View your payment history in Control Center

When you pay your bill, we record details of the transaction. You can see a summary of this payment history in Control Center. You can also view scheduled payments for the account.

To view your payment history:

  1. Click Billing, then click Payment History.

    Control Center lists the most recent payment for each of your accounts.
  1. Search for the account you want to view payment history for by doing one of the following:

    • Sort your invoices using the Sort by… list (e.g., Account Number). You can toggle between descending and ascending order using the arrow to the right of the Sort by… list.

    • Filter your invoices by account group by selecting an option from the View All (Default)… list.

    • Search for a specific account (by invoice number, account group, etc.) using the Search by… field and search box.
  1. After you find the account you want, click the row for the account.

    Control Center displays payment history and any scheduled payments for the account.

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