View, add, or remove Call Manager features

As a Control Center system administrator, you can view, add, or remove the Call Manager features on each phone line. You can also assign or unassign users to each line.

To access the Call Manager features:

  1. Click on Admin, then click on Call Manager Settings.
  1. You will see the symbols of the features assigned to each phone line in the features column. 

    If you do not see the feature you'd like to add to a number, you'll need to add the feature to the account by calling us at 800-350-1044, 7 am-8 pm MT Monday - Friday and 10 am-2 pm MT Saturday.
  1. You can see the list of features in more detail by clicking on the phone number link.

Edit a user's assigned number

From the Call Manager settings, you can click Edit on a number and then click on the user you want to assign to a number.

Add Call Manager features

  1. Continuing from the instructions above, select the phone number from the list for the features you want to see assigned to that number.
  1. Select the checkbox to accept the CenturyLink Call Manager Terms of Service, then click "ok." 
  1. Click the tabs to add features to Call Manager.

Remove Call Manager features

To remove a feature call us at 800-350-1044, 7 am - 8 pm MT Monday - Friday and 10 am - 2 pm MT Saturday.

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