How to view invoices and payments in Control Center

You can view and download your bills up to the previous 18 months. You can also see your payment history.

To view and download your invoices

After you sign in to Control Center, you'll see your current balance on the home page. From there, you have two ways to get your invoices:

1. Click on "View" at the top right of the Billing box.

2. Click Billing from the left menu, then select Invoices

Control Center home page, showing options to view invoices

From the Invoices page, you can search for specific invoices and view by invoice status or account. 

For each account, you have the option to view invoices or download, or click the three dots to view past invoices and downloads.

Control Center invoices page

To view your payment history

From the Control Center home page, click on Billing from the left menu, then click Payments

On the Payments page, you can view payment history or scheduled payments. To view a past payment, select the month from the drop-down, as shown in the image below.

Control Center payments page

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