Turn Call Forwarding Always on and off for an Auto Attendant

As an administrator, you can select whether you want Auto Attendant calls to ring to another number temporarily while a user is away from the phone.

To have Auto Attendant calls temporarily ring to another number, you need to turn the feature on.

  1. Click Edit Call Forwarding

    Do not forward is the default setting.
  1. To turn on Call Forwarding Always, select the Call forwarding always radio button, then proceed to step 7 below. 

    To turn the feature off, select the Do not forward radio button. 

    If you want calls to ring to another destination after hours, such as an answering service, select the Call Forwarding Selective radio button.
  1. Forward calls by doing one of the following:

    • To forward to an internal number, select the Internal radio button, then from the Choose Telephone Number list, select the number. If you select the Send to Voicemail checkbox, the call will not ring, but go directly to the voicemail of the number selected.

    • To forward to an external number, select the External radio button, then in the Phone Number field, type the area code and phone number.
  1. Click Save

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