Pay with AutoPay

Use AutoPay to have your CenturyLink Small Business bill paid automatically each month using a bank account or a credit card. You can unenroll from AutoPay at any time by calling the number in Control Center.

How to enroll in AutoPay

The first few steps to enrolling in AutoPay are the same whether you're going to use a bank account or a credit/debit card:

  1. Sign in to Control Center.

  2. Click Billing, then go to Invoices. Control Center will show your accounts, the total amount due and due date, whether the account is enrolled in paperless billing, and whether the account is enrolled in AutoPay.

  3. Search for the account you want to enroll in AutoPay by doing one of the following:

    • Sort your invoices using the Sort by… list (e.g., Account Number). You can toggle between descending and ascending order using the arrow to the right of the sort list.
    • Filter your invoices by account group by selecting an option from the View All (Default)… list.
    • Search for a specific account (by invoice number, account group, etc.) using the Search by… field and search box.
  1. After you find the account you want, click that row.

    Control Center will display details for the account such as billing address, due date, last payment (and date received), delivery method, and whether the account is enrolled in AutoPay.
screenshot from Control Center - invoice details
  1. Click AutoPay. You will see a phone number. To unenroll, call this number.

  2. Click Begin Enrollment.

  3. Click Bank Accounts or Credit/Debit Cards. The next steps after you select your payment method are the same for both methods. 

  4. Click the I agree to the Autopay Terms & Conditions checkbox, then click Continue.

  5. If you want Control Center to email you the amount due and due date for this account when your bill is ready, click the checkbox.

  6. If you want Control Center to email you if the total amount due exceeds a certain amount, click the checkbox, then type the amount in the field. (For example, send me an alert if my bill is over $150.00.)

  7. Click Continue and then choose your payment method -- bank account or credit card.

Enroll in AutoPay using a bank account

  1. Type your bank routing number and account number.

  2. Type the name on the account (either first and last name or business name).

  3. From the My account type is list, select whether this is a checking or savings account.

  4. Click the I authorize CenturyLink to use this information to make my payment checkbox.

  5. Click Complete Enrollment.

Enroll in AutoPay using a credit or debit card

  1. Click Add New Debit/Credit Card.

  2. In the Account Nickname field, type a name for the credit card (e.g., My corporate card).

  3. In the Card Number field, type your credit or debit card number, then click Next.

  4. From the Month and Year lists, select the card's expiration date.

  5. In the Card Billing ZIP field, type the zip code for the billing address assoicated with your card, then click Finish.

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