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Interconnection Negotiation Process - V17.0

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For Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to become a Facility Based or a Reseller CLEC within the CenturyLink territory, the negotiation process begins with contacting CenturyLink™'s Manager - Interconnection Agreements by email or by telephone at 303-992-5906.

Prior to this initial contact, you must obtain certification as a telecommunications provider with the State Public Utility Commission or agency in the state(s) in which you want to interconnect with CenturyLink. (If you will be conducting business as a Reseller in the states of Colorado or Iowa, certification to operate as a Reseller is not necessary in these two states.) Refer to CenturyLink QC to view our 14-state local service territory.

To get a "big picture" view of the negotiations process, take a look at this Negotiations Flow Chart. Then read on to find out more about how the negotiations process works.

The following information is detailed in this section on the Interconnection Process:

Initial Contact

During your initial conversation, CenturyLink's Manager Interconnection Agreements will review your completed Agreement Request Form

  • Name, address, e-mail and other information using our Account Assignment Form.
  • Review the Negotiations Template Agreement and upon CenturyLink's receipt of CLEC legal information and decision relating to the agreement, CenturyLink will prepare an Interconnection Agreement for your signature.
  • You also have the option to "opt-in" to existing agreement(s), in its entirety. By opting-in to another CLECs' agreement, you assume the terms and conditions of that agreement, including the expiration date of that agreement. To review the approved, adoptable CLEC Agreements you can contact the Manager Interconnection.

The Lead Negotiator

Upon receipt of your Agreement Request Form and a request to negotiate, CenturyLink will assign a Negotiator to manage your interconnection negotiation process

  • Lead Negotiator: Serves as your main connection with the negotiation team and facilitates/leads the negotiation process

The Lead Negotiator will provide CenturyLink Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as required to address issues.

Next Steps

Once an agreement has been reached, and signed off by both parties, CenturyLink forwards the agreement to the appropriate State Public Utilities Commission. The PUC will reject any agreement if there is no certification on record for you.

Once the agreement is executed, your Carrier Account Manager (CAM) will assist with the implementation of the contract.

Last Update: April 26, 2018