) Customer requests a service date change but fails to notify Lumen before the service date and Lumen technician is dispatched on the service date (will have to pay dispatch charge and Lumen will change the service date) or (B) Lumen technician dispatched for maintenance of service and no trouble is found in Lumen facilities (applies each time this happens). Tagging the Demarc is automatically performed on all WBSA new installs. For inquiries regarding Tag and Locate, please see the Maintenance and Repair Overview and review the Tagging of Circuits section.

Last Update: November 11, 2022

Last Reviewed: November 6, 2023