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General Exchange Tariff (GET) Process for Wholesale Customers - V88.0

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The General Exchange Tariff (GET) Process is one avenue for all CenturyLink™ Wholesale customers - whether you operate as a CLEC, Reseller, Internet Service Provider (ISP), system integrator, enhanced service provider, service management company, or other type of service provider - to purchase the telecommunications products and services provided in CenturyLink's retail general exchange tariffs, catalogues, and price lists as well as certain other information/enhanced service commercial offerings.

Products and services ordered through the GET process may be used for administrative purposes or for your re-branding and marketing as elements or components in your end user offerings.

GET customers can locate CenturyLink Retail Products, Rates, and Services at the CenturyLink Retail web page. Please review this information at the Retail site for Small Business and/or Medium-Large Business, then return to the Wholesale GET site to place your order.

Because the GET Process allows you to purchase any available CenturyLink retail product or service, visit www.centurylink.com to review general and residential information, Small Business and Large Business for specific product solutions, availability, and rates.


CenturyLink products and services are available where facilities exist throughout CenturyLink QC.

CenturyLink Tariffs, Catalogues, and Price Lists, including regulations and policies, are located in the state specific Tariffs/Catalogs/Price Lists.

Terms and Conditions

The GET Process is available to all CenturyLink wholesale customers. All terms and conditions and rates of the products and services under the applicable Tariff or commercial contract, if applicable, govern the relationship of CenturyLink and the wholesale customer under the GET process.

It is customer's responsibility to obtain any necessary authority, certificates or registrations necessary to offer services to end-users.


Rate Structure

Monthly Recurring Charges (MRCs) and Nonrecurring Charges (NRCs) for products and services purchased via the GET process apply and are provided in the Tariff or under terms and conditions and rates of another wholesale agreement.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Available to all CenturyLink wholesale customers Whether you operate as a CLEC, Reseller, ISP, system integrator, enhanced service provider, service management company, or all of the above, the GET Process is available to you for administrative use or for use as elements or components in your end user offerings.
Available throughout CenturyLink QC. Our network offers certainty and ubiquity of service at compelling rates in rapidly growing, geographically diverse market areas without the cost of buying or building field facilities.
Ordering via the GET process is easy and fast! The GET process provides a nearly retail level of individualized service and ordering.



If you are a new wholesale customer and are interested in doing business with CenturyLink wholesale, please visit our New Customer Web page..

If you are an existing customer and need some assistance, contact your CenturyLink Sales or Service Manager. To identify your CenturyLink Account or Sales contact, visit the CenturyLink Wholesale Information Tool.

Requesting a Customer Service Record (CSR)

To request a copy of a Customer Service Record (CSR) for any of your existing GET accounts, email CSIE@lumen.com or call the Interconnect Service Center (ISC) at 866 434-2555 or fax a completed CSR Request Form, to 888 796-9089.

The resulting CSR output will be delivered to you by fax. For larger CSRs (85 pages or more) the output will be mailed. You will receive your requested CSR within 3 business days of sending your request to CenturyLink.

To ensure that the correct account information is retrieved, it is necessary to provide the 13-character Telephone Number (TN) when you request a CSR. The TN is comprised of the following:

  • 3-digit Area Code
  • 7-digit Telephone Number
  • 3-digit Customer (CUS) Code

Ordering Products using the General Exchange Tariff Process

To request new or changes to your existing services on any product, use the Unified GET (UGET) Tool.  This will allow submission of forms online and automated e-mails as the requests are being processed with notifications of the order(s) status. 

NOTE: Manual GET Order Forms are only available for use when the online tool is not working due to network issues.


The GET Online Forms System requires a web browser with JavaScript enabled. 

It is strongly recommended that users of the online forms system use one of the following browser versions:

  • Internet Explorer version 9 or higher
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)

To review the user process flow, click here.

To review the UGET Forms with Instructions, click here.

A purchase order number (PON) is required on all GET order requests. The following parameters and restrictions apply:

  • All States – No special characters other than hyphens are allowed, i.e., *,. $,. ^, (, ),. /, \, etc.
  • MN, IA, ND, SD and NE – PON may consist of 1-21 alphanumeric characters
  • MT, ID, UT, WY, CO, NM and AZ – PON may consist of 1-30 alphanumeric characters and must include a space or hyphen within the PON
  • WA and OR – PON may consist of 1-30 alphanumeric characters

Products and Services which may require a Contract

Please contact your CenturyLink Sales Manager prior to submitting an order for the following services to determine if a contract is necessary:

  • Analog Private Line
  • Business Voice Messaging
  • Central Office Automatic Call Distribution (CO-ACD)
  • Centrex Prime®
  • Digital Data Services (DDS)
  • Digital Switched Service (DSS)
  • Direct Inward Dialing® (DID)
  • Digital Signal Level 1 (DS1)
  • Digital Signal Level 3 (DS3)
  • Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) – Primary Rate Service
  • ISDN Single Line
  • PBX Analog Trunks
  • Private Line – Domestic
  • Self-Healing Network Service (SHNS)
  • Self Healing Alternate Route Protection - SHARP
  • Switched Private Line Services
  • Synchronous Service Transport (SST)

CenturyLink Broadband Service Availability

Before requesting installation of new CenturyLink Broadband service, you must perform Loop Qualification to determine if, and at what speeds, broadband service is available at the end user's location. Loop qualification will return the highest speed available for that location and is available by following the simple and fast internet address qualification tools on www.centurylink.com under the Small Business or Residential Internet menus by providing either an existing TN at or the listed address of the end user premise.

CenturyLink Wholesale Broadband (CWB)

With CWB, we will deliver to your residential and business end-users fast and reliable stand-alone (data-only) high speed internet connectivity and continuous, dedicated access to CenturyLink’s ISP services. CWB is billed to you at compelling wholesale rates based on your in-service volumes or specified volume commitment. With significant discounts off of residential and business retail rack rates, you’re sure to agree that CWB offers compelling margin opportunities while helping to complete your end user service offerings!   Becaused CWB ordering is unique to your contract, it is not ordered through UGET at this time.  Continue to use your individualized ordering forms.  See CWB for additional information.

Products Ordered Using the Access Service Request (ASR) or Other Processes

The following products are provided in CenturyLink's Tariffs and are available to you, however orders for these products are not submitted via the GET Process. Please contact your CenturyLink Account or Sales Manager for ordering assistance:

  • 800 Pageline service
  • 911
  • ATM
  • Cellular -Wireless Type 1
  • Feature Group
  • Frame Relay
  • Metro Optical Ethernet (MOE)
  • Mobile Service -Wireless Type 1
  • Paging Wireless Type1
  • PCS - Wireless Type 1
  • PRI VoIP
  • Private Switch Automatic Location - PS/ALI Metro Ethernet Wireless Type 1 and 2

Tax Exemption

Information and forms for tax exemption are available in Billing Information - Taxes and Tax Exemption.

FCC Surcharge Exemption

FCC Surcharge Exemption is provided at the account level only with a complete and accurate Surcharge Exemption Certificate. To receive FCC Surcharge Exemption for each account, you must provide the certification per account or certify exemption on each submitted order request. Click here for a copy of the FCC Surcharge Exemption form.

For FCC Surcharge exemption on Private Line requests only, you may use the fields on the form to certify exemption or use the FCC Surcharge Exemption form.

Order Confirmation

When your complete and accurate service request is received, CenturyLink will send you an initial order acknowledgement to let you know we received your request. Once CenturyLink has finished typing the order, we will send a final order acknowledgement, also known as an FOC, letting you know the order numbers and due dates for your service request. The FOC is your final acknowledgement unless a delay on your order occurs.

Projects for Service Order Activity over 50 Orders

To ensure the highest quality of service, timeframes and processes for order requests that require project work or significant service order quantities must be negotiated. Please contact your Sales or Account Manager to begin this process.


CenturyLink contact information is located in the CenturyLink Wholesale Information Tool (CWTT).

Contact Number
GET Ordering Email dulisp2@centurylink.com
GET Billing Questions and Disputes 800 335-5672
GET Invoice Copies, Bill Copies Wholesale.Dispute@Centurylink.com
Repair - Non-Designed Services 800 223-7881 opt 1
Repair - Design Services 800 223-7881 opt 3
Repair - Broadband 800 223-7881 opt 2
Directory Listings Email GETlistings.Complex@centurylink.com
Delayed Order

866-434-2555 - Products ordered on GET forms

866-434-2555 opt 3 - Products ordered on ASR forms
LIS/Feature Group 866-434-2555
Wireless Type 1 & 2 Group 866-434-2555
Private Line 866-434-2555

Customer Service Inquiry and Education (CSIE)

CSIE Call Center representatives are available by dialing 866-434-2555 or csie@centurylink.com *Monday-Friday 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Mountain Time Zones to support:

  • Order Status inquiries, including Completion, DDs, and FOCs information
  • Requests for Resend FOCs/Rejects
  • Out of Service issues
  • Emergency Cancels or Emergency DD Changes
  • Missed DDs
  • Porting issues

*For all e-mails sent, a call center ticket will be opened. Status assigned to that ticket is based on the guidelines found in the Ordering Overview. If your contact requires assistance within two hours, CenturyLink recommends you call and not send an e-mail. CenturyLink will respond to your e-mail via a phone call and provide you with the call center database ticket number. Include your "can be reached" telephone number in your e-mail.

Maintenance and Repair

CenturyLink Repair is available on-line and can be accessed via www.centurylink.com.


On a monthly basis, CenturyLink will provide you billing information that will provide summary account detail as well as end-user sub-account information.

Universal Service Order Codes (USOCs) and Field Identifiers (FIDs) are used by CenturyLink to provision and bill most products and services. Generally, USOCs and FIDs are accompanied by a description. To identify USOCs and FIDs, see USOCs and FIDs Overview.

MRCs and NRCs billed in advance and usage and governmental charges, unless you are tax exempt, are billed in arrears. You will pay all billed charges by the due date set forth in your billing statement, as well as any Late Charge. You will be charged for each additional copy of your bill.

General dispute process activities are described in the Billing Information - Dispute Process.

Last Update: September 15, 2023

Last Reviewed: October 16, 2023