SIMPLE advanced services tab for administrators

Use the Advanced Services tab to create and manage Auto Attendants and hunt groups for your SIMPLE Digital Phone service. You can also turn direct dialing features on and off.

Auto Attendants automatically answer incoming calls, then processes them using predefined prompts on the keypad. With Auto Attendants, callers can be offered options such as transferring to an operator, dial by name, or dial by extension. They can also be routed to internal extensions or external numbers.

Auto Attendants require office hours schedules to be set for correct routing. You can set weekly or annual schedules for regular office hours and for holidays.

Hunt groups automatically answer incoming calls, then distributes them to multiple users according to the selected hunting policy. Based on the policy you create for your hunt groups, calls to hunt group members can ring at one time, top down, circular, longest idle member, or weighted.

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