Control Center Admin Features

Control Center Admin tools

As a Control Center system administrator, you can manage users and their permissions for your organization.
When you create a new user, they'll receive emails with their username, login instructions, and a temporary password. 
  • Create a new user and assign permissions
  • Add an existing user to another enterprise ID
  • Change user permissions
  • Create additional system administrators
  • View and update profile information for a Control Center user
  • Reset the password for a Control Center user
  • Deactivate or reactivate a Control Center user
As a system administrator, you can also manage the accounts on your enterprise ID and which users at your organization can access and manage those accounts.
  • View a list of all your CenturyLink accounts
  • Add accounts to your enterprise ID
  • Change the nickname for an account
  • Change the security question and answer for an account
  • Change a user's assigned accounts
As a Control Center system administrator, you can manage the Call Manager features.
  • Add, remove, and view Call Manager features
  • Edit a phone number assigned to a user

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